Diorskin Nude Air Powder

[Edited post to add ingredient lists – see bottom of post]


Apart from the foundation (reviewed here) I also got the two powders. I didn’t plan to get both, this is simply a result of indecision.

To start with I haven’t bought a loose powder in years – I’m extremely happy with what I’ve got and well, they’re hard to finish. I’ve been tempted once (NARS Light Reflecting) but Dior here caught me at a weak moment. I have always wanted to try a tinted powder because be it loose or compact, I’ve only ever bought translucent setting powders. So, here we are.

The loose powder comes with 16g of product while the compact has 10g. The loose powder costs 50 euros and the compact 46.50 on Sephora France (which is cheaper than the price on the official Dior website?). Both powders carry the ‘Healthy Glow Invisible’ banner. The loose powder comes in 4 colours, 3 skin tones and 1 pink. The compact has 3 shades. I have both in 020, Light Beige, the lightest shade available.

I didn’t swatch the powders because you can’t see it once blended on the skin – it is quite invisible as it claims. I couldn’t capture the effect is has on the skin. Similar to the foundation which gives you a your-skin-but-better + subtle airbrush blur, the powders I found also give this blurry perfected skin look without making the skin flat/dull. The powders are finely milled and a pleasure to use.

Here’s a look of the loose powder:


Typical packaging for loose powders … My first loose powder was Laura Mercier’s translucent and I remember it had the same design. I’ve been spoilt by my current powder’s packaging which does away with this big shaker type of deal.
Dior advises you to remove the film and with the puff in place and lid closed, turn it upside down once to get the dosage on the puff, then apply. I think the trick is not to peel the film completely away. The Dior puff is decent but when I’m not using a brush, I prefer bigger puffs and have a better one.


The compact comes with a mini kabuki brush and a velvet pouch. I have the first generation of the Diorskin Nude Tan and a quick comparison tells me they’re the same size and weight and heft. The kabuki brush looks and feels the same as well:


L: old, R: new

The only difference is the pouch. The old one (right) has a fold-over cover whereas the new one (left) is just a slip-on pouch. The logo design has also been adjusted – the letters C, D are well separated in the old one.


A word on the shades then. A review on sephora.fr cautioned that 020 is really light. The lady wrote that she’s a very fair person but 030 was the shade that fits her best. My advice is to forget that and just go with the corresponding foundation shade. ie. 010, 020, 021, 023 get the lightest 020 shade in powder. I say this because I heeded that advice and tried 030. I could certainly get away with it, but I wasn’t comfortable with it. 020 is simply a better shade. Now one of the reasons 030 could work on me is again how invisible the powder looks. For the shade to show up you’ll have to apply a lot more than you normally would (and even then the powder doesn’t look cakey or chalky, really impressed). I almost got 030 anyway because I thought I could anticipate for summer and getting darker and all that but in the end I went back to 020.
I’ve made up my mind to stay in the shade from now on.

Loose or compact? Well I’m not the best person to ask (;-_-) They look and feel the same to me once on the face (I tried half and half and couldn’t see a difference). Loose is always a better deal, and if you can find a nice compact for loose powders then you take it on the go.

Here are the ingredient lists:


Loose powder



And since I mentioned it a couple of times, I’ll showcase my translucent powder in the next post!



  1. Hi! Lovely review. But I was wondering, between the laura mercier translucent loose powder and this loose powder, which would you recommend?

    1. If you don’t mind a tinted powder (it’s so subtle though!) I would definitely go with the Dior. I feel the powder is even more finely milled and it never looks powdery. The other colour option is pink (012 Rose).

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