banila co Clean It Zero


This is the original (but oversized) version of the Clean It Zero makeup remover? cleanser? It contains 180ml and is made in Korea. Regular size is 100ml.

I’ve previously used up the Purity version for sensitive skin. The first thing I noticed with the original is the berry fragrance, and a slight pink colour. It seems to transform even faster into a liquid than the Purity version although I’m not 100% sure of this – it could be my hands were particularly warm or something. I’ll report back in the future.

Cleansing power is pretty much the same. Sometimes I feel it’s better to use a separate eye makeup remover, just because my eye makeup (liner and mascara) tend to be super hard-wearing and thus takes more work to get them out with just the balm. But they all come off with the rinsing anyway.


You get a spatula as usual and a plastic ‘lid’ that also acts as your spatula tray to put over the jar opening. I don’t really like this cos the tray gets greasy eventually and you’ll have to rinse it out from time to time. Nowadays I just keep the spatula separate.

Between this and a cleansing oil I’ll probably stick with a cleansing oil because it’s easier to travel with and more convenient to use with no lids or spatula to fiddle with. It doesn’t perform better than my cleansing oil either so I don’t see the advantage of switching to this in the long run. Not sure why this is so popular. Perhaps the cute packaging?


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