L’Occitane x Pierre Hermé


image taken from L’Occitane site

So this is a collaboration that’s been released for a couple of months now. I believe it came out November perhaps? I didn’t notice too much of a fanfare but that could just be me.

For those who don’t know, Pierre Hermé is a world renowned pastry chef. He makes some of the best desserts and pastries ever. Ever. EVEEERRRRR. I can’t stress this enough. You might have seen, wherever you are in the world, a cake/dessert in your country made with two pink macaron shells, in between them a cloud of pink cream and a round of juicy looking raspberries. On top of the pink macaron sandwich is a decoration, I’d wager it’s a raspberry and very likely, a rose petal as well. The classic flavours of this is rose, raspberry and lychee. If your local shop claims this is their invention, they are LIARS. Pierre Hermé invented this dessert like 20 years ago. He called it Ispahan, after the city renowned for its Damask rose.

So L’Occitane did a collaboration with the house of Pierre Hermé, using some of the flavours he has developed for his desserts. There are three varieties, Jasmine/Immortel/Neroli, Pamplemousse/Rhubarbe and Miel/Mandarine. I believe they are all LE products, but still widely available at the time of writing.

Anyway I have been gifted with a couple of products from this collection, and having further smelled all the scents in a L’Occitane shop I declare my clear favourite to be the Grapefruit & Rhubarb combo. L’Occitane really should consider turning this scent into a permanent range.
I confess I was probably already biased – not a big fan of jasmine or the immortal flower to start with, honey and mandarin is fine but no match for the sparkling grapefruit.

I have the body cream and hand cream in this scent.


L’Occitane hand creams, like Diptyque candles, are some of the things that are duds to me but that everyone else loves. Diptyque candles are not what they used to be some 10+ years ago when they truly burned cleanly and evenly. My last purchase was in 2013 and I’m done with them, even if they do have some very nice scents. At the price they’re charging, there’s simply no excuse and I’ll advice anyone who is willing to listen to move on. I know every blogger in the world has them but they really are overrated. I’ve since turned to Cire Trudon for my splurges and find that more rewarding. Luckily my candle addiction/obsession seems to have been cured… But I see I have gone off topic!

Ok to be fair, L’Occitane hand creams are ok if you don’t need much moisturizing, or for summer use. Or general daily use if you live in a hotter and more humid climate. I just find them average and not that interesting for the price. My work demands that I wash my hands constantly and sometimes use harmful chemicals so I need some TLC. The only product from L’Occitane that I find helpful for my hands is the shea butter range.

Now having said all that, you must think I hate this hand cream. But I don’t, and it’s mainly because of the smell. It’s just so invigorating and fresh. It *is* mostly grapefruit but you do get a hint of the rhubarb on the hands. Fades quickly though. The texture is very light (too light for me) but it does provide some immediate relief before you can run and get your heavy duty stuff – if that’s what you need. Most of the hand creams in this handy size share a similar formula so it’s mainly a game of choosing your favourite scent.

As for the body lotion, I haven’t really dipped into it knowing it’s rather light and that I favour a heavier formulas especially at this time of the year. I think this will be wonderful when summer comes. I’m using the balms and butters now, but am saving a few products for summer, like bliss lemon + sage body butter (despite its name it’s simply not heavy enough to be called a butter IMHO) and the Bronze Goddess souffle from last year that I have yet to finish.


November & December Empties

Happy New Year everyone! Got some nice skincare empties here in the last months of 2015. I still haven’t gotten round to posting my skincare regime and it’s constantly changing. Must get this to the top of the to-do list in 2016. Anyway first up the empties in November:


Bouclier Bio Concentré Détox de jour (50ml) – Made in France
This is a random face cream I picked up at Citypharma. I have never heard of this brand before but the ingredients are no-frills and straight forward, just a little more than 10 ingredients. Housed in a glass jar, it’s paraben-free and is targeted for sensitive and/or couperose skin. My skin has become a little on the drier side and I’ve really enjoyed using it. The texture is quite thick (a ‘real’ cream) but it’s really moisturizing and nourishing. Literally saved my skin when it got extremely dry suddenly from the frequent long-haul flights I did in early 2015.

