August + September Empties



Shiseido Integrate gel liner in BK999 (0.28g) – Made in Germany
I bought this cos it seemed to be a favourite among Japanese beauty magazine readers. But the size of the nib is too big for my liking and unlike a pencil it can’t be sharpened. Also the performance is inconsistent – sometimes it smudges, sometimes no. Despite no change in the steps leading to or out prior.
Repurchase? Nope.

Kate slim gel pencil in BK-1 (0.12g) – Made in Japan
Now this is a liner I know I can count on. I took this with me on my holidays and with daily use it lasted around one month. This has less than half the product of the Integrate liner though.
Repurchase? Staple.

Here’s a comparison photo with nibs from different liners. The UD acts as your average, typical pencil liner. You can see the Integrate is just slightly slimmer than that. Visée is the thinnest (mentioned a few entries below). KATE and dejavu are the same in diameter. I’ll write about the Dejavu one eventually but lets just say for now that I don’t reach for it often despite it having the best staying power.


Top-Bottom: Visée, dejavu fiberwig, KATE, Shiseido Integrate, UD24/7


Shiseido Future Solution LX Night Total Regenerating Cream (50ml) – Made in Japan
I have reviewed this before here, and here. I have also tried the eye cream (here).
This is a big splurge – it’s more expensive than Creme de la Mer, which I have never tried by the way. The older I get the more my skin seems to love this. Over the years my skin have gotten slightly drier. I still look like I have combination skin/oily T-zone and all that but my skin really drinks up all the hydrating masks and stuff I throw at it. It needs a bit more TLC than when I was young. The results are definitely more apparent this time (my fourth jar, but not used consecutively). It’s calming, plumping and moisturizing. Really feels like pampering my skin when I use it. It has a relaxing, floral fragrance. Everything is luxe about this, from the box packaging to the really hefty jar – the empty jar weights almost 200g (190g-ish)! which makes it travel unfriendly but has never stopped me from lugging it around the world. It comes with a spatula to help you dose the product, keep everything hygienic and whatnot.
The ingredient list will make some people frown, it’s got ‘cones and alcohol and fragrance and lots of other “nasties”. But the fact is it works for me. I no longer have the leaflet but I remember reading that you can use this all over the face, including the eye area.
I guess I’ll take a look at other similarly priced creams and see what they do. Still not sure about Creme de la Mer though …
Repurchase? Another day probably, I do miss this when I’m not using it.

Suqqu eye makeup remover R (50ml – sample size) – Made in Japan
I think I wrote about this briefly somewhere before, just not sure where. Anyway it’s a bi-phase eye makeup remover, does the job. Gentle and doesn’t irritate or sting the eye area. Efficient at removing eye makeup. Nothing revolutionary. You can find many cheaper versions that does the same.
Repurchase? This was a free sample but I wouldn’t splurge on this one.


Visee Super slim gel liner in BK001 (0.05g) – Made in Japan
The selling point on this liner is its super fine tip (1.5mm). In practice I actually find the normal point (2mm) more convenient, faster and easier to use. This would be great for winged out lines though. I’m happy with the lasting power of this as well. But the downside is at 0.05g there’s practically nothing and I noticed the speed I’ve gone through this. I mean this has less than half of what’s already nothing in the KATE pencil.
Repurchase? Probably not.


Fancl mild cleansing oil (120ml) – Made in Japan
All time favourite, staple cleansing oil, no scent and preservatives (see post here though, scroll to bottom). A bottle lasts around two months for me. This is a special limited edition packaging, and is the last one in my stash. I’m using banila Co.’s Clean it Zero now and once that’s done I’ll come back to this.
Repurchase? Yes.


Nivea Creme (75ml) – Made in Germany
Bought this at the airport for the holiday as I’ve forgotten to bring a hand cream along. Chose this because (1) it’s a tin and won’t spew cream everywhere on the plane, (2) it’s one of my staples and I know it won’t let me down, and (3) it can double as a body cream if I need it. I finished this in about 1.5 months, it’s half the size of the big tin (150ml). For my purpose (hands and body) I’ll take a tin of Nivea over the Steam Cream anytime.
Repurchase? Yes.


Dior Addict Lip Maximizer in 005 (6ml) – Made in France
First lip product apart from lip balms that I’ve used up in my life! Super excited especially it’s like a lip gloss. I’ll admit though that I cheated at bit and have applied it at night in the place of my bedtime lip balm. This has something called collagen activ in it and IIRC it’s supposed to help nourish, plump your lips in the long run. I was using this daily and I don’t see any results in that department. It does however give the illusion of plumper lips (hence the name maximizer) because of the texture and glossy finish – it fills your lip lines and make a very smooth looking surface while the gloss bounces off light. Lips look juicy and plump. It is mentholated so your lips feel cool and sometimes tingles after application. For this reason I loved using it in the heat of summer.
005 was a limited edition colour, a medium milky pink. But honestly you don’t see much anyway, it’s not the point of this product and I think the permanent shade wouldn’t look much different on the lips.
Repurchase? I liked this a lot actually but I no longer like the look of super glossy lips on me so probably not.


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