Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes

I only got my first taste of these this summer (August to be precise), so yes I’m really late to the party! I was tempted to get the Spring 2015 but didn’t. I never saw the previous LE releases of Platinum and Spice and others at the counters here in Paris, they probably just flew out of the shelves. Fully made peace with never owning one of these (rationale being I’ll never finish them anyway) but when TF released them as permanents I wavered. Now I have three:


L-R: Platinum, Burnished Copper, Spice

Spice is the third cream color I picked up within two months. I got this with Modern Mercury because Selfridges shipping 😛 I first tested the waters with Platinum – found one on a blog sale and followed that with a purchase of Burnished Copper. You can see the older releases are bigger and contain more product than the now permanent ones. The smaller pots hold 5ml/0.17oz are like the size of a gel liner. I’ve actually used Burnished Copper a couple of times already but the pot looks untouched because this shade (and Spice too) is super pigmented and you really only need the tiniest amount!

Here are swatches of the three:


L-R, lightly blended and normal: Burnished Copper, Platinum, Spice

For the light swatches, I intentionally used a minuscule amount and blended it out as a light wash (although I seemed to have used too much for Spice); With the ‘normal’ swatches, I stopped adding product once I achieved the kind of intensity I’m comfortable with on my lids. You can push them further and they’ll be thicker and more opaque. Also you get a fair amount of play-time with these before they dry and settle.

Burnished Copper is an olive/khaki, these kind of shades are a weakness of mine. This and Spice has noticeable fine gold shimmers. I’ve only worn this a couple of times so far, further comments to come.

Platinum is something you can use daily. You can certainly use it alone but I find the shade/look I’m after benefits with a deeper brown/taupe to give it more definition. Lately I’ve been using Platimum with a light wash of MAC’s Sea Worship (an extra dimension formula, it blends seamlessly with the finish of these cream colours) in the outer-V at the end. I’ve also used a random Bourjois shade (from this trio, if you want to know. Scroll down towards the bottom) and the brown from Suqqu’s Yosaizora (summer 2015 LE). For evenings I’m thinking NARS Mekong or something like that. I guess what I want to say is you probably have a million browns at home you can use to complement this 🙂 It’s not the most exciting colour of the range but it’s a workhorse type of shade. I’ve experienced some fallout with this but none after it’s dried and settled. I think it’s from the blending-to-death rubbing and patting that I do.

Spice is a very warm brown. I dismissed this at first to be honest. But I based all my purchases on the potential frequency of use and well, you can’t beat a brown. Same with Burnished Copper, I’ll comment later if there are issues with this.

For those wanting an alternative to brown I would suggest looking at Opale – this is a really beautiful shade and can double as a cream highlighter on the cheekbones/brow bone/inner corner of the eyes. This is definitely multi-purpose, so perhaps more value for money.

When I was looking at swatches online for research I thought I would get Midnight Violet but when I swatched it in person, the more I looked at it the more I understood that what draws me is how dark it is, and it reminded me of the LE Spring 2015. I have Chanel Mirifique as well (sadly ignored), so I passed. Also my eyelid area is too small to really show this shade off.

Anyway I think these cream colours deserve all the raves and praises you read about. I tried the Charlotte Tilbury ones at the Selfridges counter last year but the one I applied creased on my lids within a couple of hours so I haven’t been very keen on those since. In hindsight perhaps I should have explored all other options/offerings from other luxurious brands but TBH I was fixated on these and I know I’ll end up getting one even if I do find a better alternative.

ETA – 21 October 2016
I’ve been using more of Spice and Burnished Copper and surprisingly I’m liking Spice more and more, it might just be my favourite out of the three. They both have a very teensy bit of fallout if you over blend, but it’s noticeably less than Platinum. In terms of the wear I get, they wear well and I’m happy enough but they do not wear like iron on my lids. However they just fade somewhat but do not migrate or budge, so you won’t find it under the eyes. I really appreciate this cos that’s the biggest problem I encounter with cream shadows and those in a stick forms, they all tend to migrate south and I get panda eyes.


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