Addiction by Ayako Haul

*ahem* I’ve been away on holidays, hence the silence again but more importantly it’s also how I got my paws on some Addiction shadows!! To compensate this will be a really long post so get ready!

I am so excited about these cos I’ve been wanting to try them since forever and the brand finally opened a counter in Hong Kong where I happened to be 🙂 Too bad I missed out on the opening GWPs, I heard there were some nice things.

Addiction by Ayako is a beauty brand in the Kosé family. Ayako was NARS’ creative director before starting Addiction. I found an interview with Ayako here on Haru’s website, my source for all Japanese beauty news 😉 Addiction has changed the packaging of their eye shadows when they (re)launched their eye shadows – all 99 shades at once. Some shades were retired, but I’m not sure if there’s a difference in the formula. Perhaps someone can comment?

Before I get into the shadows I purchased, I want to mention the LE Christmas Winter White set:


pic from official website

This set was going for HKD550 (or thereabouts, IIRC) which I feel is a good price. Inside the compact you get 4 shadows and a blush:


pic from official website

I was there the first day on the launch but after some thoughts, I passed. My reasons? I don’t use nail polish, and am not a fan of lip glosses, even if this one is black and thus more interesting. So there goes two products. The compact is nice but the blush shade is really more of a highlighter as the colour wouldn’t show unless you’re really fair and pale. And I don’t need another highlighter. Once I eliminated the blush shade there’s little reason left for me to get the palette even if the four shades of shadows are beautiful and practical and work really well together. This set is really a good deal and if you’re someone who uses all the products I highly recommend it. I should have asked the ladies if you can pop the highlight out and replace it with a blush instead (especially if you already own a blush from them). That would make this more versatile. Actually the gloss and polish would make kick ass as stocking stuffers even if you don’t use them. Oh well!

I picked up a total of seven eye shadow shades, purchased separately on different occasions. They are HKD 140 each, with 1g of product. You can buy an empty compact separately that could hold 4 shadows or a bigger one to hold 6 shadows. Note that the size of 1 blush = 2 shadows so you can customize whichever way you want. I almost got a compact but didn’t in the end because for me out of sight is out of mind.


  1. 085 Shanghai Breakfast (P) A mauve with a gold and red gloss
  2. 082 Taxi Driver (P) A smooth grayish mauve
  3. 069 Flash Back (P) A grayish brown with a smooth gloss
  4. 040 Dolly Bird (P) A steel gray with a wet luster and sparkle
  5. 039 Yesterday (P) A light lavender gray radiating pink
  6. 043 Dangerous Liason (P) A deep purple shimmering with red and silver
  7. 109 Red Lily – Gold orange tinged with red, like the lilies of Northern Europe (limited edition)

It’s a bit of a pain to get the English names. They are not printed on the display panels in Hong Kong, nor on the boxes/sticker on the back of the cases. I had to cross reference them on the Japanese website. Having English names would make it so much easier to remember what I’ve got and what I’d like to try.



L-R: 082 TD, 069 FB, 085 SB, 043 DL, 040 DB, 039 Y

I swatched them with my fingers, lightly with one stroke as I normally do. Some of them I had to go over again because I felt the colour wasn’t showing up enough. Those were primarily 082, 039. Then 085 because I felt it looked too similar to 082 in the photo so I intensified it. The most pigmented was easily 043, then 040 and 069 (equal).
They all have silver shimmers with the exception of 082 and 039, which have more of your traditional more muted satin finish and are probably what Addiction would classify as translucent pearl finishes.

The four finishes found in Addiction: (I lifted the info below directly from their website)

Silky (S):New-sensation texture that lightly colors with a delicate hint of pearl.
Swathes your skin in a veil, with a signature silky texture like you’ve never felt before!
Has a high level of translucence, with a distinctive delicate pearly look, like a veil shrouding your eyes.

Matte (M):High opacity, a non-pearl matte finish that won’t disguise the true nature of the color.
We’ve chosen the perfect base for each coloring,
and have created a selection of finishes, like opaque and translucent, powdery and hydrating.

Pearl (P): From delicate to rich, a generous selection of pearl finishes. And we’ve used the perfect base depending on each type of pearl finish.
A lasting beautiful finish that is both pearly and coloring.
Our pearl finishes are further divided into lustrous, wet, and translucent finishes.

