New Year, New Look

I’ve been meaning to change the theme for a while and I’ve finally gotten round to it. It’s less whimsical than before but I like that it’s cleaner. I shortlisted 7 themes in total and spent an hour choosing  (;-_-)

While I’m on the soapbox, the monthly empties post will now be added when I’ve accumulated enough to make a decent post. I only had 1 empty in January and sadly the poor thing doesn’t merit a post on its own.

I don’t have a posting schedule and I know it’s infrequent and erratic but I hope you guys understand. You might have gleamed from random posts (that refer to frequent hand-washing) but I work in a fast-paced kitchen and try as I might I just can’t muster the strength to post after work. Mine isn’t a blog that does shiny new toys and latest releases anyway. Thank you to everyone who subbed and drop by from time to time!

While we’re on the topic of new toys, Dior has released a new line of Diorskin Nude Air for Spring (link takes you to official French Dior site) for about a week now I believe. They include a loose powder, pressed powder, bronzer and a new serum foundation. I tried the serum foundation at Sephora yesterday and am mighty impressed. It’s thin and watery but is surprisingly pigmented and will give a fair amount of coverage with a beautiful finish. Feels like nothing on the skin. I was ready to snap a bottle up but they don’t have the shade I tried (021) in stock. Officially the shades start from 020 (beige clair) but I saw 010 (ivory) yesterday as a tester together with 021 (un-named). 021 is slightly more yellow than 020; 023 (peche) is a darker than both and more pink. On the Dior website there is no sign of 010, and while 021 is listed it’s not available for purchase (for the moment at least?). I’ve read that 010 and 021 are international shades. Sephora France lists the price as 48.50 and on the Dior site it’s 52 euros. It’s a shame cos I have 25% off at Sephora at the moment … might check out another shop to try my luck. But if the Champs-Elysees shop doesn’t have it, I kind of doubt the smaller ones would.diorair While there I also checked the Givenchy Color Confetti powder that I coveted and was glad I didn’t blind buy, simply because I have enough products like that at home. Basically it’s a finishing powder with a shimmery (the confetti side) and a matte powder on the bottom (the raised part). You can use the shimmery part to highlight and the matte to set, or mix them both and use it like a pressed meteorites. It’s a nice-to-have powder. I wasn’t wowed and doubt would reach for it often enough to justify the price.

I did some hauling during the sales (on-going, since mid-January) but mostly body products. I’m never sure whether to post hauls, they seem rather pointless without a comment on how they perform but I don’t like having 10 things opened at one time … will see about that.

Oh I actually do have a post featuring a new release coming up, hopefully later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned 🙂

May Empties


*sigh* Bit late as usual. I hesitated including the stuff from this month (June) into the post and decided to do a separate one, just to see if I’ll manage to add anything with two more weeks to go. Lots of duds in May.

Kose softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil Foam (200ml) – Made in Japan
Previously reviewed here. I wanted to get this one actually:


Read a lot of good reviews on that but didn’t find it in any shops so I bought the foam one to try.
This lasted around 3-4 months, I felt like I’ve used this one up faster than the others even though it has the same amount of product in the bottle.
I didn’t really enjoy using this one because of how it stings the eyes. And just to be clear I didn’t apply it on the eye area when it’s a foam, but waited til it’s turned to an oil before doing so. I had to use a separate eye makeup remover with this product and this defeats the purpose of using an oil cleanser for me.
Repurchase? No.

Lierac Anti-Blemish Mattifying Fluid (50ml) – Made in France
On the label, my notes taken from the leaflet in brackets:
[8.5%] patent-pending SKRL3 (this re-balance, protect and moisturize)
acnacidol BG+systenol A + HA (sebum regulating and limit release of key inflammation mediators)
grafted azelaic acid + zinc (clarifying and limit release of key inflammation mediators)
with marine spring water, for blemish-prone skin, adults.
It’s hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Instructions are to apply morning and/or night. Promises to ‘rapidly diminish appearance of blemishes and help reduce sebum. Skin is lastingly mattified and ideally moisturized’. (more…)