Month: December 2016

Blogsale to Come


What you can expect in the sale

I’m moving in two months, it’s an international move so I’ve been busy trying to sort things out, get organized and ready. Clothes were surprisingly easy to go through. When it came to my beauty and makeup stuff I don’t know why but I get a bit sentimental/attached and I have a much harder time letting things go. I’m still going through them but I hope to have everything ready to go within the first week of January. The guidelines will also be posted on the same page when it goes live. Just a heads-up post that’s all! 🙂

December Empties


Kosé Medicated Sekkisei Lotion (360ml) – Made in Japan
I’ve stopped keeping track of the number of bottles I’ve gone through since rediscovering it a few years ago. This bottle lasted me four months.
Repurchase? Always.

Hadalabo Gokujyun Medicated Skin Conditioner lotion (170ml) – Made in Japan
Mentioned in my last skin regime update here. This was my first product from the Hadalabo Gokyjyun range. This medicated version has a alcohol/medicinal smell. It’s nothing offensive though and I was never bothered by it. I’m not sure this did anything for my skin, I reckon it would be more suitable for younger acne-prone skin type who aren’t necessarily breaking out from monthly hormones fluctuation. Usually blemish control products tend to be drying but I never felt that with this. The Gokyjyun range are formulated with hyaluronic acid and the world ‘gokyjyun’ pretty much means ‘extreme moisture’. This medicated range is a relatively new member and I think is an interesting range to try if you have problem skin. The only challenge is perhaps locating it, I got mine online from alphabeauty (not affiliated).
Repurchase? I will try the Premium Rich one next. (more…)

Kevyn Aucoin Lipsticks


This is the small Beautybay haul I mentioned in this post. Two Kevyn Aucoin lipsticks and three small brushes from Louise Young.

The lipsticks are from the ‘Expert Lip Color’ range, I think they have a small matte lipstick range now as well. They are 3.5g each and are made in Italy. The shades I got are Bloodroses and Black Dahlia:


L: Bloodroses, R: Black Dahlia

They have a magnetic closure (the base is magnetized) but the magnet isn’t very strong. I thought the bullet looked short/small when I twisted it all the way up but it’s actually in the standard size. To give you an idea, Chanel lipsticks are 3.5g (apart from Rouge Coco Shine which are 3g each), UD Vice are 3.11g, MAC and Tom Ford are 3g, NARS Audacious are 4.2g.


Left: Bloodroses one swipe, built-up. Right: Black Dahlia one swipe, built-up

Sorry I didn’t want to ruin the pointy tips of the new lippies so they have this funny shape.
I’ve never tried KA lipsticks before. These didn’t disappoint – they are creamy and luxurious. Colour is rich and opaque. Very comfortable on the lips.

From what I’ve read Bloodroses is a universally flattering shade, a deep red created by Kevyn Aucoin and one which he counted as his favourite. I did some swatches but all my red lipsticks are in the traditional vein and none came close to being as deep as Bloodroses: (more…)

ettusais Premium Amino Caviar Cream


from official website

Mentioned in my last skincare regime update, I’ve been using this cream for about a month now. This is part of their Premium range, which IIRC is geared towards ladies in the 30s. I have read nice things about this in the past and was naturally curious.

Blurb from the ettusais Singapore website:

Restore your skin to crystal clarity with this precious youth-restoring cream that fits right into your busy schedule! Formulated with ettusais’ exclusive Amino Premium 7 Complex, this fuss-free moisturiser will reverse decades of damage & help you to achieve infant-like skin! Use it as a lotion, emulsion, beauty essence, massage gel, mask, cream and makeup-base! Fresh enough for day use & intensely hydrating enough for night use, this gel-cream formula is definitely your one-step solution to exquisitely ageless skin!

On the back of the jar it says it’s a 7-in-1 product. Which is basically what’s mentioned in the blurb: you can use it as lotion, emulsion etc etc. You can find more information on their Japanese website, including a list of the ingredients (in Japanese) and how to do a massage.

Here’s a side-view:

It’s called caviar cream because suspended in the light pink cream are tiny spheres that burst as you massage the cream in the skin:


The texture is light, more like a heavier gel than a cream. It’s very easy to spread and because of the spheres it encourages a massage action, that you spend more time applying instead of just slapping some on. I appreciate that. As mentioned though sometimes a sphere or two can stray and if you miss it they can look funny on the skin/hair. It leaves my skin feeling plump and nicely moisturized afterwards.

