Jill Stuart airy tint watery CC cream


I’m following the same formatting they use on the printed tube, lower caps for the name.

This is my first beauty product from Jill Stuart. Their girly, lacy, lots of things dangling is not my style at all so I’ve never ventured into their shops until my friend wanted to check some new releases from them when I was in town. And now I have this CC cream, which is also my first CC cream experience/purchase.

This is a special limited edition packaging for Spring. I think the regular one is white? SPF30/PA+++ sun protection, which is pretty good in my book. Comes in two shades, I have 01 light floral beige, which is the lighter one. It’s a good match at the time, being straight out of winter, but too light for summer. Even now (end of November) I find it a tad too light.

I’ll say straight away that unless you are super pale, you should just get the darker colour. Also IMO this is more suitable for use in summer. You’ll see why later.


I know BB/CC creams are supposed to be multi-purpose products and you can skip a lot of other stuff in theory when you use them but I’ve always used my moisturizer and all the rest of the skincare (maybe not sunscreen) before I put this on. For a CC cream it gives good, light to light-medium natural coverage. I like the finish, it looks natural and polished, like you’ve done a lot more work than just slapping this one product on. It gives a luminosity to the skin as well, so you look a bit less tired.

However, I’m pretty sure this one contains alcohol.

It was wonderful in warmer months, I spent a weekend in the south and wore this everyday (combined with a cream bronzer to make it look less pale) and it was fabulous. In the cold, drying winter weather here in Europe however this CC cream is struggling and is simply not moisturizing enough. I tried this yesterday, and my skin felt dry and it look slightly blotchy. So make sure your skin is well-moisturized, or mix some of your moisturizer with the CC cream. I ended up adding moisturizer on top and that solved the problem, though inevitably the coverage is sheered out.

One last thing to know: this is heavily perfumed! It’s a fruity floral scent (… everything seems to be fruity floral to me lately). If you have a sensitive nose I suggest sniffing it if you can beforehand to be sure you agree with it as the scent lingers longer than most.

The Jill Stuart beauty range is aimed at much younger audience (early 20s is my guess), which explains some of the formulations. I’m not their demographic at all but still, I’m pleased with this discovery. I doubt I’ll be checking with this brand again as I need something that caters to my skin and I’m not a fan of their fragrance choice. Having said that their sunscreen looks pretty good, and I’ve mentioned in my Maquillage powder foundation review that their silky powder foundation was actually very nice. Perfect for ladies in 20s with good skin to start with.


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