Pan that Palette & Shopping the Stash – July, Report #02

Previous report was in February and can be found here.

Here’s what stila ITK looks like. I’ve really only been using the same Wind shade –

In February:




Wind is the second from left on the top row. Yeah. Not much in spite of five month’s of daily use.

Here’s progress on Sexy Mama –

In February:





Yes I hit pan!! 🙂 This happened last month (June). Pictures look a lot warmer than last time’s but I’d say these warmer ones are more colour accurate.

Instead of Maquillage powder foundation, I dug up one of my old Lunasol and have been using that for a while. Last time this pan was photographed it looked like this:


Lunasol is the one on top right

This is what it looks like now:


That’s with maybe three times a week of use.

Shopping the stash-wise, I put Her Blooming Cheek away and have been using MAC Poised (LE) blush the past few months. Poised is one of those blushes where the more you blend and buff it in the more it leaves this beautiful glow, which I really appreciate because I use powder foundation and the glow makes it look less flat.

Poised is like a vamped up version of Gingerly. Gingerly is labelled as a satin but wears like a matte on me. Chanel Tweed Sienna is probably more similar to Poised. I haven’t touched that blush since I hit pan on it 😛 All three of these are no-brainer colours, easy to use and goes with everything. Don’t be fooled by Gingerly, it looks dark in pan but applies really natural on the cheeks.

2016 Pan that Palette Challenge

Right. Thought I’d give this panning thing another go. Last time I attempted any panning was when I did Project 10 Pan (I called it 2 x 5) two years ago, which went alright for skincare and stuff but terribly for makeup (the finale is here). I hit pan on a couple of things and between then and now I might have added 2 or 3 products, that’s all. Terrible.

The only makeup items I consistently finish/hit pan on are:
– brow powder
– brow pencil
– traditional pencil eyeliner
– gel pencil eyeliner
– powder foundation (I hit pan but I might have only finished 2 so far in my life)
– eye primer
– under eye brightener
– lip balm

Mascaras I rotate and change often for hygienic reasons but never because they’re bone dry.
I struggle with everything else.

For 2016 I’ve decided to challenge myself, and I’ll attempt to pan stila ‘In the Know’ palette. A little (very) ambitious really, considering I don’t wear eye shadows to work. And this is nowhere near being a favourite palette of mine. But I don’t know what else to do with it. I actually kinda regret buying this … As you can see in the picture it’s pretty much unused except for some marks left from swatching. Anyway this palette is no longer available because stila has been revamped. And I saw AmberF (links to her video on panning ‘In the Light’) on Youtube mentioning stila palettes are soft and easy to pan so I thought I’d jump in.

‘In the Know’ is an all-matte palette:


I’ll probably be able to give my final verdict on this palette afterwards. But for now, my very late first impression of this is I have no idea why I bought it (ok, I think it’s because it’s all-matte and because of the shade ‘fire’). Ignoring ‘fire’ and ‘ebony’, the shades that are left can be divided onto either side of the light/dark spectrum. And each side look pretty similar to each other. The variation is very subtle. The shadows are soft and you can easily over blend them and make everything look muddy. And looking at the lighter shades, there are potentially three I can use as an all-over lid colour. Hmmm!

Just for fun, here are the pans I have at the moment. Compare the BB Saddle below with the one in the link to the Project 2×5 pan above:


So the powder foundation on the left is my new fave, Maquillage Dramatic Powdery UV bought last year. Fastest pan ever. The one on the right is a really old one from Lunasol. I guess I still keep all my old powder foundations around because the shades are all different and I use them to match  my skin tone.
The small beige shadow on the bottom left is Wet n Wild’s Brulee, which I use everyday as an all over shade even when I don’t put any other eye shadow on. I started using this back in 2013 and if I’m not mistaken have not stopped using it since. So what you see is 1.5 years’ of usage. 1.7g of product, that’s one solidly packed shadow. If I’m panning the stila though, I’ll probably use one of those lighter shades instead of this one …
The last item is the ever-present Bobbi Brown Saddle, 2.5g of matte dark brown I use for my brows. I’ve strayed and have been using brow pencils and trying other brow stuff for most of 2015.

I hope to finish one of the four items pictured above in addition to the stila palette. While I’m wishful dreaming, here’s hoping to finish a lip product or two (other than lip balm) as well. Or hit pan on a blush, haha.

Oh one last thing, when I say ‘pan’ I really meant ‘to hit pan’, not like empty the pan 😉 Baby steps!

2014 Mid-Year Re-view

By that I mean looking back rather than critiquing releases. I know I tend to repeat this but it’s crazy how time flies. Carpe Diem.


