Dupe – Revlon Snow Peach

Sometime last year Revlon released something called ‘The Legacy Collection’, a set of five iconic lipsticks in the super lustrous formula. This collection never made it to France AFAIK (at least I never saw it) and I wanted Snow Peach so badly I resorted to evilbay. I paid what I would have paid in retail if the lipsticks were available in France, so it wasn’t so bad. Anyway!


Snow Peach on the right

This post is for those who missed this collection or need a replacement or just looking for a dupe. And I like dupes when they are from a similar tier (or lower), because it’s just not as fun to buy a LE MAC lippie dupe when said dupe is a Guerlain Rouge G.

The dupe I found for Snow Peach is Bourjois Rouge Edition in ‘Fraise Remix’. These usually go for 12.99 euros each in France. Sephora (France) is currently having a promotion on all Bourjois lip products (-30%) until 15th March.


Here are the swatches, different lighting:


Top: Snow Peach, Bottom: Fraise Remix


As above; added another stroke of colour to make the lines more even

The finish of the lipsticks is similar. The Bourjois Rouge Edition is more emollient and hence is a teeny bit shinier than the Revlon Super Lustrous formula. ‘Fraise Remix’ is a hair pinker/cooler than ‘Snow Peach’. On the lips however, they look identical – I did a half and half (left lip and right), and the two just melded together and I couldn’t tell them apart.

Makeup Hits and Misses of 2014 – The Hits


I think I did quite well last year resisting beauty releases (especially those of the limited kind) and impulse buys. As such my 2014 Hits won’t be exclusively on products that are released this year but include things that I’ve (re)discovered, have impressed me and constantly reached for. I’ve made a top ten post back in August and the items mentioned in that post are still very relevant. Think of this as more of a Favourites / Most-used of 2014 post.

1. Urban Decay Pulp Fiction eye palette
One of the LE collections this year I fell for. Love this palette even if I do wish the packaging is a little more travel-friendly – tested its portability on a short trip and found it to be a real PITA to pack. It just takes up so much room! I’m not sure if I’ll take it with me on trips again but being a neutral palette it really makes life easy and goes with everything. The texture and quality is amazing. Reviewed here.

2. Tom Ford Orchid Haze
If I could only bring one quad with me on a trip this will be it. It pulls quite neutral and by controling the darkest shade you can adapt it to any day/night look. This is my favourite palette out of everything at the moment (HG?). Also featured in the mid-year top 10 post.

3. Urban Decay Naked 3
I picked this up early in the year 2014 when Sephora France had it back in stock (and it was promptly sold out again). This is my first palette in the Naked series and really my first go at Urban Decay eyeshadows. I resisted 1 & 2 but something about the pink and rose called to me. I have enough browns at home already and thought 3 would be a nice change. I admit I was worried the pinks wouldn’t look good on me (rabbit eye/cried-all-night) but it’s surprisingly easy to wear and versatile. I’m used to quads and at most quints so the size and choices are overwhelming. I’m still on the learning curve with this but it’s been nothing but pleasure each time I reach for it. (more…)

Skincare Haul

Everything from Citypharma except the Nivea sunscreen and Bourjois foundation

Everyone knows about the Citypharma, the para-pharmacy that’s said to be the cheapest in Paris, sometimes up to 20% of a markdown. It’s in all the travel guides (I imagine) and all over the internet. I happened to just walk into it years ago without knowing its fame, as I used to live in the area and I would always walk past it while on my way to Pierre Hermé, and be intrigued by the non-stop number of people going in and out.