Favourites of 2015

I debated whether to make this post because it risks being irrelevant. Posting was also delayed because I was on holidays and couldn’t take pictures of the items mentioned. But I’m going ahead anyway, because while some specific products were LE it’s a general indication of the relevant brand’s quality etc. So hopefully it’s still useful 🙂

I think this is my favourite/kryptonite high-end eye shadow brand. I bought 2 LE palettes in 2015 (summer and holiday) and the summer one especially is easily a HG palette. That’s a no-brainer fave in 2015.


Holiday on the left, summer on the right

I wrote briefly about their Spring collection here.
They of course, also sell the most coveted cheek brush… perhaps one day.
I’ve only tried a few skincare items (from GWP and sets) like the face wash, lotion, SPF and enjoyed using every single one of them. I’m not sure, however, if they’re worth the high price tag for the moment.

There’s also this beauty:


Lighting Liquid

The most amazing liquid highlighter. Words fail to describe how beautiful this is. It can be a really natural and subtle glow that makes itself visible only when the light hits, or as glowy as you wish for a look with more drama, highlight & contour. It is of course also very versatile, mixing it in with foundations and so on. This was a LE summer release IIRC, if they do release it again don’t hesitate!

[21 Jan: I just checked on selfridges.com and both of these palettes are still available when they were previously sold out. So who knows?]



from KIKO website, the full range of the On-the-Go Minis

From favourite high-end to favourite bargain brand. KIKO consistently amazes me with their quality. My favourite purchases from them this year were their on-the-go minis range. The made myself choose only one Colour Veil blush and decided on 06 Mauve, which a quick search on google tells me is very similar to MAC’s Warm Soul. It’s not mauve at all, more like a bronzey rose. It’s smooth and blends beautifully.My picture kind of makes it look coral-ish but it’s not.


The only shade left on the site is 01 Pink, which is beautiful but really reserved for ladies with a paler complexion – AFAIR when swatching them in the store this barely showed on me. But you can get it for less than 3 euros now!

I also bought both of the Beam of Light highlighters, 01 Cream and 02 Sand.

kiko light

I paid 5 euros apiece during the summer sale, each containing 1.5g of product. For reference a MAC blush is 6g. These are indeed great to travel with, taking very little room. The packaging is sturdy and chic.

The two matte lipsticks I picked up just before Christmas were also wonderful.

For something not LE, if you’re looking for a good sized wash bag and don’t need compartments, their makeup bags are great. I bought the large and extra large early 2015. There’s only a zipped pocket inside so it may not be the perfect bag for those who like to organize everything. I bought mine to store extra brushes to keep them dust-free at home, and brought one of them with me on a trip to store all my skincare stuff and that functioned really well too. They (all sizes) are currently half-priced on the website (france), the XL is like 5 euros.
It’s made of standard nylon I think) and has a black lining with the Kiko logo. I just like the shape and find it very practical and functional. The opening is big so you don’t have to pull and dig like a mad woman like you would with other pouches.


This is the XL

To give you an idea of what it looks like with stuff inside:


XL with some stuff

This photo is taken during the trip I just mentioned. This is far from being stuffed to the brim, as you can see there’s still a lot of room for a lot of product. The stila In the Know palette is inside, my Zoeva tri-fold mirror also. At the bottom you can see a jar of eye cream and face cream, I’ve got 3 powders inside, separate blush and more eyeshadows. A see-through pouch full of eyeliners and mascaras, and another with brushes. I’ve got 3 sheet masks inside as well. Here’s the pouch “closed” :


All of these can probably fit in the Large size. Since you’re reading a makeup blog I assume you have more than a few blushes and other makeup items. The XL size is great for a longer trip (1 week and above) and you can put either all your facial skincare (cleansers, creams, potions, lotions, masks) or all of your holiday makeup. As mentioned I used this for skincare and after decanting, I can also fit shower gels, body cream and lotion, deodorant and hair care stuff in.

If you intend to use it for makeup, the UD Naked for example, will fit in there easily.

KIKO also makes some really good eyeliners. My favourite is the traditional pencil kind called the Vibrant eye pencil, which a quick look tells me … isn’t listed on the website anymore. The Intense Colour Long Lasting eyeliner looks pretty similar though.


Their summer gel blush release Aqua Blush 12H won me over and is a pleasure to work with. The only problem I have with them is the nozzle tends to block if you leave them unused for a while. But you can unscrew the top and fix it rather easily. Product will be wasted though.


The Trio Nude Smokey eyeshadow also impressed me. I have this in Sable Show. They have another shade in Rose Boudoir, which reminds me a lot of the Naked 3 shadows (which I have). If I didn’t already own the Naked 3 though I would’ve bought the rose one. These apply beautifully, very pigmented and very easy to wear.


The Nude Air Serum Foundation, and the loose powder. I’ve been using more of the loose powder in the cooler weather. My skin tells me it craves something more nourishing, emollient in a foundation so I’ve actually been using my BB/CC creams. This reminds me: I should whip my Lunasol cream foundation out and use that a bit.

Maquillage Shiseido

maquillage rouge
The powder foundation of course! I also bought a couple of their Dramatic Melty Rouge lippies. These contain a lot of oils and nutrients to help nourish the lips and give them a high shine. They all have shimmer but they’re not in your face. I was impressed with this formula… Until I tried the lippies from:



from the chocolate collection, Fall 2015

The Full Glamour Lips lipstick.
Amazing formula!!! Completely blew me away. I’ll definitely check their full range once I get the chance to see them in person. The shade I have is #36 Soft Beige. I compared this with other nude lipsticks I have in this post.

The cream blush in the photo is the Coloring Creamy Cheeks. This particular shade is LE but the blush is a permanent item in the range. It turns quickly into a powder and demands a little more work to blend. This LE shade isn’t very pigmented but it can be built up and looks super natural but very polished.


Their Ingenious Powder Cheeks N in EX07 Shiny Rose.
I admit that I wasn’t convinced at first – I liked the shade but thought this had waaaayyy too many shimmers and sparkles in it. Then I applied it again and asked the Man if he thought it’s a bit too shimmery and surprisingly he said no. I’ve worn this more based on this and really like the way it gives the cheeks a nice sheen, glowy and luminous without being over the top. Plus it wears really well on me.

I sometimes hesitate buying blushes from Japanese brands because they tend to be subtle in terms of pigmentation but the RMK blushes seem to be ok. RMK is of course known for their base makeup (primer/foundation). There are two limited shades that are right up my alley to be released this Spring (mentioned in my last post here). Ever since Kaori took over as creative director the brand seemed to have taken a cuter vibe, more vibrant and fun etc.,  than when Rumiko was at the helm. I’m definitely not in the brand’s target demographic but I do appreciate what they’re doing.

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