IOPE Enzyme Powder Treatment Wash


When I finished my suisai powder I started using this one from IOPE. Here’s a link to the official product page on their website. Lots of details there to read, including a how-to. I’ll just copy what’s included on the product leaflet:

Bio-enzyme™, the main component of IOPE Enzyme Powder Treatment Wash, acts directly on dull and rough skin. It gently and effectively dissolves dead skin cells and excess sebum through “enzyme activities” without skin irritation.
Bio-enzyme™ helps revitalize skin, improves skin firmness and smoothens skin for rich absorption of effective components in subsequent skincare products.
* Bio-enzyme™ (15mg): enzyme compounds that contain three main skin power-enhancing enzymes including i.e., papain, lipase, and keratinase.

A bit on the packaging first. Suisai comes in individual little measured doses of powder so you open one capsule each time you wash your face. Not very environmentally friendly but I can’t deny the convenience. IOPE comes in a bottle with a specially designed spout inside that’s supposed to dispense the recommended amount each time you pour.


The first time I used it I stopped midway because it looked too much. When I proceeded to foam it up though, nothing happened. Compared to suisai, you seem to need more of the IOPE powder to get the same amount of foam. On the website they recommend 0.5g per use; the suisai capsules are 0.4g each.

One Month Later …

The advantage of procrastination – I can now add what I think after one month’s of use. Some things I noticed:
The spout is either badly designed or I’m too much of a klutz and don’t know how to use it cos I never get the same dosage. Sometimes it dispenses a lot sometimes little. I wanted to use my foaming net as I did with the suisai but I never managed to get that kind of foam from this unless I use a lot of powder. I suspect this powder is not designed to be used like that.


Net from Muji. Had great success with the suisai powder

The powder is mildly scented but fades quickly. I haven’t made up my mind about the scent … but the cleanser leaves the skin silky soft. The thing that’s impressed me most is that it’s not drying at all. It’s noticeably more moisturizing than suisai.

I haven’t noticed a reduction of blackheads and so on with this for the time being, but I’m only using this once a day. As soon as I finish up the other cleanser I will use this exclusively. But for now, even with the random high doses dispensed there’s still a lot of product left in the bottle. So at least it’s something that seems to last a while (unlike suisai).

You can find the ingredients here. If you wish to compare with the suisai, here are its ingredients on the same website.

Between the two enzyme cleansers, I prefer this one from Iope.


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