Here are the ingredients:

aqua (water), aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, simmondsia chinensis seed oil (jojoba seed oil)*, glycerin, coco-caprylate/caprate, caprylic/capric triglyceride, glyceryl stearate citrate, cetearyl alcohol, oleic/linoleic/linolenic polyglycerides, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter)*, cera alba (beeswax), tocopherol, xanthan gum, parfum (fragrance), sodium hydroxide, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, linalool, citronellol

It’s marketed as a day cream but I also use it at night. Because of its texture I’d say it’s more suitable for drier skin types and a cooler climate. Normal skin will like it in winter. It may look and feel a bit heavy for some but I do think LRP’s Toleriane left me looking more greasy afterwards. My skin just seems to love this stuff. There’s fragrance listed but honestly I didn’t detect any scent. Probably just for masking or neutralizing?
Repurchase? Yes! I bought a pack of 2 (bigger savings) and am using the second one already. Am curious about other creams from this brand now.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum (30ml) – Made in France
Here’s the blurb pulled from the US website:

This water-light serum delivers a revolutionary infusion of hydration: 24 hours of continuous moisturizing benefits, leaving skin deeply replenished, smooth and glowing with youth.

Patented micro-droplet technology delivers the purest form of Camellia Oil Extract, exclusive* new Camellia Alba OFA**, to infuse skin with exceptional hydrating and plumping power.

This remarkably pure HYDRA BEAUTY ingredient, created by Chanel scientists, stimulates skin’s natural ability to restore and retain moisture for a smooth, radiant appearance.

To protect the benefits of Camellia Alba PFA, Chanel revealed one of nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants, Blue Ginger PFA. This exceptional ingredient acts as an environmental shield, blocking and neutralizing free radicals to help reinforce the complexion.

*International patent application.
**OFA: Oleofractioned Active.
***PFA: Polyfractioned Active. An ultra-pure, ultra-powerful ingredient created through exclusive patented Chanel technology.

On the French website it’s also suggested that these micro-droplets house the extract and keeps them in a ‘pure’ state until they are released upon application. Anyway this serum doesn’t get a very favourable review on Paula’s Beautipedia (overpriced, contains alcohol, not that special etc). But I really enjoyed using this and my skin felt ‘plumper’ after use. Not sure about the 24 hours/glowing with youth claims but it didn’t irritate my skin at all and my skin seemed to have liked it to the last drop.
The texture is like a gel, definitely not runny. 1.5 pumps is ideal but I struggle to get half a pump so it’s either one or two depending on how generous I feel on that day. It is fragranced so sensitive noses/skin types beware. I love these kind of packaging – see-through airtight bottle with the piston going up as the product is used. The biggest con is the price: at 81 euros it’s something to buy at Dutyfree or when the promo codes are just right.
Repurchase? It’s on the wishlist

The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Body Butter (200ml/192g) – Made in the UK
I’m not a regular user/fan of the body butters from TBS, I think the only one I really liked was the olive one. It seems to me the texture varies with scent, like the fruitier ones are lighter. Don’t quote me on that though. Generally I prefer thicker ones for the body.
I can’t remember why I bought this (and TWO of them to boot) since I’m not a crazy rose lover either. But the texture is nice, thick enough but not balmy and easy to spread. The scent is sometimes quite sharp to my nose but otherwise this is one of the better roses in the mass market out there for sure. Apparently this used to be hard to find – oh that explains why I bought two! – but it’s been repackaged as part of a new line-up of TBS fragrances and looks to be here to stay. Can’t vouch for the EdT but if you are a rose lover looking for a body cream, definitely check this out.

Repurchase? I still got the backup.

Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil (40ml, deluxe sample) – Made in Japan
This is a good cleansing oil, up there with the best Japanese cleansing oils I’ve tried. I like this more than shu uemura (but I had bad experience with them in the past). It’s efficient, emulsifies easily and rinses off completely without leaving a film nor stripping the skin. It’s lightly scented, like the fragrance from The Skincare range. This never gave me any problems, no irritation/breakouts.
I can’t remember where this came from, probably a GWP somewhere, but the nice thing is the pump unscrews and thus I can reuse this and transfer my other cleansing oil inside for when I’m traveling.
Repurchase? Definitely worth considering in the future after I go though my Fancl and softymo. I’ll buy this within a heartbeat if I have nowhere to get the Fancl.

