Dr. Hauschka

March Empties

Unfortunately that is not a typo and these are indeed my empties for March. Things on the private side have taken over the past 30 days. Without going into that I’ll only say that it wasn’t all good news and I either wasn’t in the mood to blog or I simply didn’t have the occasion to update my blog as I would have liked. Anyway I have put this behind me and am looking ahead, starting firstly with a new job next week! I’ll be saying goodbye to Champs-Elysees and hello to St. Germain des Pres! I’ve spent more or less the past three years in that area and it will be a nice change working in a little closer to home and on the left bank. Makeup-wise this means I won’t be as close to Sephora (the Champs-Elysees being also the only one with MAC I might add) but I’ll have Citypharma instead.

Here are my empties of last month (March), and hopefully the ones for April (not that many anyway) won’t take another month to appear. There are quite a lot (for me), so a good month all in all.

Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm (4.5ml)
This balm is packed full of natural oils and extracts so expect it to smell as such. It is very comfortable to wear and I’ve used quite a few pots of this in the past and have always preferred the pot to the stick. It is also a good base before you put your lipstick on because it doesn’t leave your lips all slippery and glossy. Because of the packaging (glass jar + hygienic reasons) I keep this in the house only and use it mainly before bed. I normally don’t have a problem with this but we had a particularly cold and dry winter this year and I did find myself needing to reapply with more frequency. There were times when I happened to awake in the middle of the night and felt my lips were so dry that I needed to get up and find the balm. Oddly this didn’t happen when I use Kiehl’s. To me this means either that the petroleum in Kiehl’s acts as a nice barrier or that the Dr. Hauschka gets absorbed a lot more quickly instead of just sitting there. I don’t really know. I used the jar up really fast.

Repurchase? No, but only because I prefer more portable versions, even for ones I keep at home.

Dr. Hauschka Almond Body Lotion (145ml)
This is a heavy duty type of lotion that I put to good use during the harsh winter we had. Smells divinely of almond, not the artificial almond food extract type but one with a real warmth, slightly milky. Consistency is a thickish but spreadable lotion that’s absorbed quickly. I didn’t experience any sort of tightness and saw an improvement to the skin during the period I used it exclusively. This is worth trying out if you have very dry skin and are into organic, natural skincare. I think it may be too much for me in the warmer months, but I really enjoyed using this.
A note about the packaging: this comes in a glass bottle with a pump spout. It’s a little clunky and not very travel-friendly. The pump couldn’t get the last of the lotion out but luckily the top can be unscrewed.

Repurchase? Yes.


November Empties

Caudalie Peche de Vigne Shower Gel (200ml)
Got this half price. It is a soap-free formulation suitable for sensitive skin. Here is the blurb on the back:

Enriched with aloe vera, this shower gel maintains the skin’s physiological pH balance. Soft vine peach is infused with almond milk and fresh mint leaf to create a fresh scent.

Biodegradable gentle plant-based cleansing formula. Against animal testing.

The best thing about this shower gel, (apart from being SLS, parabens and mineral oil free) is the smell: like fresh summer peaches, not those artificial perfumey peach smell. The gel itself is clear and thickish, so that when you squeeze it you get a glob. I enjoyed using this, especially after using a string of unscented shower gels. I bought another scent during the same sale and am looking forward to using that!

Repurchase? Yes

SANA Super quick gel pencilliner EX
See in depth review here. This liner lasted me 4 months. It’s the first time I’ve used up an eyeliner and at such a rate.

Repurchase? A big yes.

YSL Natural Action Exfoliator Granule-Free (Sample, 5ml)
I usually don’t put samples in empties post but thought this is a product worth writing about. I got about 3-4 applications out of this tiny tube. As the name implies, it’s an exfoliator without granules. You apply the product on dry as you would an oil cleanser and massage until it liquifies and then you add some water to emulsify it and rinse off. The texture of the product is thick, like honey. So the initial massaging could tug a little if you don’t squeeze out enough product. I caught myself missing feeling the granules and doubting the efficiency of the product but my skin always feel baby soft after I use this. I think the massaging action helps a lot, and it’s something I should be doing but not. I am tempted to buy a full bottle of this when my go-to runs out. It is pricey though. On the other hand I also heard wonderful things about Darphin’s and would like to try that too.
Purchase? Yes


Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Mask (30ml)
This is a staple of mine for almost a decade (!) and I use it as a moisturising mask. It’s a greenish yellow colour lotion/cream in the tube, and I apply it all over my face and let it sink in for about 10 minutes before I take it off. First with a wet face cloth and then I rinse. My skin always feel drenched and pampered afterwards.
Repurchase? Yes.

Dr. Hauschka Rhythmic Night Conditioner (50 x 1ml)
I use this twice a year when the season changes. I’ve been using the ampoules for almost as long as I have the mask and it worked extremely well for me in the past. However I did remark that the last couple of times I used it (and this time as well) it broke me out. Not excessively, just a couple of spots here and there. I don’t know what to make of this. Either it’s a result of my skin regulating / rebalancing itself, or it’s a bad reaction. Nonetheless apart from the spots my skin feels excellent. I use one ampoule at night after cleansing and nothing else. I do this for a month. This is a pricey product, this particular box cost 53 euros when I bought it in Germany and it usually costs more than that here in France. I think I’ll wait until my skin is in better shape before I invest in another box.

Repurchase? Uncertain

May Empties

It’s been a while! I’ve got no excuses. Here’s to get the ball rolling – empties!

Title says ‘May Empties’ but they’ve been put aside for a couple of months – meant for an empties post. So this is everything I’ve accumulated during my MIA. They are mostly creams, I hardly finish makeup …

dermophil Moisturizing Hand Care (75ml)
dermophil (as far as I know) is an old brand best known for their moisturising balm in a stick. It’s like a swivel stick lip balm only 10 times the size, called dermophil indien and you can only buy it at pharmacies because it’s marketed as a kind of medical treatment. The stick is excellent for extremely dry skin, cracks from cold weather and so on. The company has branched out and I’ve noticed quite a few of their products for hands and lips at the supermarket since beginning of the year. They are not sold under the name dermophil indien, just dermophil. I see it as more daily, ‘casual’ use. The hand care cream I tried was purchased from my local monoprix. (more…)