Nature Republic – CC Cushion

My extra compact + refill is on the blogsale!

Nature Republic (link to official site, you can choose your language) is a Korean skincare/beauty brand. I’m not an expert on Korean beauty but a quick browse on their website gives me the feeling they’re sort of like the Korean twist of the Body Shop?  I’ve only been to their shop in Hong Kong and noticed that there’s a product for every budget. And I mean every. single. budget. Most of them are very affordable though. I ended up getting more things than I planned, mostly skincare (my most recent empties post has a blurb on their collagen serum) but also this CC Cushion.


So the full name of this is Super Origin Cushion Complete Cover, it has SPF50+ PA+++.  This is the blurb on the box:

Moisture cushion CC giving the effects of moisturizing+concealing+cooling+UV Protection+brightening+Wrinkle-improvement for a healthy complexion.

It’s to be used ‘at the step for applying sunscreen’. I use this with the puff enclosed and pat it all over to blend it in. It says that you can apply it throughout the day as needed.

This is my first cushion foundation experience so I have nothing else to compare with. Nature Republic has another cushion but I can’t remember what it is … I wanted a one-step product I could apply and leave the house and this one with its selling point of ‘high coverage’ fits what I was looking for. A pack comes with one filled compact with sponge included, plus a refill. Each of them is 12g, so you have two for the price of one, 24g of product. I would suggest buying an extra puff.


It comes in 2 shades (as usual it seems?), 021 and 023. Mine is the darker 023, but I have to say it will very likely be too light if you have medium and above skin tone.Upon application this appears almost to have pink in it and looks really light, but it could just be the high amount of sunscreen contained that gives the impression (titanium dioxide is the third ingredient, full list below). Once the product has time to settle in it looks a lot more natural.


It looks so dark in the sponge but don’t be deceived

Just to give a general idea of the shade:


Left: Nature Republic cushion, Right: Diorskin Nude Air Serum in 021

The main thing to know about this CC cushion is it’s very, very glowy. It will really give you that light-bouncing off finish. In the summer heat and depending on your skin type, this glow plus natural oils from the skin risk making you look like a grease ball. On the other hand, if you have very dry skin or dry patches, it will highlight them like a magnifying glass. I had allergies and the flakies around my nose from constant sneezing/tissuing were for all to see.

Regarding the claims mentioned in the blurb above, apart from the wrinkle improvement part (I don’t use this daily, cannot attest if it’s really effective) all the rest holds true. Ok, it’s not super moisturizing, but it’s not drying either. And I suppose if they say to use this at the step of sunscreen that they had assumed you would moisturize beforehand. Coverage is medium to full. It hides old blemish scars easily, but you may still need to spot concealing if you have fresh, red, angry ones. It covers discoloration but not skin texture – the glowy finish exaggerates some of the bumpier areas of my skin.

All in all the strongest points of this is the high UV protection (rare to see SPF 50+ in a base product) and the coverage. Avoid this is if you have dry skin! If you have oily skin you might want to powder after using this, and keep blotting papers and a powder for touch ups. [In theory everyone should at least blot before they reapply their base foundation, be it powder/liquid/cream/cushion. Finish with a light dusting of powder if needed.] I like using this in summer but because of how light the shade is I won’t be able to pull this off if I get tanned, so personally I’ll probably get more use out of this in winter/spring. Cushions like this with a high SPF are truly convenient and saved me a lot of time. And I will never forget how it turned me from zombie back to human after a long-haul flight down under.

I don’t really think this is mature-skin friendly. For example I think a separate product for spot highlighting is better than the overall glow of this cushion, and there are more nourishing base products. But that’s just my opinion.

Here’s the ingredients list:


One last thing: you’ll need to wash the sponge pretty regularly for hygienic reasons. You’ll be amazed by the amount of product absorbed in the small puff, and how no matter how much squeezing and scrubbing you did the water still doesn’t run clear. This was when I was away from home and tried cleaning it with bar soap. The best cleanser and most efficient one by far I’ve tried is the Daiso sponge cleanser.


Sorry state of the sponge, maybe after 3 uses?


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