Spring 2016 Purchases – Part 1

Odd typing that cos it’s February and it’s still winter. But since everyone is playing the ‘First!!’ game and with LE items we’ve been conditioned to think that sometimes it pays to act fast and so you are reading this short post. I’ve really tried to limit my buys and I think if I really pushed myself I could have just got the eye shadow and nothing else. But oh well!

This is part one, on Spring collections. I’ll have a 2nd (other stuff) and 3rd (brushes) part coming 😛

From the new collections, I picked up three LE items: two blushes (what was I thinking … *looks at already big stash guiltily* – oh right I wasn’t) and an eye shadow palette.

Blush #1, from Chanel:


finally a good photo of this taken on a sunny day

Incredibly this is the first time I caved and bought a special edition Chanel blush with fancy design and stuff.  It’s the first non-baked Chanel blush from Chanel since Tweed Sienna, which was light years ago. It’s been a while since I bought any Chanel makeup in general, so opening this and smelling the familiar scent Chanel perfumes their blushes with brings back some fond memories.

So this new blush is called Sunkiss Ribbon and is part of their LA Sunrise collection. It’s made in France and comes with 11g of product. The baked formula has 4g of product. A typical MAC blush has 6g. 11g is what you got with the XXL Wonder Woman blush from MAC.


MAC, MAC XXL, Chanel. Middle & right has the same amount of product

I won’t be swatching this as many bloggers have already and they do a far better job than I do. I will only point out that the beige shade is the only one with discernible micro shimmers (gold and possibly another shade), the others have a satin finish. I have used this blush and it’s pigmented so I’ll recommend a soft fluffy brush that’s not dense. While it may not be practical to use the individual shades independently you can vary the results by:
(1) dividing into top and bottom: so either orange + pink / pink + fuschia/beige/rose
(2) ignoring the orange, dividing the rest into left and right: pink + fuschia/beige / pink + beige/rose
I find #1 to be more practical and the difference in the blended shades more apparent. Of course you can mix it all together to get a beautiful coral.

I bought this because I thought it would be a nice all-in-one blush for travel when used with the above methods. I conveniently forgot I don’t travel that much 😛
Oh you get a brush with this, and it comes in its own velour pouch. I haven’t tried the brush though, I usually don’t touch the brushes included – out of habit.

Blush #2, from RMK:


This was mentioned in my ‘On the Radar’ post. I picked this one up on Beautybay. This is their Ingenious Powder Cheeks N formula and this shade is EX-12 Hot Red. It is made in Japan and has 2.2g of product, which apart from those KIKO ones from last year, is probably the smallest blushes I have. IIRC NARS singles have more product. Not complaining though, as this works in my favour and I can actually pan this if I put my mind to it.

Hot Red is a bright magenta. Here it is compared with EX-07 Shiny Rose (which has 2.6g!):


Shiny rose (right) is more accurate in this pic


Hot Red (right) is more accurate in this pic

Sorry for the confusion but just look at the right side of both pics and ignore the left. I think now that they are both warm leaning colours. Below I’ve pulled some similar shades from my collection to see how they compare:


That’s Tarte Natural Beauty and MAC’s Her Blooming Cheek. Natural Beauty is quite similar, just a tad lighter. I really like this blush and don’t know why I don’t reach for it more often. Her Blooming Cheek is very bright and cool toned compared to the others.

Eye shadow palette, from Suqqu:


This isn’t a surprise is it? Finally got my hands on Hanamizuki. It has 2.6g of product, more than Hot Red XD
I did a lot of tweaking to get it to look as close to real life colours as possible. Lots of pictures show it to be cooler than it actually is. The lightest is a pearly pink/gold, the middle is a rose pink and the darkest is a brown khaki. I intended to buy this from Selfridges and checked its website the day of the launch but it was sold out and has been since. I just checked again and now the other trio is also sold out. On the other hand the LE quad (the yellow/blue one) is still available. I don’t know if Harrods or Fenwick’s have it in stock.

I got mine from a custom purchase, actually tried the services of someone else this time. If you dig around on Instagram you can find others offering similar services. However I would say that if you want brushes specifically I don’t think you can go wrong with Toshiya and his connections!

I haven’t touched this trio yet and am looking forward to using it this weekend.

Stay tuned for Part 2, Japanese drugstore stuff!

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