Nude Lipsticks

Everyone’s seen Lisa Eldridge’s video on the topic by now I suppose? I recently picked up a new Lunasol lipstick (#36 Soft Beige) and since it’s a nude I thought I’d try to apply Lisa’s guidelines and see what’s happening in my stash.

Here are all the nude lipsticks I have:


From top to bottom:
by Terry Rouge Terrybly in 401 Guilty Nude (3.5g)
Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in 01 Crystal Baby (3.6g)
Too Faced Lip Creme in Naughty Nude (3g)
by Terry Rouge Terrybly in 100 Terrybly Nude (3.5g)
RMK Irresistible Lips B in 21 Natural Beige (3.4g) *
Lunasol Full Glamour Lips #36 Soft Beige (3.8g)

Straight away we see the differences. I’ve placed the two pinks at the top and the orange/brown at the bottom. The odd-ball is Terrybly** Nude, which is like a mauve. Too Faced is actually quite close to the Lunasol.
The only reason I included Guilty Nude (top lipstick) is because it has the word ‘nude’ in its name :p I really don’t consider this a nude at all on me, it’s too colourful. It could be a good choice for someone with a deeper complexion though.

Texture-wise, they are all very creamy and emollient. The best ones are Lunasol (really, really impressed with this formula), Too Faced and by Terry (100 is drier than 401). The RMK (see * note below) I have is very old and in fairness not considered here (it’s not drying at all). I have read good things about their lipstick range.
The most opaque ones are from by Terry and Too Faced.

* I don’t know if they still make this range or if it’s been reformulated. Actually I’m pretty sure it’s been changed or revamped because I just remembered Rumiko left. Anyway the actual shade was a LE shade and IIRC it was part of a bigger nude-themed collection. The only reason I held onto this is I’ve always found this to be a good ‘true’ nude shade on my lips and kept it for reference.
** For those wondering about the name Terrybly, ‘terrible’ in French can also mean wonderful/terrific/great etc. Hence ‘C’est pas terrible’ = ‘It’s terrible’, and not the British equivalent of ‘It’s not half bad’ = ‘It’s pretty good’.

Back to the lippies.

Swatches on arm with different lighting:


Left to right: RMK, Lunasol, Too Faced, Terrybly Nude, Crystal Baby, Guilty Nude. These are one-swipe, lightly applied.

RMK has the most yellow, although you can’t see it, it is also the only lipstick with silver shimmer and a slight pearly finish/sheen;
Too Faced is a little pinker than the Lunasol but they are both beiges;
Crystal Baby (second last) is like a MLBB shade once on; it’s perhaps the sheerest of all;
Guilty Nude is really a red-coral, and Terrybly Nude (the 4th one) is a greyish pink.

Swatches on the lips:


From the top, left to right (so we’re doing a zigzag downwards):
by Terry Guilty Nude, Lunasol Soft Beige, EL Crystal Baby, Too Faced Naughty Nude, RMK Natural Beige, by Terry Terrybly Nude.

I tried to capture as accurately as possible. I’d say it gives a good general idea, Terrbly Nude (bottom right) looks a tinge more mauve in real life; it’s the least flattering on me. I’ve suspected all along but confirmed today that it does nothing for me. I think this will look great on someone fair, with a pink undertone.

Crystal Baby is the easiest to wear, it’s closest to my natural lip colour and it’s the tube I grab when I don’t know what to wear. Possibly the most universally flattering one here.

And I think the beiges all work on my yellow-based skin tone. Although as Lisa mentioned in her video you do need to work on your eye makeup to pull everything together. For the Lunasol lippie, your natural lip colour eventually peeks through and warms up the colour actually, so don’t be too afraid (this is also true for the RMK and Crystal Baby). This shade is a new release as part of their Chocolat collection for 2015 Autumn. #33-36 are permanent, then there are 3 limited edition colours EX05-07. If you want a LE beige, check Ex07 Chocolate Beige. Note that this is a Lunasol boutique exclusive in Japan and I have no idea if they sell this in other countries (I’ve only seen pictures of this on the internet). There’s very little info on this.

Finally, it’s a bit wrinkled but here are the above lip swatches blotted on tissue paper. These are in the same order as above:


The nuances are hopefully easier to see here than on the lips. On tissue RMK is more of a yellow beige, Lunasol orange beige. Too Faced is close to Lunasol but has more red in it. Terrybly Nude is a dusty neutral rose, Crystal Baby is a muted rose pink and Guilty Nude is a bright orange coral.

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