Summer Loves



I reached a lot for these products this summer, and without intending to a lot of them happens to be 2015 releases. However only a couple of them (if that) are limited releases so you shouldn’t have much trouble hunting them down.

Starting with the Suqqu trio in Yosaizora (夜彩空) EX02, one of two limited edition palettes Suqqu released for summer.  Here’s an official image of both palettes:suqqu2015summer-off

Yasaizora is more my style and is easier to wear and more flattering on me. Benikakesora looks really pretty but it would require more thought/work to coordinate a look that might be a bit too feminine for my comfort. And oddly enough I can find closer dupes to Benikakesora with the stash at home than Yosaizora. If you can find Yosaizora at a reasonable price, go for it! The quality is there. I have read comments on pigmentation (not as good as the quads/harder, drier/not impressive etc) and find them not to be true.

I also reasoned if I’m spending that much money on a palette I should get one I know I would get more use out of. Even if it’s always tempting to get the more unique one!

Guerlain Terracotta Sun Sun Protection Compact is a cream foundation that dries to a matte powder finish on the skin. This is also a limited edition product but it can still be found easily as of writing. The main reason I reached for this during summer is to make my foundation work, or have my face match the neck. The finish is natural and it never looked orange-y. You don’t need to get this particular compact to achieve the same results, any ol’ bronzer will do. I bought this mostly because I wanted a bronzer/foundation in a cream formula.

About the packaging, the pearlish white compact is a nice change from the usual black while still looking classy. It’s also got a big mirror and I appreciate the magnetic closure. My 4 seasons compact can sometimes be a challenge to open. I find the pouch tacky and gimmicky though. It’s really just a glorified plastic-coated synthetic pouch.

I have this in Bronze, the darker of the two shades released. It’s just right for my light-medium skin. Sand, the lighter shade would be really subtle on me. This won’t show on anyone darker than medium, I suppose.

For blushes one of my favourite discoveries this year are these Aqua Blush 12H from Bourjois. These are gel blushes that again dry to a powder finish once blended. I have them in 02 Cocoricorail (coral) and 03 Pink Twice (pink). I find myself reaching for the pink one more. They give a very natural flush to the cheeks and the intensity can be built (up to a reasonable point and then it stops to blend). The only problem with these is the dispenser: I find one full pump to be too much, but if you do half-pumps sometimes the product dries inside and the pump gets blocked as a result. You’ll have to dislodge it first, meaning you’ll lose some of the product.

Effaclar Duo+ is the updated version of Effaclar Duo. Personally it doesn’t keep spots from forming on my skin (likely a hormonal issue) nor does it ‘unclogs’ pores or help with acne that’s already formed. But what it does do is reduce the amount of blackheads I get on my nose. I notice my nose is clearer for longer periods of time as long as I keep using this.

Kose Medicated Sekkisei Lotion is a brightening toner/lotion you use after cleansing. I bought this originally to use as a weekly brightening mask but found the alcohol to be too much and abandoned this idea. I just simply used this as a regular toner to use it up but was pleasantly surprised when I noticed my skin, which was previously dull and tired looking was suddenly brighter and more luminous. This was after a period of continued use. It’s not the first time I saw first-hand the results actually – eons ago a friend of mine with a darker complexion also had good results with the range. The Sekkisei lotion touts its use of a mix of chinese medicine herbs for the results. A similar and as popular product is Albion’s Skin Conditioner. I haven’t tried that one though.

During the summer heat I used a lot of Bon Point Eau de Senteur perfume. It’s a refreshing scent centered around orange blossom. Bon Point is a fancy children’s wear shop in Paris. Their shops smell of this comforting scent. The ‘eau de senteur’ is alcohol free, but there is also an alcohol-based version available. I suppose the only complaint is that it’s rather fleeting, but that’s to be expected since there’s no alcohol and it’s not oil-based either.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Whipped Body Cream is the first Bronze Goddess product for me, ever. Well apart from the Tom Ford Azuree collection like 10 years ago (ok a quick check tells me it was released in 2006). I finally embraced that perfume this year as well.

Anyway, the best thing about the body cream is the texture. It’s a light cream but still felt luxurious and nourishing. Might not be enough for those with truly dry skin, or during the colder months. A lot of these scented body cream releases are disappointments because the quality is lacking but this is truly lovely and if you like the Bronze Goddess scent you should definitely check this one out next year – yes this was a limited edition, but Lauder releases this every summer. Big tub too so it lasts a while.

These really are some of my favourites this year, if there’s a ‘Best of 2015’ list, I think most of the products here will reappear on that list too.

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