Happy New Year + Favourites of 2016

Happy new year everyone! 2016 just flew by didn’t it? 2017 will be about ‘Change’ for me. There’s the obvious big move coming, with it means new job, home and everything else. Am excited and anxious at the same time ;^__^

Beauty and makeup-wise I see a definite swing back into a focus on skincare. The makeup releases in 2016 didn’t really excite me much, even Suqqu failed to perk my interest. I *will* however, have better access to Japanese and Korean skincare/makeup with my move, so who knows what will happen in 2017. I do hope to get more pans in 2017 but failing that I hope to reduce my stash. I’ve also realized I buy a lot of lipsticks but I really don’t wear them much. Hopefully with the blog sale I’ll be able to downsize the stash.

Looking back I don’t really have a lot of new favourites in 2016. None of them are LE items (apart from the Lighting liquid). These are things that work for me and that I’ve reached for consistently this year:


Suqqu Lighting Liquid
This is the best liquid highlight I’ve ever used. I believe Suqqu released a pinker version of this sometime last year so perhaps they might do it again in 2017. This was also in my favourites of 2015 post.

Bourjois Trio Nude Smokey eye shadow in Sable Show
Another one carried on from 2015! It’s just so easy to use and is perfect for someone like me with hooded eyes and not much lid ‘real estate’. I can’t wear more than 3 or 4 shades, MAX. I much prefer keeping it to 2 or 3, or else things just look muddy. This is a no-brainer palette. Great for days when you want to look like you made an effort without spending much time thinking/applying. I pop a really dark brown on the outer corner (I use NARS Mekong) if I want more oomph, or to bring it into the evening. Speaking of which …

NARS Mekong is another firm favourite, a really pigmented deep dark brown. The only thing I don’t like about NARS is the packaging. Inevitably you’ll wake up one day and find them going sticky and gunky for no reason at all. There’s absolutely nothing you can do (bar wiping the whole plastic off with alcohol/solvent). Or you can depot them. There are 2.2g of product (and made in Canada. Interestingly the old NARS singles have 3.5g, made in USA) and I doubt I’ll ever hit pan in this.

Addiction eye shadow in Shanghai Breakfast #085
Of the seven shades I bought this is by far the one I’ve used the most since my purchase a month ago. It’s the shade I want to use each and every time I see it. I bought it because it’s a unique shade in my collection, I don’t have anything with this much red in it. It’s surprisingly wearable and plays well with a range of other shades – I can pair it with a purple or a brown, or a pale orange. I never thought I’d like this as much. Turns out it’s also quite popular in Japan.

Suqqu eye shadow brush L
So soft and fluffy and I can find so many things to do with this brush. I mostly use it as a setting brush for liner and under the eyes, but it’s also a great brush for applying highlighter and precision blush/contour application.

Foreo LUNA 2 (not pictured)
A separate review will come shortly.

Favourite Techniques (If you can call it that …)
I actually started applying shadows with my fingers and prefer this over the results I get with brushes. I do go back in with a fluffy brush to blend out the edges if needed but I generally I find the fingers do a great job. I’m not sure what this does to the shadows in the long run – I don’t want them to go all hard and ‘mirror’ like, as the display testers at the counters tend to get.
I actually started doing this with the Suqqu trio I got this Spring:

I just couldn’t get the colours to show up properly with my brush – I was using Suqqu M, hence inexcusable on their part I s’pose –  particularly that pink shade. So one day I just went in with my fingers. It showed up a lot more pigmented on my lids and less hazy. And ever since I’ve tried using my fingers with all my shadows. Some do benefit with a brush but most Japanese brands I’ve found are finger friendly.

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