June Empties


Kate slim gel pencil (0.12g) in BK1 black – Made in Japan
So Kate is a brand under Kanebo I believe. I bought this to compare with the SANA superquick gel pencil liners that I used and love. I didn’t find any difference, from packaging to the product. Same twist mechanism that can only go up and not down, for example. SANA is a hair cheaper so I’ll probably go with that from now on, except: 1. I am tempted by the new gold colour Kate offers and 2. It seems that my source for SANA no longer stocks this?? Probably because SANA has released a new version (called ‘melty’) and you can find it on their website here (Japanese). I want to try that.
* I didn’t look at how much product the SANA has but I gather it’s the same or very close.

ettusais Cream eyeliner WP (0.1g) in KH khaki brown – Made in Japan
I love these kind of slim gel eyeliners as you can see, so I bought ettusais to try and picked up the limited colour khaki for a change. The packaging is different, this is slightly thicker than SANA/Kate, and the most obvious difference is with this one you can twist the nib down, which I do like. It wasn’t often but I did find on a few occasions that this didn’t wear as well as the other two brands. Just less resistant. Again it was just a couple of times here and there. Maybe it’s this particular colour, maybe it’s the formula.
This was the more expensive of the two, at HKD115, or 10 euros. SANA is around HKD75? and Kate HKD95? NARS Larger than Life (0.5g) is 25 euros. So NARS is cheaper! Except I hated it.

It’s hard to say how long these kind of pencils last with daily use. Maybe 2 months? I rotated between these two and another Kate in brown colour. They are probably the easiest pencils I’ve ever used, I know for sure they are the fastest to work with as well. The thickness is perfect and there’s no sharpening.
Repurchase? Yes for both.

Glysomed Hand Cream (50ml) – Made in Germany
This is the fragrance-free version. The perfumed ones have a deep green packaging. It’s cheaper than Yes! Nurse and I’m just as happy with the results I get with Glysomed. This is richer and more emollient but still doesn’t leave your hands greasy or anything. This is the type of texture I usually look for and prefer in a hand cream. It’s fully opaque and is a cream. Yes! Nurse is perhaps more a lotion type of consistency. I’ve used up countless tubs and tubes of this, both scented and unscented. Only thing is I don’t have ready access to Glysomed here. I’m using dermophil as a replacement.
Glysomed contains parabens. dermophil and Yes! Nurse is paraben-free.
Repurchase? Yes

Yes! Nurse Hand Cream (50ml) – Made in the UK
I bought this on beautybay when they had a 20% off sale. Since I use a lot of hand creams I’m always on the look out for new ones to try. The story behind its development (and name) is that the co-founder, a pediatric nurse, had severely dry and damaged hands from frequent washing. Not finding what she needed/anything that worked, she made this. It came in this very cute box that encourages you to mail it off to someone and share the experience.
The hand cream has ‘Active Manuka Honey +15 and Omega 3, 6 & 9’ and it does smell like a mild honey when you apply. It’s light and thin in texture (but not runny), semi-opaque. Gets absorbed quickly while at the same time seem to deliver adequate moisturizing properties. My hands didn’t feel dry afterwards. It looks like they really put a lot of thought into this product, keeping it natural. I’m surprised by how much I like this. You can check the website here. If you dig around onto the blog side you’ll find the back story I mentioned.
Repurchase? Yes

La Roche-Posay Toleriane cleanser (200ml) Made in France
A staple. Boring, yes. But like a rock. Especially now that I’m experimenting more with skincare if anything goes wrong I come back to this and it seems to make things better.
Repurchase? Yes

La Roche-Posay Serozinc (150ml)Made in France
Zinc is supposed to be an skin-calming, anti-irritant/inflammatory. It soothes the skin but at the same time is a mild astringent. Zinc sulfate is thought to help help acne and regulate oil gland activity.
Serozinc says it’s good for razor burns, diaper rash and for use as a toner.
I know this is a cult favourite and that everyone loves this to bits – which was what incited me to try – but I’m not sure if this is really effective on me. I’m not seeing the almost instant improvements and magic that every review out there mentions.
I use this as my regular toner, so twice daily I mist my face with this after cleansing and pat it in gently until it’s absorbed. Afterwards, I either go straight to moisturizer, or if I see/feel a spot coming I’ll use a topical spot treatment. Sometimes I use a second toner with mild salicylic acid during those hormonal fluctuation, which is mainly when/why I get my spots.
My old routine before Serozinc was the same, except I was using a rose water before moisturizing. I haven’t noticed much of a difference with Serozinc. Now that I’ve finished this, I think I’ll go back to the previous routine and see if I miss this. I guess my expectations were too high from all the hype, and for some reason I was hoping the zinc would really help with controlling my hormonal spots (the bottle mentioned nothing of the sort). This would be a nice no-frills toner to include in your skin routine if you have oily skin, or for a teenager.
Repurchase? Yes, I only paid 4.8 euros for the bottle (shocked to read bloggers paying 11 pounds for this, not including shipping!) so I will probably give this a second chance somewhere down the line.


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