Maybelline Lashionista Mascara


LE packaging in Japan at the moment. Also with ‘care+’ ingredient for lashes. Mine is just pink and without the new ingredient

I decided to review this because it appears to be quite popular, and I’ve seen this in Japanese beauty mags where it gets good reviews from readers. I’m inclined to say this mascara is available in Asia only but don’t quote me on that.

I do like the eye-catching, neon-pink packaging, it’s such a nice change from the usual black.

The handle and wand is easy to hold and maneuver, the brush is very slightly curved. It’s decent but nothing exceptional.

20151123_122150736_iOS 20151123_122052058_iOS

Lashionista is a lengthening mascara that adds fibres to your lashes. If you want volume you’ll have to look elsewhere, or perhaps combine this with another mascara for that purpose. The formula is a little on the wet side but not the worst I’ve encountered. You’ll get pretty natural looking lashes, nothing that screams drama.

When I first used it I could see why this is popular: it does a its job of lengthening the lashes and holds the curl reasonably well. It’s really easy to take off, doesn’t smudge once it sets and is overall a good budget mascara. With continued use however, I’ve got two problems with it.

First one is fibre distribution – sometimes there’s this big cluster in one area that look so out of place I have to mascara comb it.Generally I feel the look it gives isn’t very polished. The fibres go any and everywhere sometimes, pointed in all directions. I don’t mind casual but it does take a bit more work to get it ‘tamed’. It’s definitely not a special occasion/black-tie mascara. Which again, might be a plus depending what/when you use it for.

The second but major problem I have with this mascara is it irritates my eyes. I rarely have trouble with mascaras but definitely noticed it with this one. I alternate this with Full n Soft depending on mood and whenever I feel something irritating my eye it’s always when I’m wearing Lashionista. And this is the reason I’ve decided to finally stop using this, I just don’t like the gamble.

If you want a similar but better mascara, I recommend the ettusais lash version up, (review at the bottom of the page) which beats this one in every way.



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