Month: February 2016

Soigne Fierte Concentrate Facial Mask

Soigne is a brand by CP Cosmetics, which is owned by Sony (yes, that Sony). They also own B&C Laboratories (or BCL) which is a Japanese drugstore brand.


Soigne is a high end brand with different ranges for different types of skin/concerns. I don’t know if Fierte is the most expensive but it certainly is one of the pricier ones. I think this mask was like 90 euros, my family got it for me a couple of years ago and I honestly can’t remember how much it was. I actually wanted the Curecustard mask from the agnize range but they seem to have discontinued the range.


no longer available?!

I got that image from the Hong Kong website which looks to be gathering dust from lack of updates. It’s no longer on the Japanese website and my family was unable to get it for me then, hence this replacement (as recommended by the sales assistant who said it’s the same but better). This mask is supposed to revitalize the skin and plumps up fine lines as well as hydrating etc etc. (more…)

Spring 2016 Purchases – Part 3

Part 3! Brushes. I picked up a few brushes from Koyudo (link takes you to official Japanese site). Why Koyudo and not Hakuhodo/Chikuhodo etc? Well from the posts I’ve come across in my research they seem to make some very affordable yet good quality brushes. I wanted to get something from Tanseido as well. Also, I was placing on order with someone in Japan so I thought I might as well pick something that’s relatively harder to get.



In the end I stayed with the same brand. From top to bottom, they are:
BP 016 – Cheek brush, Saikoho goat hair
BP 036 – Eye shadow S Kolinsky hair
BP 043 – Flat eyeliner Kolinsky hair
C 011 – Eye shadow R Goat hair
Princess Brush – Foundation Goat hair

The BP are Koyudo’s ‘high class’ series of brushes and the C series is the standard. BP uses higher quality hair.
C011 is a pencil brush, and resembles the BP036 at a glance. But the C is less densely packed and is thus more suited for blending or smoking shadows out. BP036 on the other hand reminds me a lot of my shu 5R, which is also a kolinsky brush. It has a lot more resistance and I intend to use it as I did my 5R, for socket work.

016 has a lot of great reviews. It’s an all rounder brush and very versatile.
043 is my favourite eye liner brush shape. I loved using the MAC 212 and this one is even smaller and allows more precision. I would have bought replacement of the 212 if it weren’t for the eye gouging price of MAC in France. I even bought one of the holiday sets that had the 212 in it knowing full well the sets are usually inferior in quality, but I thought I’d take a chance anyway because it’s one thing to change the hair quality for a big powder or blush brush but hey, it’d be pointless to screw the 212 up. Well I was wrong. The one in the set was sub-par.

Here are the brushes washed: (more…)

Spring 2016 Purchases – Part 2

As promised the second part to my Spring hauls. This is mainly Japanese drugstore skincare and random stuff. I don’t think I ever wrote about where I get my stuff. I bought most of these from alpha beauty (not affiliated), it’s actually my first time buying from them and everything went smoothly. I find their prices reasonable but best of all shipping is free. Adam beauty was my go-to before but shipping isn’t free (it used to be in waaaay back when) and I realised that unless you live in HK you don’t get much of the savings advertised. Prices are similar to Alpha beauty, perhaps a few dollars more expensive depending on the product. They have a different selection though and Adam beauty appears to have a bigger range of the latest popular/hyped/cult stuff. A third website I know of is Good dealer. They tend to stock department store brands and usually have the latest releases. I’ve had good experiences purchasing from all of them.

Onto the stuff!


  1. (more…)

Spring 2016 Purchases – Part 1

Odd typing that cos it’s February and it’s still winter. But since everyone is playing the ‘First!!’ game and with LE items we’ve been conditioned to think that sometimes it pays to act fast and so you are reading this short post. I’ve really tried to limit my buys and I think if I really pushed myself I could have just got the eye shadow and nothing else. But oh well!

This is part one, on Spring collections. I’ll have a 2nd (other stuff) and 3rd (brushes) part coming 😛

From the new collections, I picked up three LE items: two blushes (what was I thinking … *looks at already big stash guiltily* – oh right I wasn’t) and an eye shadow palette.

Blush #1, from Chanel:


finally a good photo of this taken on a sunny day

Incredibly this is the first time I caved and bought a special edition Chanel blush with fancy design and stuff.  It’s the first non-baked Chanel blush from Chanel since Tweed Sienna, which was light years ago. It’s been a while since I bought any Chanel makeup in general, so opening this and smelling the familiar scent Chanel perfumes their blushes with brings back some fond memories.

So this new blush is called Sunkiss Ribbon and is part of their LA Sunrise collection. It’s made in France and comes with 11g of product. The baked formula has 4g of product. A typical MAC blush has 6g. 11g is what you got with the XXL Wonder Woman blush from MAC. (more…)

Pan that Palette & Shopping the Stash – February, Report #01

Hopefully I’ll be diligent enough to make monthly posts like this tracking my pans.

This is what the stila In the Know (hereafter known as ITK) palette look like:


Thoughts: Mattes-only looks doesn’t flatter me. I need a little more oomph. I’m still mainly using Wind as a daily base colour so that’s all you see.

I’ve also decided to try and pan the Balm’s Sexy Mama, which is an oil-controlling mattifying translucent powder. Here’s what it looks like now:


Thoughts: I’ve got a few of these powders lying around at home (Bourjois, essence, Soap & Glory) and it’s been my goal to make a comparative post on them for the last two years. I need to get round to doing that. For now, I can only say that I really like the packaging. It’s sleek and doesn’t take up room, plus it has a mirror inside. Also this is talc-free.

On the Shopping the Stash front, I’ve rediscovered MAC’s Her Blooming Cheek blush. A fuchsia pink blush that easily fits into their Flamingo Park collection:


Perfect for that in-from-the-cold look. I use a softer, fluffier brush with this so as not to pick up too much colour and it helps to blend.

I really want to hit pan on one of my blushes this year. I’ve been looking at my blush collection and there are just too many and a number of them are very similar. It doesn’t help either that I just bought two more 😦