My Yaby Palette Breakdown + NARS packaging

Someone wanted to know what the eye shadows are depotted in the Yaby (see post here). So here’s the breakdown:


Unfortunately a lot of them were LE and/or really old stuff that I managed to hang onto between moves. This palette is MAC dominant (Back 2 MAC baby). The small square ones (six in total) came from a LE palette called Delights 6 Eye/Trend palette from 2005 (!!). Go, Smoke & Diamonds, Mink & Sable, Grand Entrance and Top Hat are from 2008’s Starflash collection. You can see which ones I nixed while depotting… Kid is permanent and I only picked that up earlier this year.

NARS All About Eve and Demon Lover, and the other two are Sonia Rykiel shadows.

Despite the number of purples/champagne colours you see, my weakness is actually shades like Mink & Sable and Smoke & Diamonds. I can’t resist a good khaki/olive green and dark, smoky, sultry shadows.

If you have a lot of NARS shadows I recommend depotting them cos you just can’t see what shades they are. I hardly touched Demon Lover because of this. And I bought Top Hat from MAC because I forgot I had Demon Lover.

Also the cases get really disgusting:


Deep Throat and AAE are similar in age, I may have gotten AAE first. We’re talking almost 10 years. Amour was from last year I believe.

I don’t even carry them in my makeup bag. They got like that by and by. Deep Throat has gotten slightly sticky and you can see all the powders and dust on it. AAE was the same, but I used rubbing alcohol on it and slowly removed the rubberized varnish/layer. You’re left with a regular plastic casing. This is an option if you got nothing better to do, or while you’re working on your tan perhaps? I don’t really recommend it (nor tanning either). Amour is what they all looked like in the beginning. Pristine, smooth and clean. Just you wait.

Here’s another photo:


Left: The one at the back is Deep Throat, middle is AAE (I had trouble removing the rubber on those areas) and the closest one to you is Amour. On the right is an eye shadow single (Thunderball, a favourite). I think I took this picture to show the change in packaging. The old ones says Made in Italy and Modele Depose, meaning registered design. No writings at all on the newer packaging. I don’t know how long this change has been in effect. I’ve cooled down on NARS for a long time now. There are a few older, permanent duos I’d like to have but nothing serious. Luckily I realise I have enough blushes so I’m immune most of the time. NARS seem to be putting out more and more smaller themed palettes lately. If the quality is on par with the duos/singles I might eventually buy another one. They’re just so damn pricey in France.

Yaby palette + Depotting


I don’t have a lot of eye shadows but I have enough. I’ve lost a lot of good ones during my moves (lots of shu, including ME 945), that still makes me shed a tear or two. I’ve toyed with the idea of depotting because:

1. I don’t have a makeup vanity = no drawers = not very accessible. I can’t see everything that I have without moving something or other.
2. Too many little pots and cases to go through just to find what I want
3. Half the time I forget I have a particular shade because again, I don’t see them. This means I end up buying similar shades or simply not using them because I didn’t know I have it.

My goal wasn’t to make a DIY palette for travelling or to organise my shadows by colour/tone/looks. I just wanted to declutter and be able to see easily most of what I have in one place. For this purpose, the Unii is too small for me (also found it too dainty for my liking); the pricing of the z-palette outside of the US made me balked a little. Still I was about to grudgingly pay for a pro z-palette when I came across Yaby. It looks clean and tidy, about the right size for my purpose plus it isn’t made of cardboard.

So the Yaby palette has a magnetized sheet at the bottom. The ‘mirror’ side is designed for mixing your pigments/foundation/lipsticks whatnot. It’s quite slim but should fit all eye shadows except baked/domed ones obviously. I guesstimate it will fit 20-21 MAC eye shadow pans. Maybe someone has a picture somewhere with one filled with ’em.


Bic pen for size reference

So. Random pictures I took during the process:


I didn’t bother taking a picture of my frying pan. (more…)

Fixing Shattered Blush

My LM Crushed Hazelnut. I long believed it to be lost but amazingly found it at the old apartment. It may be falling apart but it was barely used. 4.5g of product in case anyone is curious.

Since I felt like doing a little DIY, I did a quick search and found tons of tutorials on how to repair shattered powders. They all pretty much go like this:
1. Break the entire thing into a fine powder
2. Add alcohol, mix it through
3. Pack it in nicely, smooth it out
4. Let dry

So I did it. I used:

– 75% surgical alcohol
– a palette knife for breaking up the powder, and packing and smoothening it after
– a toothpick for mixing powder + alcohol (and cleaning edges)
– old t-shirt

– for the shape of my pan, a perfume sample with a straight edge to press and flatten the powder