Empties in December: (more…)

Autumn Empties +

IMG_0038The first part of this features recent empties while the bottom half is a salvaged post dated probably early 2015 😛

Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil (120ml) – Made in Japan
This is a special limited edition packaging I got at the beginning of the year. I mentioned somewhere before (oh it was the Empties Galore post) that they have a much longer shelf-life now than before. I think it used to be that unopened, you can keep them for 1 year after date of manufacture. Now it’s like 3 times longer. I don’t know that this all means because their slogan has always been no preservatives etc. I didn’t notice any change in the formula however, so who knows.
This is still my HG cleansing oil. But! I’ve noticed cleansing oils being rather similar and generally good performers once you’re at the mid to high range (price-wise). I’m using a sample of the Shiseido one and it’s also really good. The only thing is the relatively smaller size. You go through this a lot faster than others. I think this lasted me maybe 2.5 months.
Repurchase? I have one more backup.

Kotoshina Face Lotion Brightening – Green Tea (30ml) – Made in France
This deluxe sample came in as part of the Japan skincare/beauty set I got at Le Bon Marché end of 2014 (part of the Japan month. This year they did Brooklyn, I must say it was a disappointment). I’ve never heard of Kotoshina before (leads to official website, Japanese) but they are a Kyoto based company that specializes in green tea, and their products use the famous Uji green tea from the area. Skincare products are manufactured in France. The details of this lotion (in Japanese and 1 line of English on the right) is here. Housed in a glass bottle, this lotion is certified 100% organic (European) and smells quite strongly of green tea – ingredients are: water, aloe extract, glycerin, perfume, glyceryl caprylate, camellia sinensis leaf extract, camellia sinensis seed oil … and many more herbal/flower essential oils. This is a very watery lotion and I’ve used this with a cotton pad. I really enjoyed using this actually and find the scent soothing. It lingers a little after use. It did seem to brighten the skin after use. Obviously sensitive skin beware as it’s chocked full of essential oils and extracts. It’s 4200 JPY for 150ml on the website, which is about 30 euros? Not cheap then.

Ok I just found the leaflet that came with the beauty set and it seems this usually comes in a spray bottle, although you can use it on a cotton. It hydrates, protects brightens.
Repurchase? I wouldn’t mind at all but it seems to be only available in Japan? (more…)

Recent Haul

Japanese stuff first:


1. Kosé Medicated Sekkisei Lotion Excellent – this one contains 2 more premium ingredients. I hear this has some anti-aging properties?
2. Kosé Medicated Sekkisei – this is the regular, classic version.
The Man was on a business trip to Korea, he was very busy. So I bought #1 on my own and surprise surprise he managed to get me #2. That’s why this is looks a little Sekkisei overkill. I’m using a new bottle of #2 (not photographed) so I’m good for a long time.
3. Kosé softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil – tried and loved. My budget choice.
4. Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ – “a lightweight, water-based, high protection sunscreen with hyaluronic acid + royal jelly essence + citrus mix to help moisturize the skin. Can be used with primer, under makeup. Doesn’t leave a white cast.” This was voted as one of the best in the Japanese @cosme awards. Japanese sunscreens tend to be very light yet efficient and I’ve always preferred them.
5. Hada Labo Skin Conditioner Medicated Gokujyun – in addition to the moisturizing goodness of the classic skin conditioners, this one soothes irritated skin and prevents spots (hence medicated).
6. Hada Labo Shiroshizuku – this is a brightening serum/moisturizer
7. suisai Beauty Clear Powder – an enzyme based powder cleanser with moisturizing properties that cleanses pores, helps remove blackheads. I’ve used up boxes of this before and really like how smooth it leaves the skin feeling. Convenient for travel too of course.
8. Utena Matomage Hair Styling Stick – this is a small, handy hair styling product. The green one here is for strong hold. I think they have a pink one.
9. Rohto Lycée eye drops – for contact lens wearer. Lightly cooling.
10. Lunasol Full Glamour Lips in #36 – already featured in the Nude lipstick post. This is a really, really moisturizing formula. I’m going to pick up more of these lipsticks when I can. So impressed! #36 is a new colour.
11. Lunasol Coloring Creamy Cheeks in EX01 Chocolat Beige – cream to powder blush. Doesn’t smell like chocolate (I hear the eyeshadows and lipstick/glosses do). Beautiful colour that mimics perfectly your own flush. Very natural. It’s on the sheer side layers wonderfully.
12. Maybelline Lashionista mascara in black – this mascara adds fibres to your lashes, making them look longer/more volume.
13. Shiseido Integrate gel liner in black – bought to try having read good things about it.
14. Kosé Fasio Smart Curl Mascara V – volume
15. Kosé Fasio Powerful Curl Mascara Long
16. Visée Super Slim Gel Liner – curious to compare this with others
17. Kate eyebrow pencil in BR-5
18. Kate slim gel pencil in black  – staple
19. Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Melting Rouge in RD425
Hidden between #15 & 16:
20. Kosé Fasio Quick Dry Gel Liner in black – again want to compare with liners

