Project 2 x 5 Pan Update #4


I’ve finally hit pan!! Yes!! I accomplished this back in July actually, just before going away on a weekend. I know documented this with glee when it happened but I couldn’t for the life of me find that first picture. Anyway, the product I’ve finally hit pan on is the Sofina powder foundation, which was reviewed in depth/death here. It’s a good foundation that performs particularly well in summer. I’m still hoping I can hit pan on one of the blushes by the end of the year (it will be either the NARS or the Chanel) but they are just so resistant. Here are the most used products from where I left off last, meaning you get July to September! I’ll do October and November together.


Sofina Primavista – PAN!!

Sofina Primavista Multicover Base
This really helps on those hot summer days.

Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector
Also used in June.

Clinique AIrbrush Concealer in 04 Neutral Fair
This was something I bought just before the ‘no buy’ (ha-ha) that I finally opened and used when I binned the Cargo. I thought it has visible shimmer but it actually doesn’t, and just brightens the undereye area. I really like this product.

KIKO Perfect Eyes Duo Highlighter Pencil
Great nifty product – on one end a matte beige shade to highlight just underneath the arch of the brows and the other, a shimmery champagne to highlight the inner corners of the eyes. I know I’m on no-buy but this is a really good idea and it’s cheap and I can’t resist.

SANA Superquick Gel Pencilliner in EX Real Black
This is when I opened my backup and pretty much started using it every single day.

Clinique Cream Shaper in Egyptian
Still going strong.


September Empties

Hey I’m slowly catching up! Sorry pics are look a bit sloppy …


SANA Super Quick Gel Pencilliner EX in Real Black
This was my backup I bought in Hong Kong last year. I used this liner exclusively for a month or so and finished it. Probably the fastest product I used up.

I blogged about this here, here and it was one of my favourites for 2012. Honestly this is the best type of eyeliner for daily use. By that I mean if you’re like me and you don’t have the time to draw the perfect line or that perfect flick in the morning because you opted for that extra 15 minutes of sleep instead; and you just want to finish your makeup and run out the door so you’ll be on time for work. Here you have all the best qualities of a gel liner without the hassle – no brushes, only a convenient twist pencil form that doesn’t need to be sharpened. You just need to make sure the one you’re getting has a really fine tip. The 2mm here is perfect. Any bigger and you might as well opt for a pencil cos believe me, you will want to sharpen a wide blunt tip.

I noticed shu uemura has a similar liner [link to shu USA site] that came out earlier this year. I can imagine it being really good too but the SANA one cost me 9 euros. So there’s that. Another budget one is Kate’s version, which I have heard good things about [link to Kate Malaysia website, perhaps]. I will try to pick that one up next time.

Repurchase? Yes.

Yves Roche Hamamélis Super-soft anti-perspirant deodorant (50ml)  – Made in France
Paraben-free and formulated for sensitive skin. This is one of the products from the witch hazel range at Yves Rocher. The ‘super-soft’ I guess refers to the scent. It has a nice, ‘soft’ scent, which by the way they claim is an ‘allergen-free fragrance’. There are no animal ingredients – the deodorising agent is of botanical origin. They do not recommend applying on broken skin or after epilation.

Honestly, most deodorant that contain aluminium works fine with me and in the end is a matter of scent and whether you like the fragrance or not. I quite liked this, it’s very clean and easy and doesn’t shout that it’s there.

Repurchase? If I run out of new scents to try, why not?

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (60g) – Made in Japan
This was another product that I planned on writing an independant post on, as part of a review of 3 different cleansing oils I was using (I’m still using the other two so maybe I will write that post). So I’ll be succinct here: The DHC oil is efficient and gentle. No fragrance, it just smelt of olive oil. My eyes never stung when the product or residue got in, I just had blurry vision until I rinsed everything out. I like the pump as well and a smaller size is avaible for those who intend on travelling with it. I picked this up when I saw it at a Monoprix (not my local but a bigger one). I will say that I didn’t see it anymore the last time I was there. I can’t remember how much it cost but it certainly wasn’t a bargain. With so many other brands doing their cleansing oils (like L’oreal, Mixa etc) at a cheaper price I guess it’s hard to compete?

Repurchase?  I did enjoy using this and I will certainly go back to DHC if I couldn’t find a better/more affordable replacement. And easier to find.

July Empties

The beginning of some back blogging … a few empties posts from the last few months. Here are the empties I had for July:

july empties

Yves Rocher Nutri-Sily Conditioner (150ml) – Made in France
Paraben, colorant and silicone free, this is their oat conditioner. Claims to ‘nourish your hair fibre and gives it more volume’, making your hair ‘easier to detangle, supple, silky and shiny’.

Honestly I wasn’t particularly impressed with this conditioner and couldn’t wait to finish it up so I can move on. As I’ve found with Yves Rocher (and The Body Shop or similar companies) their products can be quite heavily fragranced and it plays a huge role in how you experience their products. Somewhere sometime I stopped enjoying their oats scent, but mainly I didn’t find this conditioner spectacular and my hair wasn’t much shinier or more supple. I don’t need volume so I can’t comment on that front but all in all it’s just very average and I wouldn’t go out of my way to use this.