I use this primarily as the main moisturizer even if it can serve as seven other things. My skin is prone to dryness, not so much the visible flaky kind; more the hiding a thirst kind. I was in a more humid climate (Hong Kong) when I started this and even though it was November I find this to be more than sufficient in providing enough moisture. Back in France though, and with the temperature dropping to 1C-5C in the mornings lately + heaters on during the day, I feel it would benefit from a boost, maybe a serum under or another moisturizer on top. I was using it alone for two weeks here, but have upped the amount I use every application. For two days now I used one of the many serum samples I have before this and it has worked well. But honestly it has already exceeded my expectations as I never thought a moisturizer this light in texture would cut it at all this time of the year in France.

IMHO then, for those who live in a humid climate, I think this will be good for all skin types and all year round. I don’t think it would be too heavy for summer because of air-conditioning. For those in drier climates you may need an extra layer below or on top. If you have dry skin you will probably like this as a serum-type layer in winter and seal it in with a thicker moisturizer once it’s absorbed.

All in all this is actually a versatile and very decent unscented moisturizer.

2016 Holiday Buys + OT Shoes

Actually not much holiday beauty purchase this year at all! I haven’t been tempted by anything really. I had a 25% discount from Sephora (this was just before Black Friday) and I reasoned Sephora France wouldn’t offer more than 25% on makeup even if they were doing Black Friday sales (I was right!) so I did a quick browse and of course found something.


I don’t even know if this is part of their holiday release but I picked up the Urban Decay Vice palette. Like many, I picked that up in Blackmail. The palette is certainly a nice way to try some popular UD shades and formula. I also told myself when I bought it that I can easily mix some of the shades up if I feel creative. But let’s be honest I’m not sure how likely/often I’ll do that 😛
I’ve only tried two shades for now and TBH a little disappointed in the texture – they’re more drying than I thought. I tried Blackmail and Ex-Girlfriend. I’ll give them another whirl and see.

To qualify for free shipping for the Vice palette I grabbed a Chanel beauty flash balm. I thought the beauty balm would be great on long haul flights. Plus lately my skin has been feeling pretty dry and I definitely feel like slapping on some moisturizer during the day and this seems like a good product for that. I’ve used it a couple of times now. Not much thought at the moment, I just feel the scent lingers longer than the micro-serum from the same range. It’s a quick-fix.

Lastly I got a couple of Kevyn Aucoin lippies – Black Dahlia and Bloodroses. TBH I got those because of the names and the fact that they were on sale. I’m still waiting for the delivery actually so no photos just yet but I will add them later. [Edit: Dec 09 – They finally arrived and you can find them on this post here] Actually now that I think about it my last order from Beautybay was also slow to arrive. Maybe they’re slammmed, I don’t know. Back to the lipsticks: I’ve never tried Kevyn Aucoin’s lipsticks and am not familiar with their formula. Black Dahlia is totally out of my comfort zone so we’ll see what happens. I did hesitate getting them because I’m pretty sure I can get a dupe of these rather easily, given how everyone seemed to have released 50+ new shades and formulas in one go (off the top of my head: NARS, MUFE, UD, the Boys from Tom Ford etc etc etc).

That’s all the beauty purchases for now. None of the Christmas sets I’ve seen tempted me, no not even Suqqu! So I’m good. Skincare-wise I still got loads of stuff to go through at home in all categories so that’s covered. Otherwise I might get something from Clarins (a cleanser and lotion) and the micro-serum from Chanel warrants a re-purchase especially in this drying weather.

Finally, I never wrote about fashion because I’ve always wanted to keep this strictly beauty only but I’ll make an exception this time because it’s Christmas and I really want to share these.


1. Office Lucky Charm Boots on (NOT affiliated! I don’t use them)
Chloe Susanna dupe. Asos seems to be the only place I can find this combo (red + nubuck). Otherwise they also carry it in black nubuck. For regular leather you have to go to the Office website. I recommend nubuck because from what I can glean from the comments the regular leather is pretty hard you need time to wear it in. I ordered the nubuck and they were comfy right off the bat. The only reason I didn’t keep mine is my wardrobe doesn’t really work with these.
Another good dupe is from the brand Lemare, but they are a lot more expensive. I’m not comfortable paying that much for dupes personally.

2. Marni x Zalando collection
Zalando is a French online retailer, mostly shoes but they also sell clothes. Anyway they have a capsule collection with Marni that’s worth checking out.
My picks are the VANS SK8-Hi and those Instapump Fury, which also come in khaki and khaki/ivory mix.