I can’t remember when I started reincorporating Japanese skincare products into my regime, but for the last (almost) 8 years I’ve relied on European brands (specifically French drugstore) which my skin seemed to have preferred. Perhaps it’s the drier/cooler climate here, who knows. Nonetheless I’ve been getting deluxe skincare samples steadily (cleansers and toners mostly, then moisturizers) and with my recent experience of Sekkisei, I’m once again ready to embrace Asian skincare products.

Iope skincare:


Haven’t tried these yet. Will report in time …

European stuff:


The small tube is Sephora Brow Thickener.

A close-up of the Bobbi Brown:


Intense Pigment Liner in Midnight.

Reviews to come!

Hakuhodo at Le Bon Marché


PSA: You can buy Hakuhodo brushes (a small selection, mostly J series) at Le Bon Marché in Paris. The department store is paying homage to Japan and its culture, and has imported a lot of usually Japan-only (or Asia-only) fashion and beauty brands. There are also art exhibitions to look at and events and demonstrations to participate in.

The brushes are found on the 2nd floor (usually clothing). It doesn’t have a special stand and no one mans it, so you find what you like and keep it with you and bring it to the till. There are one example of each available brush opened and free for touching so you can feel how soft/firm they are. Prices vary but on the whole very reasonable and not too marked up. There’s a special glass case with really luxurious kabukis as well.

I chose three J series, 242G, 5523 and 210. I was going to get the bigger blush brush but figured I have brushes of similar shape at home but not one like the 210.Also got a pot of the makanai hand cream – sooo silky, this cream absorbs quickly and nourishes the hand but never leaving you feel greasy. Seriously impressed with this one. They have different scents but all of them are quite subtle and have the same fragrance base. The only exception is perhaps the yuzu one, which I’m tempted to get. Also saw the uka hand and nail butter – very good and luxurious but that costs 10 euros more. I think the makanai range are a bit more marked up than they usually cost in Japan. Seeing how I’ve been indulging myself a lot already I figured it’s best not to go too overboard.

The Japanese event continues til 18 October. Meanwhile still no sign of Tom Ford’s Nude Dip in-store nor online.

July & August Empties

Another month of silence on the blog. In my defense I’ve started a new job, returning to the kitchen since my two years’ of rest working at the front. It’s quite challenging for everyone involved at the moment since the place is one of the newest openings in the city that’s gathering a lot of buzz in the industry. All eyes are on us, and we’re doing crazy hours across all sections. There are still a lot of wrinkles needed to iron out and we’re tackling them as we go.

Since I’m back in my whites, I no longer wear base makeup (they just melt) or colour makeup (inappropriate) and limit myself to eyeliner and mascara. My makeup playtime is now limited to my days off, and even then I’m so tired I usually just want to stay home and don’t see the point of wearing a full face of makeup.

Having said that though, I still try to read blogs and new releases and have my eyes on a few items coming for Fall/Winter. In the meantime, here are my combined empties for the last two months:


Glysomed Hand Cream (150ml) – Made in Germany
This is the perfumed version, housed in a tub that lasted me for quite some time. I kept this at home, usually around the kitchen. I paid perhaps 9 euros for this. As mentioned in the June empties post where you’ll find the unscented tube version, I really like their formula and budget-friendly pricing. They are my go-to and never disappoints. I should add this to my holy-grail page. Here are the first 10 ingredients:
Aqua, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Octiydodecanol, Petrolatum, Dimethicone. Sorbitol, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Phenoxythanol.
Repurchase? Yes!

