MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus


pic from MAC website

Never thought I’d pick this up because
1. Really not a fan of the spokesperson
2. It’s not really my kind of colour

Yet I still picked it up because
1. Admitted spokesperson has nothing to do with the product
2. I’m trying to broaden my lip colour palette
3. It’s for a good cause
4. I missed out the Viva Glam Cyndi and I ended up buying one on evilbay only to find out that it’s a fake. Don’t want that to happen again

MAC’s Viva Glam Miley Cyrus (henceforth referred to as VGMC) is an Amplified lipstick. I’m not well-versed in MAC’s formula and don’t think I have tried an Amplified before. In any case it is pigmented and creamy, comfortable to wear. The shade is a bright fuchsia (or hot pink, as it’s described on the site) that’s surprisingly easy to wear. I think no matter what skin tone, almost everybody can pull this shade off. If you’re like me and have always wanted to wear a bright fun lip, this is a good choice. When in doubt you can always blot to tone it down before you’re 100% comfortable.

I pulled the only other ‘crazy’ bright lippies I have at home to compare:


Bourjois Fuschia Graffiti, MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus, NARS Jardin des Plantes

As you can see they look nothing alike. VGMC is blue-based but it looks downright warm when swatched alongside the Bourjois:


The two thinner lines are NARS; Top thick line is Bourjois, then MAC

Bourjois ‘Fuchsia Graffiti’ (again, the first of the thick lines) is very bright and very blue. I’m still unsure of this one. There seems to be too much contrast once it’s on my lips, risks making me look sallow. Now that I have VGMC I think I’ll reach for that before I go with ‘Fuchsia Graffiti’. The Rouge Velvet formula is beautiful though!

NARS Jardin des Plantes is the darkest of the three. Funny how the two strokes look so different in the photo because of lighting/shadow. The first/top stroke is closest to how it looks in real life. On the lips it give a almost frosty looking finish. It feels lighter and less creamy than the other two formula, but not at all drying. It’s very pigmented and soft – I hardly have to apply pressure when drawing it on and it goes on opaque. If we look at all three together I’d classify the NARS as more of a magenta. This particular shade is a NARS stand-alone boutique/website exclusive.

All of these lipsticks leave a stain behind.

Here’s one last look, just Bourjois ‘Fuchsia Graffiti’ and VGMC:


I cropped to do away with the slightly fuzzy strokes. The lighting is not the same as the first photo either but I think this picture gives a better idea as to how bright VGMC is, and that it is still in the fuchsia family. The other photo seemed to have tamed that aspect down.

MAC lippies are now 19 euros (!) in France – when did the prices go up?? Last time I bought one it was 17.50 IIRC. Anyway, if you find a unique shade that you love I suppose I can recommend you to go for it. I’m not really fond of their chemical vanilla scent though. As for VGMC, I’m pretty sure it’s a dupe-able shade. I made an exception this time because it’s Viva Glam – so hey, I donated 19 euros to the AIDS Fund yay!

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