Pan that Palette & Shopping the Stash – December, Report #3

Previous report was in July (ha ha) and can be found here.

I went back to stila ITK after my holidays in the summer. Since I got a little bit tanned I mixed Wind and Desert up to get a better match on the lid. Here’s what it looked like it July:


I’m back to using just Wind at the moment. If I’m lucky I might see pan before 2017.

I took the Lunasol foundation with me for the summer because the shade worked better on me then. The picture in the last report was after holiday use. I went back to Maquillage not long after that. So here’s an update on that group photo:


Taken January 2016

Now (almost a year later):


Taken December 2016

Every time I travel I take the WnW with me. Haven’t used much of the BB this year (I use this as a brow powder). I’ve reached for it from time to time lately but nothing regular so it looks pretty much the same. I managed to use up quite a few brow pencils though 🙂

Blotting powders then:


That’s the Soap & Glory one on the left. That’s since July as well I believe? Probably forgot to post this last time 😛
Ok they both claim to be translucent (Sexy Mama’s “anti-shine translucent powder” vs SG’s “super-translucent mattifying powder”). I think SG might be just a leeetle bit better at oil control, but if you’re not careful it can look chalky. Sexy Mama is talc-free and tinted so you’re less likely to look ashy. If I had to choose I’d probably go with S&G as that one seems to work better on my skin.

And I’m still working on the MAC blush:

mac-poised Now:


Lunasol Chocolat Beige, MAC Poised, RMK Hot Red

Yup, not much change. But I got so bored of using Poised everyday I incorporated other blushes. Primarily those two in the pictures.

I actually took the RMK with me (due to its slim and compact size) for a solid month during my time in Hong Kong and it still looks like new. There’s only 2.2g of product in this compact. How am I ever going to use up the 6g in MAC? And that’s just a fingerprint mark in the Lunasol and not a dent. But I’m hoping it being a cream formula I’ll hit pan faster.

I really don’t know how I’ll manage to pan anything!

Jill Stuart airy tint watery CC cream


I’m following the same formatting they use on the printed tube, lower caps for the name.

This is my first beauty product from Jill Stuart. Their girly, lacy, lots of things dangling is not my style at all so I’ve never ventured into their shops until my friend wanted to check some new releases from them when I was in town. And now I have this CC cream, which is also my first CC cream experience/purchase.

This is a special limited edition packaging for Spring. I think the regular one is white? SPF30/PA+++ sun protection, which is pretty good in my book. Comes in two shades, I have 01 light floral beige, which is the lighter one. It’s a good match at the time, being straight out of winter, but too light for summer. Even now (end of November) I find it a tad too light.

I’ll say straight away that unless you are super pale, you should just get the darker colour. Also IMO this is more suitable for use in summer. You’ll see why later. (more…)

Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Powdery UV Foundation


As much as I enjoyed using the Primavista powder foundation, when it came to replacing it I wanted to try something new. So when I found myself in Hong Kong earlier this year I made it my mission to try out all the possibilities. At one point it came down to the new ones from Jill Stuart (shade not 100% match, but it was very silky. I wanted more coverage though) and Clé de Peau (truly sublime! but price!) and another from Kosé Esprique (middle of the road between the two, nothing to write home about though). Then I saw the new one from Maquillage and once I tried it I was sold. This comes really close to the effect I see with the Clé de Peau (both companies is under Shiseido). They achieve this by playing with light and reflecting them with particles in the powder – don’t quote me on that, it’s just off the top of my head and I honestly can’t remember the details.

… ok I got off my ass and here’s there blurb from CdP for their Refining Powder Foundation: (more…)

Nature Republic – CC Cushion

My extra compact + refill is on the blogsale!

Nature Republic (link to official site, you can choose your language) is a Korean skincare/beauty brand. I’m not an expert on Korean beauty but a quick browse on their website gives me the feeling they’re sort of like the Korean twist of the Body Shop?  I’ve only been to their shop in Hong Kong and noticed that there’s a product for every budget. And I mean every. single. budget. Most of them are very affordable though. I ended up getting more things than I planned, mostly skincare (my most recent empties post has a blurb on their collagen serum) but also this CC Cushion.


So the full name of this is Super Origin Cushion Complete Cover, it has SPF50+ PA+++.  This is the blurb on the box:

Moisture cushion CC giving the effects of moisturizing+concealing+cooling+UV Protection+brightening+Wrinkle-improvement for a healthy complexion.

It’s to be used ‘at the step for applying sunscreen’. I use this with the puff enclosed and pat it all over to blend it in. It says that you can apply it throughout the day as needed.

This is my first cushion foundation experience so I have nothing else to compare with. Nature Republic has another cushion but I can’t remember what it is … I wanted a one-step product I could apply and leave the house and this one with its selling point of ‘high coverage’ fits what I was looking for. A pack comes with one filled compact with sponge included, plus a refill. Each of them is 12g, so you have two for the price of one, 24g of product. I would suggest buying an extra puff.