I can definitely do more … if only I’m not so tired/lazy/procrastinating.

We’re halfway through 2014 and have just started seeing Fall collections trickling into blogs [at the time when this post was started – now you can buy the collections]. [Ed #2: now we’re seeing Winter collections …] I have a few favourites that I reach for often during the last six months but that will be for another post (sorry!). For this one I want to tie up some loose ends. Like how since I’ve completely ignored Christmas/New Year on the blog, I still have the resolutions for 2013 hanging in the air.

If you’re too lazy to read that, understandably irrelevant post, first on the list is hitting pan. I accomplished this with two products last year, a powder foundation and my Chanel Tissage blush. I tried to hit pan with NARS Deep Throat but couldn’t manage. I s’pose I kind of grew out of that shade and it made using it a bit of a chore. These blushes are like, 7 years old. *gulp*


All the pans I have at home at the moment

1. Chanel Purete Mat Shine Control Powder
This was purchased when the Purete Mat first launched, like 10 years ago or something like that. It’s kinda blah and doesn’t really keep you shine-free. Nonetheless I’m still plowing through this and hope to get a real, empty Chanel pan. 15g of product here!
2. Sofina Primavista powder foundation
Reviewed here. This is one of the two products I hit pan on last year, and (for me anyway) a recent product too. I haven’t been reaching for this as much though, only because the shade is a little too dark for me now. I didn’t get a chance to get some sun at all since last year.
3. NARS single eyeshadow in Blondie
Again this is from way back. I used to use this for my brows back in those days when I coloured my hair. This sits mostly in neglect, even though I could have reached for this as an eyeshadow but I just don’t as I associate it with brows. 3.5g of product!
4. Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Saddle
This is my current brow powder. 2.5g – I thought this has more product than the NARS but colour me wrong. Maybe 3-4 years old, can’t remember.
5. Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in 50 Tweed Sienna
Gathering dust since I hit pan on it, this poor thing. 5.5g of product so I still got quite a bit to go. Honestly one of the most easy, no-brainer go-to blushes. But I need to give some love to my other blushes too.

The second thing on the list was to avoid the lure of LE products and be more selective… I think I was more selective in 2013 than 2012, and I’ve been doing good this year only really succumbing to Alluring Aquatic from MAC. Improvement! Last year, every time I bought a makeup product (which ended up like every other month) it was almost always for something LE (which was an escape clause I allowed in my project 10 pan). This year they were mostly staples (like black eyeliners, oil cleansers etc), or items from permanent lineup that I hope will be my regular standby (in other words possible HG material). Interestingly, I don’t have anything LE that’s a HG for me. Discontinued yes but not LE releases.

Continuing on, I did fulfill #6 & 9 – taking care of my skin and washing my brushes. But I’m afraid everything else was sadly lacking in effort. I still haven’t tried Patyka either, going for cheaper pharmacy products instead. I’ll see what happens this year.

No resolutions, just hopes for 2014:
1. More pans. And maybe try to finish a lipstick this year?

2. Manage my stash – the size of my stash is a speck of dust in the world of beauty bloggers, maybe just above average ‘in the real world’. I knew someone who bought one lipstick and one foundation at a time and would use them until they were almost gone. Only then would she go and buy a new lipstick. I will never be that person but maybe I can try to control and pare down my stash in a more reasonable manner. Sometimes I look at all those pretty things and I wonder how I got here/for what purpose.
I just depotted some eye shadows, I suppose that counts towards this?

They’re sort of the same thing aren’t they?

I don’t need anymore of these (and I’m writing this down to help drill the message inside my head):
– eyeshadows (enough – but maybe I’ll allow myself a matte palette? or LORAC Pro? Urban Decay? the new Guerlain? YSL? Aarrghhh)
– lipsticks/glosses (enough – I mean if I’ve never even used up 3 grams of product I don’t think I deserve to buy new ones)
– bronzers (enough)
– highlighters (enough – I have four, all textures: powder/liquid/cream stick/ and one of them is HG Candlelight)
– concealors (enough)
– foundation (happy with what I have now and it’ll take ages to finish)
– primers (enough and not that much of a fan anyway)
– makeup brushes (enough, and I’m not really an aficionado. But I will consider if and when the opportunity arises that I can get my hands on some Hakuhodo/Chikuhodo …)

The only things I’ll allow myself to buy are:
– eyeliners (I do go through a lot now that I’m back to pencils)
– blushes (this is my weak spot so ONLY IF they are really really really exciting)
– perfume (another weak spot. My collection is however, very manageable)
– mascaras, of course.

Yes the voice of reason. But we all know how it goes when you’re innocently clicking online or just happened to be in Sephora.

That’s it for now!