Avène Cleanance Spot Treatment (0.25g) – Made in France
Cleanance is the acne treatment range from Avène. I got this on a whim, thinking I could use something like that in my makeup bag. It never left my dresser. Anyway from the back of the box:

Targeted at oily, blemish-prone skin, this spot treatment is ‘formulated to help eliminate skin imperfections’ and is ‘drying and purifying’.
For drying, ‘powders and clay’ to help absorb excess oil; Glyceryl Laurate (patent) regulates its over production
For purifying, Key ingredients reduce bacteria growth
For exfoliating, BHA known keratoregulating ingredients help reduce skin blemishes.

They recommend applying 2-3 times a day and warn that it may cause a tingling sensation which never occurred to me. It is odorless and the tip is colourless so it goes on invisible. I will say however that you can’t apply foundation on top of the areas where you spot treated. It just doesn’t go on smoothly and you’ll see straight away the areas where you have the Cleanance.

I actually quite like this little pen which surprisingly worked well on me. I apply this maybe morning (if not wearing foundation) and in the evening, rather generously. It’s efficient in reducing redness and calming a blemish before it gets to be big and angry. I had a look at the ingredients and the first 5 are mostly waxes and oils. So who knows why. The only thing I’ll say is that it doesn’t come with much product and I went through the pen rather quickly. I paid 7.25 euros for this so it is actually rather expensive for what you get. On the beaute-test website it’s one of those YMMV products.

Repurchase? I’ve just bought another to confirm its effectiveness. We’ll see.

Kate slim gel eye pencil (0.12g) in BR1 in BR1 brown – Made in Japan
I used up one of these last month in black. Click here to read what I wrote. In one word: love.
The brown is obviously more subtle, just quietly defining the eyes. I do prefer black in general but brown is a nice change. This is a warm, mid-toned milk chocolate brown. The darkest brown eyeliner I found is Armani’s Smooth Silk Eye pencil waterproof. The ones that used to be LE.

I’ve read that Hourglass recently came out with their version of these type of pencil gel liner. These ones from Kate (and SANA, and apparently shu’s as well) contain 0.12g, or 0.004oz. Hourglass’ is 0.002oz. I don’t know how they compare as I won’t be getting the ones from Hourglass, all I can say is it’s way too pricey.

I’ve been wearing these type of gel pencil liners for a while and have had good experience with the ones I’ve tried. I admit from time to time they transfer a little to just under my eyes but 99% of eyeliners do that on me, and most of the time they perform really well and are the least smudging/transferring liners I’ve used. YMMV of course.
Repurchase? Yes

Fancl Mild Cleasing Oil (120ml) – Made in Japan
Reviewed here.
Repurchase? Yes, I have received 2 more backups!

Clinique Cream Shaper in Egyptian (1.2g/0.04oz) – Made in Germany
Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencil in Brown Copper (1.2g/0.04oz) – Made in Italy
These are more purges as I rarely reach for them now that they are nubs. I’ve had these for years and in a way am glad I can finally ‘move on’. I really like the Cream Shaper formula and have one ready to go in the same shade. Black Diamond is also a nice alternative.
I love the colour of the Laura Mercier pencil but it didn’t perform as well as I want it to. Good for smudging out for a smokey eye look but if you want a clean line and for it to stay that way, you might be disappointed.
Repurchase? Yes; No.

June Empties


Kate slim gel pencil (0.12g) in BK1 black – Made in Japan
So Kate is a brand under Kanebo I believe. I bought this to compare with the SANA superquick gel pencil liners that I used and love. I didn’t find any difference, from packaging to the product. Same twist mechanism that can only go up and not down, for example. SANA is a hair cheaper so I’ll probably go with that from now on, except: 1. I am tempted by the new gold colour Kate offers and 2. It seems that my source for SANA no longer stocks this?? Probably because SANA has released a new version (called ‘melty’) and you can find it on their website here (Japanese). I want to try that.
* I didn’t look at how much product the SANA has but I gather it’s the same or very close.

ettusais Cream eyeliner WP (0.1g) in KH khaki brown – Made in Japan
I love these kind of slim gel eyeliners as you can see, so I bought ettusais to try and picked up the limited colour khaki for a change. The packaging is different, this is slightly thicker than SANA/Kate, and the most obvious difference is with this one you can twist the nib down, which I do like. It wasn’t often but I did find on a few occasions that this didn’t wear as well as the other two brands. Just less resistant. Again it was just a couple of times here and there. Maybe it’s this particular colour, maybe it’s the formula.
This was the more expensive of the two, at HKD115, or 10 euros. SANA is around HKD75? and Kate HKD95? NARS Larger than Life (0.5g) is 25 euros. So NARS is cheaper! Except I hated it.

