Kevyn Aucoin Lipsticks


This is the small Beautybay haul I mentioned in this post. Two Kevyn Aucoin lipsticks and three small brushes from Louise Young.

The lipsticks are from the ‘Expert Lip Color’ range, I think they have a small matte lipstick range now as well. They are 3.5g each and are made in Italy. The shades I got are Bloodroses and Black Dahlia:


L: Bloodroses, R: Black Dahlia

They have a magnetic closure (the base is magnetized) but the magnet isn’t very strong. I thought the bullet looked short/small when I twisted it all the way up but it’s actually in the standard size. To give you an idea, Chanel lipsticks are 3.5g (apart from Rouge Coco Shine which are 3g each), UD Vice are 3.11g, MAC and Tom Ford are 3g, NARS Audacious are 4.2g.


Left: Bloodroses one swipe, built-up. Right: Black Dahlia one swipe, built-up

Sorry I didn’t want to ruin the pointy tips of the new lippies so they have this funny shape.
I’ve never tried KA lipsticks before. These didn’t disappoint – they are creamy and luxurious. Colour is rich and opaque. Very comfortable on the lips.

From what I’ve read Bloodroses is a universally flattering shade, a deep red created by Kevyn Aucoin and one which he counted as his favourite. I did some swatches but all my red lipsticks are in the traditional vein and none came close to being as deep as Bloodroses:


UD Mrs Mia Wallace, Dior Diorling, KA Bloodroses one swipe, built-up.

I swatched another red which turned out to be nothing like Bloodroses and it stained the area between the UD and Dior 😦
Bloodroses is indeed flattering and I can imagine it working on various skin tones. It’s more mysterious than the usual red lips and just as bold. I wore this out yesterday for the first time and I saw that the ladies who were sporting red lips were wearing shades like Diorling you see above, or something like Garconne from Rouge G. Mrs Mia Wallace would have been deeper than most shades I saw. So Bloodroses really makes you stand out from the crowd, and in a good way. It’s especially nice in this cold weather with the holiday ambience and everything too.

About the application, I did prep my parched lips quickly beforehand as I was doing my eye makeup before I apply the lipstick. I didn’t have a dark enough lip liner to go with this so I went without one (!) and I didn’t even bother getting a lip brush and just did it directly on the lips with the bullet. Surprised how well it went. The texture is nice and emollient and the lipstick just glided on. The lipstick didn’t feather and was really long-lasting, considering I ate two madeleines (with powdered sugar on top!), drank a hot chocolate and did some other food tasting. It lasted through all that with no problem. The only thing I’ll stress again though is my lips are pretty dry at the moment and as the day went on they did feel dry under the lipstick. So while the colour and everything else is intact I did feel like reapplying more just to get some moisture added onto my lips. I felt dry around the two-hour mark. All in all I’m pretty impressed, mainly because of all the eating I did!

Black Dahlia is one of the newer shades, it’s described as ‘a deep burgundy’ on the website:


Black Dahlia one swipe, built-up, UD Blackmail

I didn’t think I have something like it until I saw my UD Vice palette. They are close but Blackmail is even darker than Black Dahlia, and also more pigmented. OT: I’m not sure how Blackmail feels on the lips from the bullet but when applying from my palette with a brush I felt it’s a big drying … I’ll give it another go to be sure.

This shade is the furthest I have gone from my usual shades. Not surprisingly I’m not too comfortable wearing it and definitely not ready to be out and about with it just yet. It’s a vampy, gothic shade. I’ll probably begin with wearing it toned down and work from there. It stained my lips with a light purple when I removed it after quickly trying it on. Here’s a tutorial from Lisa Eldridge on how to wear a dark lip. I am shocked this video was made six years ago!! And here’s another beautiful look done by Mary Greenwell (also on Lisa’s channel). The dramatic lip comes later at the 8’25 mark if you want to skip there directly.

I do think it best to get a coordinating lip liner for these just to be sure.

My other purchases are the LY08, LY23 and retractable lip brushes from Louise Young. LY is not a brand I am familiar with but I really like the size (tiny) of the LY08 concealor brush. I intend to use this with KA’s SSE. The eyeliner brush I bought mainly to test it against the Rae Morris I have at home. As for the lip brush, I simply wanted to have a second one on hand. The one I have at home now is from Shu Uemura.


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