Repurchase? Nope.

Cattier Shampoo for frequent use – with Yogurt Solution (250ml) – Made in France
Cattier is a pharmacy/drug-store brand that does organic stuff. I picked this one up at my local Monoprix. One of their cult products is their pink clay mask, which I have and will review one day … hopefully in the not too distant future.

I got this shampoo because I am curious about this range. The shampoo is 100% organic and it’s guaranteed to be free of paraben and phenoxyethanol (a preservative). It smells nothing of yogurt at all, it’s quite runny though. It has an essential oil type of fragrance that’s not overwhelming at all. The blurb behind the bottle promises ‘light, soft and shiny hair of any types … enriched with wheat proteins to nourish and strengthen hair and make it easy to untangle’. Hmmm seems like untangling hair is a popular concern.

For an organic shampoo it’s not bad at all. This coming from someone who likes big foams when washing her hair. It gives a light foam (more like a mousse really) and it does its job cleaning my hair. I do tend to use a fair amount though because of how runny it is (and wanting more suds).

Repurchase? It’s cheap and efficient … in a pinch, why not? But I like the Melvita shampoo I’m using now a lot more.

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta (60g) – Made in Japan
First review is here and a short blurb in the January empties post. This is a product that I enjoyed using tremendously. It was my second and last jar and I honestly felt I needed to go out and buy a replacement ASAP when I scooped up the last bit. But thanks to my hoarding habit and the Project 2×5 pan I wasn’t allowed to and thus my conclusion now is that while it’s a nice product that made my skin feel so very plump when I was using it, 3 months on my skin isn’t left in a state of disrepair. It doesn’t look spectacular, no, and I still get hormonal spots and so on and I don’t really watch my diet etc but it doesn’t look too shabby either. I mean, it looks normal. I don’t feel like I need this jelly to get my skin back on track. I think if you use a moisturising mask deligently you’ll be ok.

Repurchase? This one is up in the air. All I know is I don’t feel as strongly about this as Shiseido’s Future Solution.

Vichy Idealia (55g) – Made in France
This cream from Vichy is marketed as a universal cream (by that I mean for all skin types) that helps with lines, unifying and smoothening skin tone. I’m struggling with the translation but here’s Vichy’s english website. The AHAs are apparently naturally found in the kombucha (they said so on the french website). Here’s a picture of the cream I took before I used it all up:


I intended to write a dedicated post on this once upon a time you see. Anyway, it has a floral/fruity scent and the texture is very light. For a while this was the only cream I used both day and night and I remember I was using this on my ski trip and after, when I got that terrible ski goggles tan mark. I thought this cream helped with unifying my complexion within a reasonable amount of time. Meaning it could’ve taken longer if I wasn’t using this. However while I liked all that I didn’t like the perfume and really wished that Vichy didn’t put that in. I don’t mind the scent but it’s just completely unnecessary.

Repurchase? If they made a plain white one with no perfume, yes.

Embryolisse Hydra-Masque (60ml) – Made in France
Said to be for all skin types, providing ‘intensive moisturising and regenerating care’. No parabens.

I haven’t actually finished this tube but this is going out because it’s been more than a year since I’ve had it opened. It contains hyaluronic acid, sweet almond and sesame oils, vitamins etc. Unfortunately I’ve thrown out the box that has the full list of ingredients. I’m pretty sure it has alcohol. I thought this was just alright. I’ve used better hydrating masks.

Repurchase? No.

Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminée Eye and Lip Cream (15ml) – Made in France
This is from Caudalie’s Pulpe Vitamine range, which is their anti-aging skincare range. This little tube didn’t do anything special for me however. I don’t really expect eye creams to anyway.

Repurchase? No.

July Empties

Again, only three products in July:

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser (Travel size)

I have actually used up 2 large glass bottles of this in the past. It remains one of my favourites mainly because of its revigorating scent that immediately puts me in a good mood. The one things that keeps me from buying it more often is the price. When I think that I’m washing this down the drain in small doses I simply can’t justify paying so much for a shower gel.

Repurchase? If only …

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara (#1 Black)

Hall of Fame status for the past 2 years. It’s the best mascara I’ve found for my wimpy, straight lashes. This gives volume and length, coats each and every one of the lashes.

Repurchase? Yes

Vichy Laboratories Liftactiv Retinol HA Total Anti-Wrinkle Renovating Care (15ml)

This eye cream promises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes …
Perhaps I should say upfront first that I’m not really a believer in eye creams or any miracle products. Just as well because this didn’t work. Granted I didn’t do as they ask, that is apply the eye cream in a circular motion with the curved head. I tried that method once and found it took me 3-5 minutes to complete the task. I’m afraid I simply don’t have the patience for that.

Repurchase? No