2015 Holiday Haul


Spring collections are already available in some parts of the world, crazy! Bit late to the party as usual, but I thought I would post this anyway since most of the items are still available for purchase. I was pretty much immune from the big names’ Christmas collections this year. The last item to have tempted me was the blush Alezane (?) from Chanel Fall, and for a very brief moment the Gwen Stefani palette from UD. I sprung for these instead:

Shiseido Maquillage Snow Beauty II powder

Just realised I bought quite a few things from Maquillage this year (the others are lipsticks and their wonderful powder foundation of course). I think they’ve done a nice job of revamping the line. The packaging may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the quality is there.
Snow Beauty powder came under my radar when I chanced upon the spreads they had in all three of the major Japanese beauty magazines that I happened to have. I was drawn by the skin-care ingredients and how they’ve encouraged its use at night before sleeping. This is not exactly part of their holiday collection, but anyway!


So this is version 2 of the Snow Beauty powder. I read that it’s pretty much the same as last year’s release except the packaging is slightly different. It comes with 2 puffs, one significantly puffier than the other. The fat one really allows a liberal application, good for night time use only. If you use this during the day you will look really powdery and chalky. The powder itself is fine and is a truly translucent. I have no problem getting a beautiful finish with the flat puff. It’s lightly perfumed, the soothing kind of fragrance. Nothing sharp. I actually enjoy the scent.

I bought it with the intention of night time use and have been doing so whenever the mood strikes. With winter moisturisers being more heavy duty it is nice to have this to dust on top. But lets be honest, you can probably use any translucent powder for bedtime if you’re so inclined. Having said that it is a nice addition to my stash because the other translucent powder I have (CdP) is lightly shimmery. This has none.


Even though it’s a pressed powder I doubt it will ever leave home as it’s rather clunky to have in a handbag.

Suqqu Eye shadow palette set EX 04 Shisouori
What’s Christmas without Suqqu? I bought one of their EX holiday palettes again. I opted for B, the burgundy one because I thought A (EX03 Aosaori, the blue) resembled their summer release (which I also own, see pic below). The Christmas trios are a lot more shimmery, as expected – parties, bling, snow, glisten etc the whole idea I’m guessing.



I really love the summer trio. It’s probably my all-time favourite palette now. That indigo blue is really something. I have a feeling Aosaori is similar. If you’re interested, Selfridges still has it and it’s ON SALE so go NOW:


my screen capture – go go go!

Oh yeah the palette comes with a mini sample of their eye makeup remover and a gel liner in navy blue. I already have the exact same mini size remover from a previous GWP and yes, it’s nice and works wonderfully – just like many other eye makeup removers.  Haven’t tried the eye liner yet though. I still got loads to get through before starting another one 😛

Biologique Recherche P50 & P50V

The famous P50 lotions! I managed to snap these up with a discount through a friend. The idea was to ease myself into the P50 starting with P50V but honestly, I don’t think it’s necessary unless you really have super sensitive skin. In that case there’s also the P50W for absolute beginners. I reckon I could have started directly on P50, maybe just use it twice a week to first. P50V I’ve started with alternate evenings, and the past week I’ve been using it every night. I’m going to do morning ad night now. I’ve barely made a dent so far … seems like it will last for months, maybe 3-4? Too early to sing its praises for now but I haven’t noticed anything negative, nor had bad reaction.

Biologique Recherche Serum

Also bought this at the same time. Haven’t tried it yet but will report when I do.

KIKO Twin Stars sets


They can be hung on the tree like baubles if you wish


01 Lavish Beige, 04 Uniquely Red

All it took was a favourable review from someone I trust on the internet and I’m off buying this. KIKO was offering free shipping so I took advantage of that. I bought two shades- Lavish Beige and Uniquely Red. Not interested in the nail polish at first but they turn out to be not half bad at all! I don’t have beige polishes so it’s a welcome change. The closest red I’ve found is one from Rimmel:



Rimmel Lycra Pro 391 Celebrity Bash & KIKO Twin Stars Uniquely Red

I haven’t worn the polishes yet so can’t tell you how they wear.


The lippies are matte, and give a velvety finish. Not drying for a matte formula, but don’t go thinking it’s going to be super moisturizing either. At times my lips feel a bit dry but when I press my lips together they don’t feel dry. It’s rather hard to explain. I guess I should have just moisturized them well beforehand. I was too excited to test drive it I applied it as soon as I opened the box (and taking a couple of photos, of course). I haven’t tested the beige one as extensively but the red one does emphasize lip lines. Again, moisturize, moisturize! Other than that Uniquely Red is a beautiful red lipstick, has this almost velvet, velour finish. I think it will benefit with a lip liner. It leaves a stain after it fades.

Uniquely Red is a blue-based red. Swatch:


KIKO is #2. I don’t really have a dupe for this red. Out of the red lippies in my stash, and despite what you see in the picture, it’s actually closest to #4, which is Guerlain Rouge G in Garçonne. The finish is different. #5 is YSL Rouge Pur (old packaging) in 143.

Lavish Beige is a very easy to wear colour, no-brainer type of shade for me:



KIKO is again #2. The closest as you can see, is #3 which is the NARS Last Tango, a LE shade from the Guy Bourdain collection. Again the finish is different. #1 is Crystal Baby from Lauder and #4 is byTerry #100. I actually forgot to swatch Last Tango in my nude lipsticks post

Yves Rocher

Complete impulse buy. I went in to check the Pomme Delice body cream, remembering they released the scent perhaps 2 years ago and it was yummy. There was no tester but I figured the formula will be ok based on what I’ve tried in the past. So I bought it. [see my last empties post]

Then I tried the spiced vanilla hand cream and was surprised to find the smell is not the typical artificial vanilla smell. The formula is a bit ‘watery’ upon application but eventually leave a nice moisturizing layer on the skin after working it in. Saw this set for 6.95 euros – the hand cream alone costs 4.50 so I couldn’t resist.

Spiced vanilla is part of a trio of holiday scents, the other two being Candied orange + cinnamon, and Candied orange + almond.

I also spied the two LE eye palettes and thought they look wonderful, especially the cooler-toned one (called ‘Nude’), which also seemed to have been sold out at my shop that day.

taken from the official YR webstie

taken from the official YR website

Unfortunately they didn’t have a tester of this either (they had a palette out and opened, wrapped in cellophane and marked ‘Do Not Touch’) so I have no idea how they perform. Between this and the Body Shop’s holiday LE palette, I’ll definitely go for the Yves Rocher one.

YR always have sales and these are still available (including the eye shadows) so keep an eye out if you’re interested.


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