Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eye Palette

[ETA you can find my post on the lipstick here]

Commemorating the 20th (!) anniversary of the film’s release, Urban Decay released 5 products to recreate the look of Mia Wallace. 1994 was a great year for film by the way, The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, Ed Wood just to name a few. There was also Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – someone should do a collection with that!

You’ll find no shortage of posts on the Urban Decay x Pulp Fiction release on the internet. The 5 pieces are the eye palette, lipstick with coordinating lip pencil, a glitter liner and a nail polish. I’ve had my eyes on this palette since the first previews and it’s finally available here in Europe. Around the same time there was news of a new Naked Basics from UD but I decided to pick this up instead. Phyrra’s post here helped seal the deal.


I won’t be swatching these but will instead direct you to Temptalia who as always have excellent and accurate ones along with dupes suggestions. I’ve been playing with and wearing this the last couple of days and can say that I really like it. The textures are easy to work with, colours are pigmented and they look beautiful together. The ‘get the look’ card suggests putting ‘Vengeance’ only at the outer corner but I since I have hooded Asian eyes I find that it’s more flattering on me if I put that along the lash line as well, blend that out and add more emphasis on the outer ‘v’.
‘Tyranny’ is between a raw and burnt sienna, and with my colouring I need to be careful to blend it out so I don’t risk looking slightly bruised. Otherwise a very strong palette from Urban Decay. The small brush isn’t totally rubbish either and the mirror is surprisingly useful – good size and very sturdy. I tend to ignore the mirrors inside eye palettes but this is an exception.

Here are some similar shades I found in my stash:


Despite my best intentions the only item we are really interested in is the NARS palette on the bottom right.



1. Smashbox Trio in Filter, this is the darkest brown Sumatra
2. Vengeance from UD Pulp Fiction
3. India Song from NARS
4. Crease shade from WnW Walking on Eggshells
5. Tyranny from UD Pulp Fiction

Compared with Vengeance: Sumatra is matte also slightly darker; Vengeance is warmer than India Song; India Song has gold shimmer

Compared with Tyranny: Tyranny is matte and has more red. It’s not even close.

As far as I can remember the second shade from Smashbox’s Filter has more yellow and isn’t as red as Tyranny. Vanilla, the base shade is possibly a little warmer than Righteous. They are similar in ‘spirit’.


1. Tokyo from NARS
2. Furious from UD Pulp Fiction
3. Pandora from NARS
4. Anger from UD Pulp Fiction

Both of the NARS are more pigmented. #1 is slightly pinker, #3 is a richer black. But they are similar to the UD and on the eyes I doubt you can see any difference, especially for the purpose of highlighting and lining.

I forgot to swatch the ‘Brow’ shade from WnW for comparison but again it should be quite similar on the eyes.

I would use an eye primer when using this palette, I noticed a difference in performance and longevity with a primer. Without a primer I had small issues with the shadows migrating to under my eyes.

You might want to look at your stash before getting this, especially if you already have a few neutral palettes or singles laying around. I’m sure you already have a black, a pearl brow highlight and a base colour somewhere at home. So it’s just the two browns you need to worry about. You might need to look a little harder for ‘Tyranny’. I don’t have any neutral palettes (no Naked 1, 2, Basics nor LORAC Pro etc). Pulp Fiction is LE so it also gets an automatic little bump up the scale. I actually killed the lemming (remembering I don’t need any more shadows…) because it reminded me of my Smashbox Trio in Filter, although as mentioned it has only matte shadows. Unfortunately I dropped the whole thing one day and two of the shadows completely shattered, crumbled and ended up all over the floor. This happened before I could swatch it for comparison of course.

This is a good palette for those who:
– like the no-fuss neutral look but somehow don’t have a pared down handy palette
– travel often (vacation/business trips whatever) and need a smaller everyday palette to take along (granted the palette *can* be smaller)
– love and rock bold, statement lips (hence toning down the eyes a notch)

Just remember, this is designed to give you Mia Wallace’s look (which happily happened to be a neutral look). You won’t be able to come up with 10 different looks with this palette.

I’ve never really paid attention to Mia’s look in the movie, except of course her sleek bob and nail polish. For the latter I will stick with what Mia actually wore – Chanel’s Rouge Noir, which I believe was my first Chanel polish and was purchased because of Mia (I know I’m dating mysef here). It’s been one of my absolute favourites since.
I’m not entirely sure if her lipstick is that dark, I think any red that’s not too bright/shiny will work for the look really. … Having said that I did succumb to marketing and packaging and the lippie is on its way to me. Part of me is also curious as how it compares against all my other red lippies. It will be my first Urban Decay lipstick and I’ll post when I get it.

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