Kate Black Feather Lash


Another mascara review!

I think this mascara was released in 2015. The colour I have is black (BK-1), there’s 6.8g of product and it’s made in Japan. Like many Japanese mascaras this is sweat and sebum resistant. This particular formula is also waterproof. It also promises to hold your curl, and contains ingredients that nourishes your lashes (like olive oil, Vitamin B5).

I really like the tube of this mascara. It’s got a nice shape and weight, nice and easy to hold. Also Feels and looks expensive:



The main draw of this mascara is its two-sided brush: one is for volume and the other length and definition. So in theory you get the best of both worlds with one mascara.

So how did that work?


I was turning the mascara wand in the pictures above (should’ve made a video, yesh). Anyway the shorter side is for volume and the longer length and definition.

I have no complaints on the curling/long-lasting front. Excellent job there as usual. However for me the mascara is kind of temperamental – some days it would work perfectly but on others it would clump and I’ll have to spend extra time combing and tidying up. It’s liking rolling a dice each time. This was especially true in the beginning. You’re supposed to use the volume boosting side first and then the lengthening but sometimes the volume brush just deposits too much product, and the defining side can’t separate or do its job properly.
Fortunately this improved when the mascara dried up a bit.
Or you can wipe the brush first I suppose, which for some unknown reason was never a habit I got into. I actually use the lengthening and defining side more to compensate and honestly really like the results as it is. There’s still a teensy little bit of volume going on.

This is not designed to be a subtle mascara. You can get pretty dramatic results with this.

I have to mention that the formula contains fibres that adhere to your lashes as you brush the mascara on. Just a heads up if this is not your thing. I have to say though that I’ve never had a problem with these. I don’t go hunting for fibre mascaras but whenever I found myself using ones with fibres I tend to enjoy them in general. I’ve only ever had a less than stellar experience but that was many, many years ago and I blame old technology and formula etc. Keep in mind I’ve really only ever used Japanese fibre ones.

All in all I think this warrants a try, there are a lot of things to like about this mascara and I certainly would repurchase this sometime in the future to give this another whirl. The best thing is that this cost me like 10 euros, cheap!


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