It’s hard to say how long these kind of pencils last with daily use. Maybe 2 months? I rotated between these two and another Kate in brown colour. They are probably the easiest pencils I’ve ever used, I know for sure they are the fastest to work with as well. The thickness is perfect and there’s no sharpening.
Repurchase? Yes for both.

Glysomed Hand Cream (50ml) – Made in Germany
This is the fragrance-free version. The perfumed ones have a deep green packaging. It’s cheaper than Yes! Nurse and I’m just as happy with the results I get with Glysomed. This is richer and more emollient but still doesn’t leave your hands greasy or anything. This is the type of texture I usually look for and prefer in a hand cream. It’s fully opaque and is a cream. Yes! Nurse is perhaps more a lotion type of consistency. I’ve used up countless tubs and tubes of this, both scented and unscented. Only thing is I don’t have ready access to Glysomed here. I’m using dermophil as a replacement.
Glysomed contains parabens. dermophil and Yes! Nurse is paraben-free.
Repurchase? Yes

Yes! Nurse Hand Cream (50ml) – Made in the UK
I bought this on beautybay when they had a 20% off sale. Since I use a lot of hand creams I’m always on the look out for new ones to try. The story behind its development (and name) is that the co-founder, a pediatric nurse, had severely dry and damaged hands from frequent washing. Not finding what she needed/anything that worked, she made this. It came in this very cute box that encourages you to mail it off to someone and share the experience.
The hand cream has ‘Active Manuka Honey +15 and Omega 3, 6 & 9’ and it does smell like a mild honey when you apply. It’s light and thin in texture (but not runny), semi-opaque. Gets absorbed quickly while at the same time seem to deliver adequate moisturizing properties. My hands didn’t feel dry afterwards. It looks like they really put a lot of thought into this product, keeping it natural. I’m surprised by how much I like this. You can check the website here. If you dig around onto the blog side you’ll find the back story I mentioned.
Repurchase? Yes

La Roche-Posay Toleriane cleanser (200ml) Made in France
A staple. Boring, yes. But like a rock. Especially now that I’m experimenting more with skincare if anything goes wrong I come back to this and it seems to make things better.
Repurchase? Yes

La Roche-Posay Serozinc (150ml)Made in France
Zinc is supposed to be an skin-calming, anti-irritant/inflammatory. It soothes the skin but at the same time is a mild astringent. Zinc sulfate is thought to help help acne and regulate oil gland activity.
Serozinc says it’s good for razor burns, diaper rash and for use as a toner.
I know this is a cult favourite and that everyone loves this to bits – which was what incited me to try – but I’m not sure if this is really effective on me. I’m not seeing the almost instant improvements and magic that every review out there mentions.
I use this as my regular toner, so twice daily I mist my face with this after cleansing and pat it in gently until it’s absorbed. Afterwards, I either go straight to moisturizer, or if I see/feel a spot coming I’ll use a topical spot treatment. Sometimes I use a second toner with mild salicylic acid during those hormonal fluctuation, which is mainly when/why I get my spots.
My old routine before Serozinc was the same, except I was using a rose water before moisturizing. I haven’t noticed much of a difference with Serozinc. Now that I’ve finished this, I think I’ll go back to the previous routine and see if I miss this. I guess my expectations were too high from all the hype, and for some reason I was hoping the zinc would really help with controlling my hormonal spots (the bottle mentioned nothing of the sort). This would be a nice no-frills toner to include in your skin routine if you have oily skin, or for a teenager.
Repurchase? Yes, I only paid 4.8 euros for the bottle (shocked to read bloggers paying 11 pounds for this, not including shipping!) so I will probably give this a second chance somewhere down the line.