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Skincare Regime Update – December 2016

The last update was April and lots of changed since then. Pretty much everything I’m using is different!


1. Hadalabo Tamagohada AHA+BHA mild exfoliating face wash foam (160ml)
2. Medicated Sekkisei lotion (360ml) – Made in Japan
3. Hadalabo Gokujyun Medicated Skin Conditioner lotion (170ml) – Made in Japan
4. Melvita Nectar Supreme eye & lip contour cream (0.5fl oz.) [almost 15ml] – Made in France
5. ettusais Premium Amino Caviar Cream (90g) – Made in Japan

1. I left my Muji foam cleanser behind in a hotel but I just want to say that cleanser worked well with my Luna. Bought this as a replacement and I don’t feel anything special towards it. I like that it dispenses ready-made foam so I save some time. I’m only *just* reading now that people have been reporting the cleanser drying their skin … perhaps that’s why my eye area have been itchy the past few days?? I’ve been using it for about two weeks now though only once a day until recently. Tamogohada = more or less the image of your skin will look like as smooth as a peeled hard boiled egg if you use this. I guess.
2. Still loving this and I will continue using this (although I’m tempted to try Albion’s Skin Conditioner). I still have one bottle of P50 left, which I’ll reintroduce when the weather gets warmer.
3. This is my extra hydration step and I’ll probably use a serum when this bottle is done, or one of the many packets and bottles of samples from different brands that I have. This particular formula (green bottle) of the Hadalabo Gokujyun range is supposed to moisturize and prevent pimples from appearing. Hormonal spots are something else so this item doesn’t really help me much there. I’m not sure if it’s sold in Hong Kong? I haven’t seen it anywhere I went (the usual suspects Watson’s/Manning/log-on don’t have it).
4. The formula is nothing special but this is my first experience with these kind of tips. On the days when I have time to slowly tap tap tap gently with the tip I do find a difference to just applying with fingers.
5.I took this with me to Hong Kong, knowing the weather is less dry than Paris. I was almost finished with my It’s Skin Snail Cream anyway and thought it’s a good time to open the next moisturizer in the stash. There are many little beads in the moisturizer (hence ‘caviar’) and you just have to make sure you rub all of them in. Sometimes there are strays and if you miss one they can appear as bizarre looking but perfectly round tiny ball of flesh. I’ve continued using this since I got back and interestingly it still does a decent job of moisturizing my skin in this completely different climate. I honestly didn’t expect it to perform this well. I’ll do a review on this separately.

I no longer have a really different morning/evening routine. Only that I throw in a makeup remover before the regular cleanser at night. That’s usually either of these: (more…)

Small Korean Skincare Haul

The Man was in Korea for work and I slipped him a very modest list of stuff I’d like. I did some research online and while originally I wanted to get super high-end stuff from Whoo (so much cheaper) I decided against it lest I give the Man a fright. These are best done on my own or with the gals. Korean beauty shops are known for giving out samples and I’ll include those as well. Here’s what he managed to pick up:

Banila Co.


Read so much about these I wanted to give them a try. Purity is for sensitive skin.

I have a couple of things from banila co. (the BB and CC primer) and while they didn’t wow me, they are budget-friendly decent products. I wanted to get the honey cream too but I have so many creams at home and (also on this list), plus I’m not 100% sure how I’ll react to honey, so I thought I’d wait another time. Luckily they threw a sample packet of it in:


One packet of the Miss Flower & Mr. Honey cream (I don’t like this name) and a good handful of the V-V Vitalizing Serum. I haven’t looked into the serum but from the name I imagine this is supposed to help achieve that “V-shaped face”, the perfect oval shape. Generally a smaller and delicate face is the ideal.



I wrote about the sample I finished here. Samples given are:


A packet of the same cream and the Hungarian water essence, which I think is supposed to be one of their best sellers too. I this is like a best-of sample set they give out to everyone, which they’ve prepared beforehand. I don’t mind getting the cream again, I can use this on the plane 🙂

SU:M 37:


The Man commented that this is the priciest item on the list (lucky I didn’t put the Whoo stuff ). From what I’ve read the Secret Essence is a product that’s similar to the famous SK-II lotion, but it’s cheaper than SK-II (I’m not sure of the prices TBH maybe someone can confirm)? This is their star product and some reported results I’ve read include smaller pores, evening and brightening skin tone, moisturizing/plumping of the skin.
SU:M 37 is a skincare range that uses fermentation science, and is all natural with no preservatives, fragrance etc. Here’s the official website in English.



1 x Secret Essence
4 x Secret Repair Concentrate Cream
1 x Water Full Timeless Gel Cream
3 x Bright award Bubble De-Mask
1 x Signature essence D-Purifying (glass bottle!)

It’s Skin:


I bought their award-winning star product Creme d’Escargot and the ginseng version. Claims include fading of dark spots and scars, brightening skin tone and moisturizing/plumping of the skin. It’s Skin is the most generous with samples. I was shocked:


There were actually two of those Aloe masks but I’ve already used one (reviewed in March Empties post) before taking the photo 😛

And these:


That’s two boxes of snail eye masks, each box containing five packs (hmmm odd number)? I haven’t opened them yet but if each sealed pack contains only one sheet then yes you’ll have to buy two boxes to get an even number of ten masks (five pairs) for five uses.
[updated 7th Apri] I’ve since opened and used one packet and there are indeed two sheets for both eyes (of course). So I got 10 pairs 🙂



He picked this up at the Duty Free to get rid of some extra Won. No samples.
I’ve started using the Lip Sleeping Mask since my lips were in a terrible state. I don’t know why I expected this to deliver an overnight cure, that was unreasonable on my part. There was no miracle of course but even with continued use (1 week +) I still haven’t seen anything impressive. Maybe I’ll try to put a balm under this?

And that’s all! The last time the Man was in Korea he bought me some IOPE stuff from the airport duty free and there weren’t any samples at all. I don’t know what the conditions are to get tax refund in Korea (in France I think you have to spend something like 150 euros in one go, ie. on one receipt to qualify), what the sales tax are and if it’s a lot cheaper at the duty free. This time he had a little more time and someone helped him with finding the shops. I’m sure shops differ and the amount of samples given out depends on the part of the city you’re in and who’s on the roster that day so YMMV.

Random info: belif, SU:M37 and Whoo are all brands under LG!