Dupe – Revlon Snow Peach

Sometime last year Revlon released something called ‘The Legacy Collection’, a set of five iconic lipsticks in the super lustrous formula. This collection never made it to France AFAIK (at least I never saw it) and I wanted Snow Peach so badly I resorted to evilbay. I paid what I would have paid in retail if the lipsticks were available in France, so it wasn’t so bad. Anyway!


Snow Peach on the right

This post is for those who missed this collection or need a replacement or just looking for a dupe. And I like dupes when they are from a similar tier (or lower), because it’s just not as fun to buy a LE MAC lippie dupe when said dupe is a Guerlain Rouge G.

The dupe I found for Snow Peach is Bourjois Rouge Edition in ‘Fraise Remix’. These usually go for 12.99 euros each in France. Sephora (France) is currently having a promotion on all Bourjois lip products (-30%) until 15th March.


Here are the swatches, different lighting:


Top: Snow Peach, Bottom: Fraise Remix


As above; added another stroke of colour to make the lines more even

The finish of the lipsticks is similar. The Bourjois Rouge Edition is more emollient and hence is a teeny bit shinier than the Revlon Super Lustrous formula. ‘Fraise Remix’ is a hair pinker/cooler than ‘Snow Peach’. On the lips however, they look identical – I did a half and half (left lip and right), and the two just melded together and I couldn’t tell them apart.

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