Month: January 2017

Blog Sale is Live!

It’s up!!! Please take a look at the blog sale page at the top bar up there 🙂

I’ve tried to include something for everyone, MAC fans would be pleased to see some of the LE items up I hope! Mostly high-end items at rather insane prices if I do say so myself. I’m sure there are items wrongly priced. There’s no logic to how they are priced actually. My brain started to melt and I just want to get on with it as it was already taking way longer than expected to put together! Hopefully I didn’t miss any information …

The sale will be up until end of February or til nothing of interest remains. I have some travel plans coming up but I will make note of it on the blog sale page and a post here as well.

I think I deserve a good, long break now. Thanks and hope you’ll find something you love!

Happy New Year + Favourites of 2016

Happy new year everyone! 2016 just flew by didn’t it? 2017 will be about ‘Change’ for me. There’s the obvious big move coming, with it means new job, home and everything else. Am excited and anxious at the same time ;^__^

Beauty and makeup-wise I see a definite swing back into a focus on skincare. The makeup releases in 2016 didn’t really excite me much, even Suqqu failed to perk my interest. I *will* however, have better access to Japanese and Korean skincare/makeup with my move, so who knows what will happen in 2017. I do hope to get more pans in 2017 but failing that I hope to reduce my stash. I’ve also realized I buy a lot of lipsticks but I really don’t wear them much. Hopefully with the blog sale I’ll be able to downsize the stash.

Looking back I don’t really have a lot of new favourites in 2016. None of them are LE items (apart from the Lighting liquid). These are things that work for me and that I’ve reached for consistently this year:


Suqqu Lighting Liquid
This is the best liquid highlight I’ve ever used. I believe Suqqu released a pinker version of this sometime last year so perhaps they might do it again in 2017. This was also in my favourites of 2015 post. (more…)