Refilling the Nature Republic CC Cushion

Just a short post with photos showing my old and new cushion (refill), since I “used it up” last month 😛


old sponge, yuck!

Just in case you missed it the review of the cushion is here. When you buy a cushion it comes with a freebie refill. Don’t go thanking the company just yet, because obvs the price you paid has been calculated to include the refill, plus as I found out they do dry out. I would suggest those who have more expensive cushions to use them regularly before your money evaporates. Sorry, I don’t know how long before they start drying out. Perhaps after 6 months?

As you can see in the photo above, in the foil refill pack there’s also a new sponge. I wish I had known that because I bought extra sponges.


There’s a seal protecting the cushion.

A closer look comparing old and new:


I didn’t realise the old casing was looking so yellow and beige. This is obvious but you know it’s dried up/drying up when you no longer get much product on your sponge when you press down. I was pushing in like a maniac in an attempt to squeeze the last drop and displaced the sponge. It didn’t bounce back to position.

The most important thing with cushions is keeping your sponge clean and hygienic. I like how so many brands are releasing cushions now, more choice to the consumer and hopefully it also means a better chance of finding a right colour match. I wouldn’t buy any backups or anything though. There’s always something  new, and look at me, I bought a backup and left the shop with 4 cushions. Having said that, I wonder if the bigger European brands throw in the refill?


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