Skincare Regime Update – December 2016

The last update was April and lots of changed since then. Pretty much everything I’m using is different!


1. Hadalabo Tamagohada AHA+BHA mild exfoliating face wash foam (160ml)
2. Medicated Sekkisei lotion (360ml) – Made in Japan
3. Hadalabo Gokujyun Medicated Skin Conditioner lotion (170ml) – Made in Japan
4. Melvita Nectar Supreme eye & lip contour cream (0.5fl oz.) [almost 15ml] – Made in France
5. ettusais Premium Amino Caviar Cream (90g) – Made in Japan

1. I left my Muji foam cleanser behind in a hotel but I just want to say that cleanser worked well with my Luna. Bought this as a replacement and I don’t feel anything special towards it. I like that it dispenses ready-made foam so I save some time. I’m only *just* reading now that people have been reporting the cleanser drying their skin … perhaps that’s why my eye area have been itchy the past few days?? I’ve been using it for about two weeks now though only once a day until recently. Tamogohada = more or less the image of your skin will look like as smooth as a peeled hard boiled egg if you use this. I guess.
2. Still loving this and I will continue using this (although I’m tempted to try Albion’s Skin Conditioner). I still have one bottle of P50 left, which I’ll reintroduce when the weather gets warmer.
3. This is my extra hydration step and I’ll probably use a serum when this bottle is done, or one of the many packets and bottles of samples from different brands that I have. This particular formula (green bottle) of the Hadalabo Gokujyun range is supposed to moisturize and prevent pimples from appearing. Hormonal spots are something else so this item doesn’t really help me much there. I’m not sure if it’s sold in Hong Kong? I haven’t seen it anywhere I went (the usual suspects Watson’s/Manning/log-on don’t have it).
4. The formula is nothing special but this is my first experience with these kind of tips. On the days when I have time to slowly tap tap tap gently with the tip I do find a difference to just applying with fingers.
5.I took this with me to Hong Kong, knowing the weather is less dry than Paris. I was almost finished with my It’s Skin Snail Cream anyway and thought it’s a good time to open the next moisturizer in the stash. There are many little beads in the moisturizer (hence ‘caviar’) and you just have to make sure you rub all of them in. Sometimes there are strays and if you miss one they can appear as bizarre looking but perfectly round tiny ball of flesh. I’ve continued using this since I got back and interestingly it still does a decent job of moisturizing my skin in this completely different climate. I honestly didn’t expect it to perform this well. I’ll do a review on this separately.

I no longer have a really different morning/evening routine. Only that I throw in a makeup remover before the regular cleanser at night. That’s usually either of these: (more…)

Small Melvita Purchase

So this arrived today. I saw a promotion on the Melvita website last week and without thinking clicked the ‘buy’ button. Three items does not make a haul so I’ve adjusted the title to merely a ‘purchase’. Here’s what I got:


They’re clearing their holiday stock. The stuff on the left are gifts. Here’s a closer look on what’s inside the box:


It’s the Nectar Supreme range with La Creme for the face and an eye and lip cream. They threw in a  Rose Extraordinary water to make the set I think. These are all full-sized. The cream retails for 48 euros, eye cream 39 euros and the water is 15.50 euros. This set is 89 euros.

The gift:


From left to right:
Pulpe de Rose plumping radiance cream (10ml)
Damask Rose floral water (28ml)
Rose Extraordinary water (25ml)
Extraordinary Oil (for face, body, hair) (17ml)
L’Argan Bio velvet hand cream (10ml)
Apicosma lip balm (3ml)
A mirror in its flocked pouch. This is almost impossible to open as there are no indents to help you grip.

And a tote bag:

Recently a law was passed and shops are no longer allowed to give out plastic bags. They haven’t been free-to-give for a while, you usually have to pay for them but I believe now they can’t even supply plastic ones. Everyone has a small trolley in Paris (not just old ladies!) and I’ve been tugging mine to the supermarket for a while so I don’t really know the latest. But this bag has a button packs away nicely so good move from Melvita.

The gifts are all mini/travel sized, as you can see. I’ve tried and liked the Damask rose water and the mini spray will be handy and I can refill it with whatever after.

I got three little sample sachets as well but two are redundant products I already have in one form or another above.

Reviews when I start using them 😛  I’ve completely overwhelmed myself at this point.

April Empties

Look what I found in my drafts… I thought this has been posted. Guess not.aprempt

Sorry pics are a little dark. These are my empties for April and a glimpse into what was my skincare routine. Well as far as cleansers were concerned anyway. I’m back to using La Roche-Posay Toleriane as my cleanser and my skin seems to like it better. I should do a skin care post one of these days …

POD Liquid Detox (150ml) – Made in Australia
From the POD website:

Uses a breakthrough triple enzyme derived from papaya
Gently breaks down dead skin cells without interfering with live skin cells
Accelerates skin renewal for a younger looking complexion
Helps dramatically reduce blackheads, blemishes, hormonal bumps, and sun-damage
No sulfates means this foaming cleanser won’t dry and strip the skin or leave a greasy residue
Gentle enough to use daily

From the box:

A 3-in-1 treatment that cleanses, tones and exfoliates the skin. Dramatically reduces blackheads, blemishes and sun damage, achieving an even skin tone.

