Small Melvita Purchase

So this arrived today. I saw a promotion on the Melvita website last week and without thinking clicked the ‘buy’ button. Three items does not make a haul so I’ve adjusted the title to merely a ‘purchase’. Here’s what I got:


They’re clearing their holiday stock. The stuff on the left are gifts. Here’s a closer look on what’s inside the box:


It’s the Nectar Supreme range with La Creme for the face and an eye and lip cream. They threw in a  Rose Extraordinary water to make the set I think. These are all full-sized. The cream retails for 48 euros, eye cream 39 euros and the water is 15.50 euros. This set is 89 euros.

The gift:


From left to right:
Pulpe de Rose plumping radiance cream (10ml)
Damask Rose floral water (28ml)
Rose Extraordinary water (25ml)
Extraordinary Oil (for face, body, hair) (17ml)
L’Argan Bio velvet hand cream (10ml)
Apicosma lip balm (3ml)
A mirror in its flocked pouch. This is almost impossible to open as there are no indents to help you grip.

And a tote bag:

Recently a law was passed and shops are no longer allowed to give out plastic bags. They haven’t been free-to-give for a while, you usually have to pay for them but I believe now they can’t even supply plastic ones. Everyone has a small trolley in Paris (not just old ladies!) and I’ve been tugging mine to the supermarket for a while so I don’t really know the latest. But this bag has a button packs away nicely so good move from Melvita.

The gifts are all mini/travel sized, as you can see. I’ve tried and liked the Damask rose water and the mini spray will be handy and I can refill it with whatever after.

I got three little sample sachets as well but two are redundant products I already have in one form or another above.

Reviews when I start using them 😛  I’ve completely overwhelmed myself at this point.


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