Hakuhodo at Le Bon Marché


PSA: You can buy Hakuhodo brushes (a small selection, mostly J series) at Le Bon Marché in Paris. The department store is paying homage to Japan and its culture, and has imported a lot of usually Japan-only (or Asia-only) fashion and beauty brands. There are also art exhibitions to look at and events and demonstrations to participate in.

The brushes are found on the 2nd floor (usually clothing). It doesn’t have a special stand and no one mans it, so you find what you like and keep it with you and bring it to the till. There are one example of each available brush opened and free for touching so you can feel how soft/firm they are. Prices vary but on the whole very reasonable and not too marked up. There’s a special glass case with really luxurious kabukis as well.

I chose three J series, 242G, 5523 and 210. I was going to get the bigger blush brush but figured I have brushes of similar shape at home but not one like the 210.Also got a pot of the makanai hand cream – sooo silky, this cream absorbs quickly and nourishes the hand but never leaving you feel greasy. Seriously impressed with this one. They have different scents but all of them are quite subtle and have the same fragrance base. The only exception is perhaps the yuzu one, which I’m tempted to get. Also saw the uka hand and nail butter – very good and luxurious but that costs 10 euros more. I think the makanai range are a bit more marked up than they usually cost in Japan. Seeing how I’ve been indulging myself a lot already I figured it’s best not to go too overboard.

The Japanese event continues til 18 October. Meanwhile still no sign of Tom Ford’s Nude Dip in-store nor online.


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