Metallic(ME):Featuring the shimmer of pearl and lame pigments, this finish is metallic and lustrous.
Melds strongly with the skin, for a lasting metallic finish.

All of the shades I got are in the Pearl finish, indeed the majority of the finishes in the range are Pearl. A quick scroll on the website and I think there are only three Silky shades. Addiction divides the shade further into ‘Accent’ and ‘Hazy/Icy’. The ‘Accent’ ones are as you would imagine, top-layer shades you normally use in the middle of your lids or inner corners. This is where you would find the popular 092 Mariage and 099 Miss you More. Those are super sparkly shades with crazy light-reflecting micro glitter (like those in Chanel Mirifique), lots and lots of bling. Their base colour is very subtle and in the case of MYM the pink doesn’t really show up unless you layer on. I would add 067 Private Beach to these two, it is very similar to Mariage. The difference is that Mariage is more neutral and PB has a more visible brown base. I couldn’t decide which one to get (I allowed myself only one of these) and in the end convinced myself I don’t need any of them hahaha 😛  You’ll probably need a tacky glitter primer to get the most out of these.

Addiction shadows are soft and delicate to the touch. I swatched some of my other shadows for the comparison photos you’ll see below, and thought I’ll give my personal impression on how they perform. Note that I’m not an eye shadow expert and don’t have a ton of shadows at home to make detail comparisons so others might find their experience to be different. I can only base this on the seven Pearl shadows I have at the moment.
And …
They actually feel and swatch very closely to my Tom Ford quad, Orchid Haze. I was swatching that cos I realized I had somehow bought dupes of that quad 😛


085 SB, 069 FB& 043 DL vs Orchid Haze

I found the texture, effect and pigmentation to be very similar. As you know TF has another more dramatic and metallic shadow formula like those found in the Nude Dip quad. Orchid Haze is the ‘regular’ formula. The darkest shade in that quad can be patchy but it’s a nice set of colours.


left column: TF

It may not look like it in the picture but the closest is the more metallic shade on the bottom (069 Flash Back). 085 Shanghai Breakfast is visibly more red, while 043 Dangerous Liason has silver sparkle vs TF’s matte shade. The Addiction shadows are not dupes but I think they are a nice alternative. Price-wise however … I believe a T quad is HKD 620 with 10g of product. Four Addiction shadows = HKD 560 but you only get 4g and no compact. So you’re better off getting TF actually!

Here’s how 043 Dangerous Liason compare to MAC extra-dimension in Fathoms Deep:



top: MAC, bottom: Addiction


Here’s to show the gleam

They are actually pretty similar. Addiction has a little bit more blue. The biggest difference is the extra dimension is a lot more pigmented and I got more with less effort. It reflects light more than the Addiction. Although bear in mind 043 Dangerous Liason is a Pearl finish. It would be more accurate to take a metallic finish to do a proper comparison. But as you can see with a few more swipes I got a pretty close result to the MAC.

Finally, I wanted to swatch the winter LE shade separately so I saved it for last. Out of all the LE shades I picked Red Lily, a pale orange shade. It’s not indicated but I’ll guess this would be a Pearl finish. I pulled a couple of other oranges for comparison:


Addiction, NARS, KIKO



The three shades are pretty different from each other, which is great news for me. Addiction has the prettiest and most obvious light-reflective shine. Red Lily is placed under the Hazy/Icy finishes on the website. Although I must admit I have my doubts because it seems all LE shades are in this category… oh well.

Compared to NARS, they are harder to the touch than Addiction’s. I’m not talking about their duo intensity formula, just the classic ones of course. St Paul de Vence is one of the less intense duos (compared to shimmery shades like Cordura) and actually resembles something one can possibly find from the Addiction range. I find this duo sometimes a little too warm for me.

I really like that KIKO shade. I should use it more 🙂

I got Red Lily mainly because of this:


I couldn’t forget that orange in Benikakesora. I don’t know if they are close but I’ve got my closure 😛

All in all I’m a fan of the aesthetics and general vibe of Addiction. By the way, I haven’t really taken a proper look at three. I feel that they have as much an emphasis on skincare as makeup, so in that way for me it’s a little bit like ipsa. I will say though that their Christmas set (also a selection of practical browns) is very nicely done. They are full-sized and comes with a liquid eye shadow. The price was HKD 7X0 I think, sorry I couldn’t remember.

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