Spring 2016 Purchases – Part 3

Part 3! Brushes. I picked up a few brushes from Koyudo (link takes you to official Japanese site). Why Koyudo and not Hakuhodo/Chikuhodo etc? Well from the posts I’ve come across in my research they seem to make some very affordable yet good quality brushes. I wanted to get something from Tanseido as well. Also, I was placing on order with someone in Japan so I thought I might as well pick something that’s relatively harder to get.



In the end I stayed with the same brand. From top to bottom, they are:
BP 016 – Cheek brush, Saikoho goat hair
BP 036 – Eye shadow S Kolinsky hair
BP 043 – Flat eyeliner Kolinsky hair
C 011 – Eye shadow R Goat hair
Princess Brush – Foundation Goat hair

The BP are Koyudo’s ‘high class’ series of brushes and the C series is the standard. BP uses higher quality hair.
C011 is a pencil brush, and resembles the BP036 at a glance. But the C is less densely packed and is thus more suited for blending or smoking shadows out. BP036 on the other hand reminds me a lot of my shu 5R, which is also a kolinsky brush. It has a lot more resistance and I intend to use it as I did my 5R, for socket work.

016 has a lot of great reviews. It’s an all rounder brush and very versatile.
043 is my favourite eye liner brush shape. I loved using the MAC 212 and this one is even smaller and allows more precision. I would have bought replacement of the 212 if it weren’t for the eye gouging price of MAC in France. I even bought one of the holiday sets that had the 212 in it knowing full well the sets are usually inferior in quality, but I thought I’d take a chance anyway because it’s one thing to change the hair quality for a big powder or blush brush but hey, it’d be pointless to screw the 212 up. Well I was wrong. The one in the set was sub-par.

Here are the brushes washed:


The photos were not taken on the same day. This picture is more accurate.

The last one, the blue brush is a limited edition brush. You can see the page here (in Japanese). It has a special 7 faceted shape, the image on the Koyudo website to show this:

Here are my photos:



The idea is the shape will help you really get into the nooks and crannies (like side of nose) and other smaller areas like around the eyes. They also recommend it for shading and highlight use. I picked it up because it looks fun and it’s small. Plus all my foundation brushes are either super dense flat kabuki style buffers or flat paddle ones.

I haven’t got the chance to use any of them yet. I’ll probably test the cheek brush first and the others later.


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