First of all, POD has folded and no longer exists. I happened to read about this product on a blog, popped over to the website to have a look-see and saw they’re closing down and was selling everything at crazy low prices. This had a RRP of AUD$60. I think I paid like AUD$7.5 per bottle *ahem* I bought 4 bottles. Crazy when you consider that I never tried it before but my reasoning was my no-frills cleanser costs the same if not more so I really have nothing to lose. So what do I think? (more…)

Is anybody home?

I’m still here! I haven’t forgotten about you guys! In fact I’ve been thinking about you everyday. Really. I just didn’t know where to start. Today I figured, heck I’ll just jump right back into it.

Like so.

I won’t go into the reasons behind my absence yet (one of the reasons involved a haul so you guys will get more details when that post is up). But I’m still very into makeup, and recently have taken a bigger interest in skincare than I was before. I used to be a skincare freak in my early 20s … but that’s another story for another time.

Posts to expect in the near future:
– I recently did a small haul from citypharma, otherwise known as the world’s favourite drugstore/chemist/parapharmacy. Got some new staples.
– The haul briefly referred to above. Ok I went to Hong Kong so you can expect Asian brands and products.
– I’m waiting for a few deliveries. One is from, who has successfully enticed me with a one-off 25% off code going on. I ordered some Clarins (skincare) and by Terry.
– Next I bought an overpriced lipstick on evilbay. The price I paid in US$ would be the equivalent of retail I pay here so I have that to console myself. It’s a drugstore brand and here in France, drugstore = 12 euros maybe? Revlon’s Color Burst lippies for example cost 15.40 euros, the Just Bitten crayons are 9.90. In general they are 15 euros I’d say for L’oreal, Maybelline etc. Which makes them UD$20 a pop.
– Lastly for the first time in ageessss I bought perfume blind. These I got from Douglas online. I can’t even remember what made me go to their site but I found them on sale and thought why not.
– Rae Morris brushes. Yes I caved and bought a few. Just waiting for my contact in Oz to forward them to me, but I’m really excited about these.

Not to mention the old posts/unfinished drafts I had going. I haven’t forgotten about the cleansing oil post for example. It’s coming, I promise! If it makes it better I now have a new one to add to the 3 I was going to talk about. I’ve also got the empties post… expect a big one as it features products I’ve finished during the last few months.

And that’s all. I’m working on a few of them and just need to get the pics ready – that’s always been my problem actually. To make it worse though, I’ve recently switched from Mac OS back to Win 8 after 7 years of using Mac and I’m still trying to get a better feel with this new thang, knowing my way around and performing the tasks I want it to do without fumbling around.

Anyway it’s been months after all so I’ll slip in a quick review below:
melvita hand

I’ve mentioned in other posts – I have dry hands that are washed frequently everyday so hand creams are products that I probably use the most in the whole beauty/upkeep regime. I think most of the hand creams on the market are perfumed rubbish that don’t do anything for my hands so I tend to go for richer creams and avoid everything marked lotion. This is the Extra-rich hand cream from Melvita. 150ml, 16.50 euros. It is Eco certified organic and is made in France.

The blurb on the back: (more…)

November Empties


La Roche-Posay TolerianeMade in France
Yup, another tube of these. I dreaded going to City Pharma because of the volume of people and the queues and all that so I would stockpile (reasonably) whenever I went there. So I’ve actually been tapping into that stash the past couple of months. Now that I work around the corner I’ve stopped buying backups and really, the waiting has improved a lot after they added more tills and cashiers. I even go there during my lunch break and usually have a maximum of two people in front of me to pay. This is the last tube of Toleriane you will see for a while. I’m trying a new moisturiser also from La Roche-Posay at the moment.

Repurchase? I will always come back to this no-frills cream.

Melvita Shampoo for frequent wash (200ml) – Made in France
This is one of the first products I’ve tried from Melvita. It is probably the best sulfate-free and organic shampoo I’ve used. I should add that I’m not a fanatic with organic beauty products and I’m really not picky with shampoos either. I’ve tried a few organic and sulfate-free ones in the past and my main beef with these type of shampoos is the lack of lather (sulfates). The worst for me was one from Bioderma, it was in a green bottle and almost as runny as water. I don’t need huge foam but I do appreciate some sort of lather without having to use an outrageous amount of product. And on that end Melvita delivers. This shampoo is runnier than the regular sulfate ones but it still has some ‘body’ to it. It contains honey, arnica, lemon myrtle and grapefruit and it smells like honeyed grapefruit. This is an ECOCERT product, meaning 99.42% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. Looking at the list it also has lavendar water (high on the list) lactic acid and various gums.

Repurchase? Yes, I think I will get the bigger size.

Melvita Conditioner for normal hair (200ml) – Made in France
A literal translation of the French name for this is detangling balm. This conditioner has honey, eucalyptus and lemon myrtle. The smell is a mix of lemon and eucalyptus, a herbally fresh scent. Melvita doesn’t seem to have a dedicated conditioner to go with the frequent wash shampoo and this is the one I was recommended to get. On the ingredients lists are many different kinds of oils including macadamia ternifolia seed, pumpkin seed, sweet almond, soybean, lemon peel etc. I’m quite happy with this conditioner.

Repurchase? Yes.