It comes in 2 shades (as usual it seems?), 021 and 023. Mine is the darker 023, but I have to say it will very likely be too light if you have medium and above skin tone. (more…)

Summer Loves



I reached a lot for these products this summer, and without intending to a lot of them happens to be 2015 releases. However only a couple of them (if that) are limited releases so you shouldn’t have much trouble hunting them down.

Starting with the Suqqu trio in Yosaizora (夜彩空) EX02, one of two limited edition palettes Suqqu released for summer.  Here’s an official image of both palettes:suqqu2015summer-off

Yasaizora is more my style and is easier to wear and more flattering on me. Benikakesora looks really pretty but it would require more thought/work to coordinate a look that might be a bit too feminine for my comfort. And oddly enough I can find closer dupes to Benikakesora with the stash at home than Yosaizora. If you can find Yosaizora at a reasonable price, go for it! The quality is there. I have read comments on pigmentation (not as good as the quads/harder, drier/not impressive etc) and find them not to be true.

I also reasoned if I’m spending that much money on a palette I should get one I know I would get more use out of. Even if it’s always tempting to get the more unique one!

Guerlain Terracotta Sun Sun Protection Compact is a cream foundation that dries to a matte powder finish on the skin. This is also a limited edition product but it can still be found easily as of writing. The main reason I reached for this during summer is to make my foundation work, or have my face match the neck. The finish is natural and it never looked orange-y. You don’t need to get this particular compact to achieve the same results, any ol’ bronzer will do. I bought this mostly because I wanted a bronzer/foundation in a cream formula.

About the packaging, the pearlish white compact is a nice change from the usual black while still looking classy. It’s also got a big mirror and I (more…)

Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation


Ok so I caved and bought this foundation. I reasoned that it’s different enough from the Kevyn Aucoin SSE to justify a purchase.

So I unexpectedly found this in shade 021 (Linen) at Le Bon Marché. I halfheartedly asked if they had it and the guy who helped me said that he heard the shade is international only, so no they don’t. Proceeded to check anyway (rare thing in Paris), pulled out one of the drawers and lo and behold there it was the tester (which they can’t display apparently) hidden alongside the only bottle in 021. We didn’t try the foundation together but he commented that 020 is probably better for me, brighter and less yellow. I swatched anyway and decided to go with 021 – 020 had just a little too much pink for my liking when I compared the two side by side. I had a feeling that 021 would look more natural on me. Honestly though I think I could pull off both shades if I had to.
The only sad thing about this is I paid full price (53 euros) for it instead of 36.37 at Sephora (48.50 euros + 25% off Valentine’s Day promo). Damn you Sephora for not having my shade in stock *shakes fist* And yes, I contemplated getting 020 for the attractive price but resisted. I made it up by getting the powder though (future post alert).

I haven’t had this foundation long enough to truly comment on the wear so this is more a first impression. I’ll come back and update this when I have better information on that. I intend to test it out at work (yes, in the kitchen)!

First impressions
So I tested this on clean, moisturized skin. No primer. On both occasions I stayed at home most of the day, went out/did some groceries but otherwise didn’t do much. Weather was quite chilly. (more…)

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer

Brace yourselves ladies cos this is looong!

The Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is a super pigmented ‘creme Makeup/concealer’. It has a light scent that’s somehow familiar to me, and it hits me as I’m writing this – it has the same smell as the Shiseido cold cream my mum used back in those days. The SSE is indeed made in Japan, not saying anything – I just found this tidbit interesting on a personal level to mention it that’s all.


I picked this up in May 2014. The pot contains 18g of product. The brand underwent some a repackaging in the last couple of years and from what I can see, the SSE comes in a gold box now (instead of burgundy), and the label on the bottom is black (again instead of burgundy). Other than that it seems to be pretty much the same.

Confession: I started this post in June actually, and of course never gotten round to finishing it for all sorts of reasons. I went easy on my base makeup since starting my new job in July, often not wearing any. When I do I reach for my powders because they are fast and help with the shine I get when it gets hot in the kitchen. Because I’m determined to post today I pulled out the SSE yesterday to refresh my memory and was completely blown away all over again.

I will confirm everything else you’ve read on the internet about this cult product. Yes, you can use the SSE as:
1. full-coverage foundation that can be sheered out to a tinted moisturizer
2. spot concealing – probably the best concealer out there
3. contour/highlight (by using a shade lighter/darker – you can do this with all foundations though, not just the SSE)

There’s a wealth of information out there on how to use this product. I won’t go into too much detail, but to get you started:
1. You’ll read/hear again and again that you don’t need much, just a pin size. That’s probably true but you need to experiment and find your preferred dosage. You may need more than that, or less depending on what you want to achieve and the way you use this. (more…)