Spring 2016 Purchases – Part 2

As promised the second part to my Spring hauls. This is mainly Japanese drugstore skincare and random stuff. I don’t think I ever wrote about where I get my stuff. I bought most of these from alpha beauty (not affiliated), it’s actually my first time buying from them and everything went smoothly. I find their prices reasonable but best of all shipping is free. Adam beauty was my go-to before but shipping isn’t free (it used to be in waaaay back when) and I realised that unless you live in HK you don’t get much of the savings advertised. Prices are similar to Alpha beauty, perhaps a few dollars more expensive depending on the product. They have a different selection though and Adam beauty appears to have a bigger range of the latest popular/hyped/cult stuff. A third website I know of is Good dealer. They tend to stock department store brands and usually have the latest releases. I’ve had good experiences purchasing from all of them.

Onto the stuff!


  1. Muji Peelable Cotton (60 pieces, 100% cotton) – These are intended for use with lotion masks. If you have heard of Chizu Saeki (links to search on Youtube), you might be familiar with this method. I have the book but you can find her methods pretty much everywhere. I bought these hoping to try it out with my Sekkisei lotion (again).
  2. Shiseido Beauty Up Cotton (108 pieces, 100% all natural cotton) – Thought I’d see if these are the same as the ones sold at the Shiseido counters.
  3. Rohto Lycée eye wash (450ml) – This rinses out mascara, powder and eye makeup that you missed during your makeup removal. I’m sure it does more than that as well, maybe hydrating the eye or something but the fact is my Japanese isn’t proficient enough. My eyes have been irritated of late (I suspect it’s mascara – have since switched to another one and they’re better) especially at night after cleansing etc, and I couldn’t help but rub them. Hopefully this eye wash will help. This comes with a silicone cup and looks to be well designed for its purpose.
  4. Detclear Bright and Peel Fruits Enzyme Powder Wash (75g) – Fruit AHA and plant BHA to help exfoliate. I bought this because I’m somewhat obsessed with enzyme powder fash washes, and also there’s the #1 @cosme sticker.
  5. ettusais Premium Amino Caviar Cream (90g) – 7-in-1 product: lotion (toner), lotion (moisturizer), serum, massage, mask, cream, primer. This is part of their premium range, which I believe targets ettusais’ more mature customers. The price is also higher than the regular ettusais product. ettusais is a drugstore brand and my image of their demographic is ladies in their early 20s, hence the always kawaii packaging. I think they are known for their skincare range for adults suffering from breakouts as well. I need a daytime moisturizer and see the @cosme sticker?
  6. Utena Puresa Hydraluron acid sheet mask (28 pieces) – Masks you use daily, leave on for 3 minutes.
  7. Kose Clean Turn Q10 sheek mask (30 pieces) – As above, 5 minutes
  8. Shiseido Medicated Moist-up Hand Cream (100g) – Contains urea as the main ingredient to help moisturize the skin.
  9. Muji Beating net – nets are for use to help making your cleanser foam up. Especially helpful with washing powders for instance. Powders aside, have you noticed Japanese face washes foam up a lot? Even those in tubes. Technically the ‘right’ way is to squeeze a tiny amount in your hand, foam it up and wash your face with the foam only. This is the ‘correct’ and most gentle way to use your face wash. Some face washes make ridiculous amount of foam and you’re supposed to wash with this cloud. Anyway this was bought to help with my powders.
  10. Kissme Medicated Hand Cream (75g) – What can I say, I use and buy a lot of hand creams.
  11. Koji Line beat gel liner in brown – I’ve used this in the past. I wanted a gel liner in brown.
  12. Canmake gel liner in black – 1.5mm thin is the reason I bought this. And then I remember I already have another 1.5mm thin gel liner.
  13. PDC Liftarna Concentrate Mask (7 pieces) – This face mask is black because they wove the sheet with coal fibres to help adhesion (don’t ask, I’m just typing what’s printed). Seven pieces for use consecutively and a week after you should see your skin more plump etc.
  14. Shiseido Moilip (8g) – This is a medicated formula with vitamin E and B6 and is supposed to help restore, care and nourish your lips. It seems to be a very popular product and I’ve always wanted to give this a try even though I have a million lip balms opened.


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