ettusais Premium Amino Caviar Cream


from official website

Mentioned in my last skincare regime update, I’ve been using this cream for about a month now. This is part of their Premium range, which IIRC is geared towards ladies in the 30s. I have read nice things about this in the past and was naturally curious.

Blurb from the ettusais Singapore website:

Restore your skin to crystal clarity with this precious youth-restoring cream that fits right into your busy schedule! Formulated with ettusais’ exclusive Amino Premium 7 Complex, this fuss-free moisturiser will reverse decades of damage & help you to achieve infant-like skin! Use it as a lotion, emulsion, beauty essence, massage gel, mask, cream and makeup-base! Fresh enough for day use & intensely hydrating enough for night use, this gel-cream formula is definitely your one-step solution to exquisitely ageless skin!

On the back of the jar it says it’s a 7-in-1 product. Which is basically what’s mentioned in the blurb: you can use it as lotion, emulsion etc etc. You can find more information on their Japanese website, including a list of the ingredients (in Japanese) and how to do a massage.

Here’s a side-view:

It’s called caviar cream because suspended in the light pink cream are tiny spheres that burst as you massage the cream in the skin:


The texture is light, more like a heavier gel than a cream. It’s very easy to spread and because of the spheres it encourages a massage action, that you spend more time applying instead of just slapping some on. I appreciate that. As mentioned though sometimes a sphere or two can stray and if you miss it they can look funny on the skin/hair. It leaves my skin feeling plump and nicely moisturized afterwards.

I use this primarily as the main moisturizer even if it can serve as seven other things. My skin is prone to dryness, not so much the visible flaky kind; more the hiding a thirst kind. I was in a more humid climate (Hong Kong) when I started this and even though it was November I find this to be more than sufficient in providing enough moisture. Back in France though, and with the temperature dropping to 1C-5C in the mornings lately + heaters on during the day, I feel it would benefit from a boost, maybe a serum under or another moisturizer on top. I was using it alone for two weeks here, but have upped the amount I use every application. For two days now I used one of the many serum samples I have before this and it has worked well. But honestly it has already exceeded my expectations as I never thought a moisturizer this light in texture would cut it at all this time of the year in France.

IMHO then, for those who live in a humid climate, I think this will be good for all skin types and all year round. I don’t think it would be too heavy for summer because of air-conditioning. For those in drier climates you may need an extra layer below or on top. If you have dry skin you will probably like this as a serum-type layer in winter and seal it in with a thicker moisturizer once it’s absorbed.

All in all this is actually a versatile and very decent unscented moisturizer.