Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Mrs. Mia Wallace Lipstick

[Edited to add more photos – 12 November 2014]


Following the eye shadow palette which I wrote about here, I have now the red lipstick and lip liner.

They are both named ‘Mrs. Mia Wallace’ and described as a ‘deep blood red’. I hemmed and hawed before purchasing these because I have quite a few nice red lippies already that don’t get reached for enough and I have no business buying anymore but we all know how that story goes. These are my first UD lip products so I’m no expert and can’t compare them with the usual UD formula. I’ll concentrate on the lipstick for this post and the one on the lip liner will follow.

The colour payoff of the Revolution lipstick is indeed very rich, intense and opaque in one swipe. Seriously impressed. My lips aren’t in the best condition at the moment (leaning on the dry side) but the lipstick doesn’t highlight nor sink into the lip lines. The lipstick is very creamy and emollient, doesn’t make my lips feel dry at all. I don’t know if it makes sense but it is ‘thick’. It doesn’t really tug per se but I do have to apply certain amount of pressure onto the lips to get a good swipe. [A lipstick that truly glides for me is the Givenchy’s Le Rouge first and foremost, then by Terry and the Guerlain Rouge Gs]. This could also be due to the lack of a tapered bullet as a tip for the Revolution lipsticks, which may have too creamy/heavy a body to employ a blunt cut like this. For a colour like Mia Wallace you should be using a lip brush anyway so it’s not too much of a problem I suppose. When it comes to the finish, the Revolution lipsticks promise a ‘creamy shine’ in general but I wouldn’t call the finish I get with Mrs. Mia Wallace shiny. To me shiny is like the Rouge Coco shines, or other balmy ones that really reflects and throws light back. This is more of a satin, which luckily I prefer anyway.

Now onto the shade!

First things first, I don’t know if it’s me but the colour I see in the tube isn’t the colour I get when applied. In the tube it’s a deep red with sort of a brown undertone, fitting UD’s ‘blood red’ description. When swatched, it’s a blue-based red. You can see a deep fuschia if you wipe on a white tissue. So even if it does apply opaque in one coat, if you want the deep dark red that’s promised you really need to go all out and intensify the application. *Then* it turns into this beautiful, deep red that for some reason looks quite neutral and you think might actually be flattering on a variety of skin tones. It’s weird.

I thought I would have more similar looking reds but I don’t. I actually have more blue-based reds than I previously thought. Anyway these are the ones I found that are closest to Mrs. Mia Wallace. Sorry the swatches aren’t so neat:

mia swatches

You can see Mrs. Mia Wallace (#2) isn’t particularly shiny and has pretty much the same finish as the others

Another photo:

mia swatches2

Here you see the undertones a little better


1. YSL Rouge Pur 131 (Opium Red)
2. Urban Decay Mrs. Mia Wallace
3. Dior Diorific lipstick in Diorling
4. Ellis Faas L101
5. Guerlain Rouge G in Garçonne


Garçonne has the same intensity as Mrs. Mia Wallace but it is brighter; Opium red is more orange/brick red; Diorling is the closest but it is more muted, less red and vibrant than Mrs. Mia Wallace. Ellis Faas’ 101 is known as a ‘true’ blood red’ so I popped that in for comparison. Of these on the lips, I agree with Temptalia that Diorling is similar. Although I might prefer UD’s texture.

I was about to submit the post when I remembered this lip gloss:




Different lighting

Rimmel Show Off lip lacquer (aka Apocalips) ‘Across the Universe’ on top, Mrs. Mia Wallace on the bottom.

‘Across the Universe’ is a gloss and a slightly deeper red than Mrs. Mia Wallace. I’d say the Rimmel fits the description as a ‘deep blood red’ better than Mrs. Mia Wallace, but this is probably the closest match I have at my disposal.

On my lips Mrs. Mia Wallace loses the blue undertones and becomes a deep, neutral looking red. It’s definitely a statement lip, or an evening kind of red for me. A very polished red that turns heads. I feel that I need to dress appropriately for this, like I can’t just throw on any old t-shirt like I can with Ellis Faas 101, which is probably still my favourite red shade to wear, although I will say again that I hate its applicator.

All in all I’m glad to have this and it’s certainly a good option for those who are looking for a deep red. But unless you’re a diehard UD or Pulp Fiction fan, or you must have the black LE lipstick casing, I wouldn’t fret too much if I missed out on this – I have a feeling you can find a dupe in the new NARS Audacious range for starters (haven’t tried but I’ve heard great things) and I’m sure other dupes exist.

One last thing, Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks contain 2.2g of products vs the standard 3.5g I have for lipsticks ranging from Bourjois to Dior to YSL. Just a heads up.

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