Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Powdery UV Foundation


As much as I enjoyed using the Primavista powder foundation, when it came to replacing it I wanted to try something new. So when I found myself in Hong Kong earlier this year I made it my mission to try out all the possibilities. At one point it came down to the new ones from Jill Stuart (shade not 100% match, but it was very silky. I wanted more coverage though) and Clé de Peau (truly sublime! but price!) and another from Kosé Esprique (middle of the road between the two, nothing to write home about though). Then I saw the new one from Maquillage and once I tried it I was sold. This comes really close to the effect I see with the Clé de Peau (both companies is under Shiseido). They achieve this by playing with light and reflecting them with particles in the powder – don’t quote me on that, it’s just off the top of my head and I honestly can’t remember the details.

… ok I got off my ass and here’s there blurb from CdP for their Refining Powder Foundation:

A long-wearing powder foundation that creates a beautiful radiant finish and envelops skin in a glowing veil. Enhances luminosity and radiance through innovative powder technology that controls the reflection of light from the surface of skin. SPF 23.

And from Maquillage for the Dramatic Powdery UV:

Contains ultra-light spherical powder which is extremely light like a balloon as it is hollow inside.
As the light hits the powder’s spherical surface, light diffusion effect gives natural brightness to the skin.

This has an SPF of 25 for those wondering.
I read about this later in one of those Japanese beauty magazines. Was it Maquia? Or Biteki? They made a special booklet for new foundation releases with charts and everything so you can see at a glace which foundations are moiturizing, which ones are lighter, which ones have heavier coverage etc. I remember that although they’re not close on the chart to each other, both of them touted a similar effect, and editors raved about the Maquillage. One of them compared the results on face as something you can usually only achieve with a liquid foundation.

And I agree.

It adheres really, really well to the skin. A powder foundation that’s neither drying nor powdery. Coverage is light to medium (I’d say the Jill Stuart is sheer to light). It really doesn’t look like a powder foundation on skin – before any of you gets confused, no it doesn’t change texture, it’s not a powder to cream product. It’s just a very impressive powder, very forgiving. It’s never chalky or cakey and there’s no white cast. The texture is really smooth and fine. If you like the Primavista, I think you will like this. It’s like an improved version of that.

I use the sponge, but have also tried a brush. I still prefer the sponge (old habits die hard). Haven’t tried using it wet though, it’s just not my thing. But it *is* a two-way, wet/dry foundation.

Clicking here will take you to the Maquillage Singapore website and you can read in details all the technology behind it, how it’s a mousse to powder etc.

For those of you who clicked on the Jill Stuart link and read what’s on the website, you will notice that in fact all three of these foundations talk about light reflecting/bending etc. Maybe this is just the ‘in’ technology?


Taken under artificial light

My shade is Ocher 10 and it’s a good match. I’ve hit pan on this already so you know how much I love this. Seriously it’s all I use. Powder foundations are just so darn convenient. I use Dior Air serum on the weekends. And I’ve forgotten about my SSE and Lunasol …

The Maquillage site says it lasts 10 hours, but I don’t get that kind of wear without a primer. I also get some shininess after a while, it doesn’t really control sebum on my skin. Having said that those are the same ‘results’ I get when using other foundations, powder or liquid sans primer. I do grease up way faster with a liquid.
When worn with a primer underneath, the wear extends considerably. I use the long-wear one from Primavista, which is really quite impressive.

I think this powder foundation won a award in its category after summer.


Notice the sponge area of the Primavista compact is’ sealed tight’ and the Maquillage compact has mesh-like air holes? Tell-tale sign of two-way cake man!

As usual you need to buy the compact separately. But if you have the Primavista compact, it will fit! I will probably buy the Shiseido and get rid of the Primavista 😉


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