Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella Hand Cream


image from Le Bon Marché

Santa Maria Novella has for a long time now, installed a big corner at the Bon Marche in Paris. If you would like to read about its history you can find it here. It used to be pretty hard to find unless you head to Italy but it seems they’ve really expanded during the last few years.

I’ve always wanted to try their products, especially their perfumes but given my collection at home I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. I picked this up as a gift for a very kind lady and thought I’d splurge on the same thing for myself since hand creams are something I use everyday.


Back to the cream. This smells like lemon cookies. Not the Bath and Body Works type of lemon but a true zesty and juicy lemon. Absorbs super quickly into the hands and doesn’t leave a greasy film at all. If my hands were bone-dry the cream sinks in immediately; when used after washing I get to rub them in slightly longer. But it’s definitely one of the fastest absorbing hand creams I’ve used. My hands feel like they’re protected from the elements after application.


I also tried the ‘Pasta di Mandorle’ which is an almond cream for hands and nails. It has a much thicker, heavier and greasier consistency targeted for really dry skin. It comes in a smaller jar but costs more per ml than the hand cream although you probably won’t be using much each time. It would be a nice cream to use at night just before bed in winter.



The only thing hindering a repurchase is of course the price.
Made in Italy, 100ml.