Ten Current Favourites

I was originally going to call this ‘2014 Favourites’ or something along the line, then realised the products I mention are permanents and aren’t dependent on the year. Which could be misleading for those searching for 2014 releases.

I stopped doing the monthly favourites cos a lot of the times it’s whatever shiny new toy I happen to have my paws on, plus some staples. It wasn’t really honest, like I was doing it for the sake of doing a favourites post. And it got boring for everyone.
So now I’ve decided to do these only when I feel like I have used/tried/like ’em enough to share. Ten is a good number, and I feel that a lot of what you’ll see are at the top of the categories list.


1. Too Faced La Creme lipstick
This was the biggest discovery of 2013. I’ve never tried Too Faced before, kind of ignored it really because I lumped them with Benefit (similar packaging vibe) and I’m not a huge fan of Benefit. Prejudice/judging a book by its cover etc etc. This lipstick surprised me. I loved Spice, Spice Baby so much I went back and bought a second one (Naughty Nude). They are just so creamy and so comfortable to wear. Pleasant lemon pie scent. Great colours, nicely opaque. Spice, Spice Baby is a great everyday colour and it’s the lipstick I’m counting on to be my first used up lippie. I’ve never used a shade so often. I took it on my holidays, wore it to a wedding. Love it.
I’ve started paying more attention to this brand on the strength of this lip formula. The Pretty Rebel eye palette (LE but still available on Sephora US website) is nicely put together.

2. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer
This is probably the discovery of 2014. I’ve bought into the hype, got it while in NYC and I really, really like it. The SSE deserves a post on its own because it’s so … controversial? Perhaps not quite the right word but, stay tuned! click here for the post

3. KIKO Perfect Eyes Duo Highlighter Pencil
One end is a matte light beige for highlighting the brows, the other end is a champagne/pale pink pearl finish to highlight the corners of the eyes. Every brand does a pencil like this (or they used to anyway). It’s pretty standard but so convenient and practical and it works perfectly. Cheap too.

4. Avène Cleanance Spot Treatment
I know I said I’m not a big fan of theirs but this Spot Treatment pencil does appear to be super effective. There’s not a whole lot of product in the pencil and I went through this really quickly. But I felt it really did something to help nipping those upcoming spots in a flash. The only negative thing is your makeup/concealor won’t glide on smoothly on top of this. I think it deserves a repurchase for more thorough testing.

5. by Terry Rouge Terrybly
What a great lipstick formula. Creamy texture, opaque colours. I ordered mine from Sephora.fr but didn’t get the velvet pouch I’ve read about online. No matter. Terrybly Nude is really the perfect nude.

6. Clinique Air Brush concealer
I can’t remember if I’ve written about this but this is one of the best brush tipped concealer I’ve tried. I use this for the under eye area and the best thing about it is that it really helps conceal AND add luminosity. Other similar pens I’ve used were lacking in the concealing department. The shade I have is 04 neutral fair, which is lighter than my skin tone but once blended out looks pretty good.

7. Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in 13 Orchid Haze
My first Tom Ford purchase, now I know what everyone is raving about when they talk about Tom Ford shadows. 10g of product so 2.5g per shade. Orchid Haze never fails to make me look elegant and put together. This can even be an everyday quad, and you can take it into the evening with the darkest colour. You’ll find no shortage of reviews on Orchid Haze on the net so I won’t go into that here. I managed to resist every one of the releases but finally caved when I saw pics of this one. I like that it’s not so shimmery. Can you find dupes for this? Probably.

8. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer in 005 Fresh Pink
Fresh Pink is a limited edition colour released this summer as part of the Transat collection. I don’t use lip plumpers or anything like that and usually avoid lip gloss. I swatched this out of curiosity and found I like the colour – a milky pink. Then I tried it on my lips and they just look … fresh. The colour doesn’t really show up unless you really pack it on, it just gives a nice, healthier hint of colour. But it fills in the lip lines and smooths them out, while the gloss and shine gives the impression your lips are fuller and juicier. I don’t like mint in lip products but for some reason this is the exception and I actually really enjoy the cooling effect that lasts reasonably well. This is what I use when I don’t want to fuss around with colours, or in a rush to leave the house or want a minimal lip. Or if it’s sweltering hot. I haven’t tried using it 15 days in a row as an intensive treatment so I can’t comment on the beneficial qualities. As far as I can tell, 001 is slightly lighter and has shimmer whereas this one doesn’t.

9. Sue Devitt Blush Brush
Pony hair, I bought this to replace my shu uemura 20 which after more than a decade long of abuse is finally shedding. This one really exceeded my expectations. It’s soft but picks up colours easily and blends like a dream. I have a squirrel RMK blush brush that’s super soft and that’s excellent with soft and pigmented blushes but struggles a when it comes to blushes with a harder surface. The Sue Devitt is a work horse, just like the shu. The shu is fuller, has more hair packed in. SD is floppier with longer bristles. The tips aren’t as tapered in a dome shape as the shu, which I find makes it easier to blend blushes with cos you have a bigger surface area to work with.
Sue Devitt, as you may have heard, is going and everywhere it’s sold the products are on sale. You can still pick up this brush half price at Barneys at the time of writing. I’ve seen things reduced on other website up to 80% … Evilbayers have stocked up on other brushes and products and if you’re really desperate you can take a peek there. The kolinsky eye brushes are also beautiful.

10. Cargo Blush in Catalina
A baby, bubble gum pink that livens up the complexion. Now that I’m fairer I reach for this more and more as my everyday go-to. Nice texture and pigmentation, easy to blend. You can overdo it though and if you do it looks chalky. I’m not crazy about the packaging, the lid on mine is a bit loose. At least you spot this straight away among all the blushes.


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