Paris based blogger with an equal love for food and makeup. Blot and Dust is on makeup only and I try not to wander off topic.

I love discovering new products, although realising I have a bit too much I have been trying to buy less and use more.

You will find my experience and honest opionions on the ones I use and love (or not) here. Everything is purchased by me and I gain nothing from writing this, it’s just a hobby I enjoy 🙂

Thanks for looking!


  1. I would really like to know where I can purchase the apricot complexion enhancer by agnes b I have used it in the US and loved it then they stopped selling it here I have a friend going to Paris this week I would like to tell her where to get it for me or is there a place I can go in the US to get it Any help will be most appreciated Jackie F

    1. Unfortunately it seems you’re out of luck 😦 I just checked, the site ccbparis.fr is closed. On the agnes b website, it says L’Oreal has closed the ccb line (which manufactures the products) in 2014, and as such agnes b cosmetics are no longer sold in France. I’m not sure if this range is still available in Asia though. Since L’Oreal made them, perhaps there is a dupe somewhere? Good luck!

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