NARS Eyeshadow Duo – St. Paul de Vence

So I meant for this post to be up a week ago but got delayed because of the photos etc. Luckily though because when I first received my duo and played with it the first few days, both shades were sparkly, like there were micro-glitter. I doubled, tripled-checked in case I went bonkers because I don’t remember people mentioning the big sparkles. Now a week later, it *is* as though I went crazy cos those sparkles are mostly gone. So anyway. I decided to keep the pictures anyway (as proof I wasn’t nuts).


I’m sure you’ve all seen NARS’ campaign for Spring featuring Tilda Swinton as their spokesperson. This is the image that accompanies the colour story (nude) with the products below: 2015nars01

I was only interested in the duo. ‘Interested’ is putting it mildly actually. For some unknown reason I was obsessed with this duo (LE, btw). St Paul de Vence first debuted on the Rodarte show last year, it was used on the eyes (right side shade) and on the cheeks. You can find the product breakdowns and model pictures here and with this link (which is pretty much the same thing) you get to see a face chart with products laid out in front of it. My reasoning thus: something versatile (eyes AND cheeks, yay!), that I can use everyday (because nude). So I bought it sight unseen relying only on swatches (pretty meh at that time) and hoped for the best. NARS described the left shade as ‘shimmering nectarine’, the right ‘chestnut’.

Like most of NARS duo, there are two textures. Here the nectarine is a frost and the chestnut a satin. When applied on the eyes, the nectarine is less frosty than swatched. When worn as a blush however, I found that it slightly emphasized my pores. (more…)

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eye Palette

[ETA you can find my post on the lipstick here]

Commemorating the 20th (!) anniversary of the film’s release, Urban Decay released 5 products to recreate the look of Mia Wallace. 1994 was a great year for film by the way, The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, Ed Wood just to name a few. There was also Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – someone should do a collection with that!

You’ll find no shortage of posts on the Urban Decay x Pulp Fiction release on the internet. The 5 pieces are the eye palette, lipstick with coordinating lip pencil, a glitter liner and a nail polish. I’ve had my eyes on this palette since the first previews and it’s finally available here in Europe. Around the same time there was news of a new Naked Basics from UD but I decided to pick this up instead. Phyrra’s post here helped seal the deal.


I won’t be swatching these but will instead direct you to Temptalia who as always have excellent and accurate ones along with dupes suggestions. I’ve been playing with and wearing this the last couple of days and can say that I really like it. The textures are easy to work with, colours are pigmented and they look beautiful together. The ‘get the look’ card suggests putting ‘Vengeance’ only at the outer corner but I since I have hooded Asian eyes I find that it’s more flattering on me if I put that along the lash line as well, blend that out and add more emphasis on the outer ‘v’.
‘Tyranny’ is between a raw and burnt sienna, and with my colouring I need to be careful to blend it out so I don’t risk looking slightly bruised. Otherwise a very strong palette from Urban Decay. The small brush isn’t totally rubbish either and the mirror is surprisingly useful – good size and very sturdy. I tend to ignore the mirrors inside eye palettes but this is an exception.

Here are some similar shades I found in my stash:


Despite my best intentions the only item we are really interested in is the NARS palette on the bottom right.

Swatches! (more…)

Wedding Makeup

I got married earlier in the year, and after some deliberation I decided to do my own makeup. Why? Well …
1. My wedding was small and pretty casual (I chose not to wear a wedding dress)
2. I wanted to look natural and like myself (an enhanced, polished version of course!)
3. Budget and timing – yup, finally realised how much people are charging for bridal makeup.

I figured this would be a great excuse to splurge on products that I can keep afterwards too. The only things I bought for the day were foundation, mascara and lip gloss. Here’s the list of products used: (more…)