PDC Liftarna Concentrate Mask Review + Other Favourites


As featured in my recent haul, this is a pack of seven moisturizing masks from PDC (link takes you to the official website in Japanese and you’ll see their full range of products; or there’s this page (english) and this dedicated to the mask; Oh and here’s one on the Liftarna range. So many links!)

[BTW – this is NOT the mask I mentioned in my last post regarding a line of suspect that irritated my skin. It was another one, which I’ll post about eventually once I’m sure.]

I bought the pink coloured version (only choice available), they have another in red that’s an upgraded version with a milk-type essence that’s supposed to deliver a higher level of hydration. You can buy them in a pack of seven or a box of thirty-two, where you pull them out like tissues.

The masks contain:
– 3 types of vitamin C (stabilized, high penetrating and immediate action)
– collagen, retinol and soy
– artichoke leaf extract
– deep sea mineral water

With my limited Japanese again, these ingredients help nourish, repair and hydrate the skin as well as tightening the pores. You The sheet is woven with charcoal fiber to ensure maximum adhesion and coverage.

Here’s what it looks like inside the packet:


white dots = essence

Seven sheets for a week of intensive TLC. The masks smell faintly of roses but that fades quickly. The sheet itself is on the thin side but it’s sturdy and well made. It covers the whole face and adheres completely onto the skin. It also amazingly retains quite a bit of essence.
Use after cleansing and lotion, I leave it on for 10 minutes and take it off. Pat the excess essence in on the face and neck and continue with the remaining steps of my skincare. Sheet masks vary in material/instructions etc but in general if you leave them on for too long they start to pull moisture out instead of pumping the skin with it so be aware of that.

One last thing about the smell – I have noticed is there is also alongside the rose, a faint smell that reminds me of genmaicha. It’s very faint and I only smell it when I have the mask on my face when the mask gets really close to my nose. This I assume is the charcoal fiber. It’s not bothersome at all though, just another detail I thought I’d mention.

I’m on the fourth mask now IIRC and so far so good. There’s no wow/zoomg!!/yeezus miracle reaction but it does the job nicely. My skin does feel hydrated and plump afterwards. As I near the end of the pack there’s more essence left in the mask and on the skin to pat on. I don’t know if this is because my skin is less parched from the daily masks or it’s just simply because I’m nearing the end of the bag and there’s just more essence to go around.

All in all I think they are decent masks and a good choice if you’re looking to incorporate a hydrating mask in your evening routine regularly. I don’t think I’ll repurchase them in the immediate future just because there are so many masks out there to try, and I suspect I prefer rinse off masks just a teensy bit more. Sheet masks are good when you’re feeling lazy.

Some other sheet masks I’ve used in the past and enjoyed as described are:

The Barrier Repair range from Mandom. Tried both and they are equally good. The pink one has more if you feel the blue is not enough. Personally I find the blue more than adequate and I feel there’s almost too much with the pink.


This one from Kracie:


They really need to update their packaging. But the stuff inside is good.

Both of them have five individually wrapped masks per box. The material is thicker and generally feels more pampering. They also literally drip with essence as you pull it out of the bag, with even more essence in the bag leftover to go around. Because they are single-dosed, you can mix and match with other masks you have if you want without worrying too much about rushing to finish a pack. I like them both, if I had to choose I think I liked the Kracie one a hair more than the ‘baby’ ones but honestly they are pretty comparable. I’ve ran out of them for a while but if I were to buy them again (which I will in a heartbeat), I’d just go for the cheaper one haha and I’d use them twice a week or something like that, not everyday.


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