Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

This is probably the last entry for the time being on cleansing oils. Previous post and comparisons of different ones can be found here.


This is the latest generation of the famous Fancl cleansing oil. The bottle is milky, pearly white, you see a tinge of yellow because of the oil inside. They mention some kind of nano-techology (which was really popular back in those days) that helps with cleansing. … I found the box so here is the actual blurb:

Its advanced nano technology helps to quickly and effectively remove sunscreen, all kinds of make-up, dirt and sebum.
Skin looks clear, clean and healthy.
Suitable for all types of skin.

What can I say, it’s the most expensive among the cleansing oils I’ve tried recently (containing less product as well) but it’s without a doubt the best. For reference I paid HK$208, which is around 19 euros. You get 125ml – so far all the cleansing oils I’ve tried contains 150ml.

It’s a scentless, super thorough cleansing power, never stung my eyes, good emulsifying action and doesn’t leave my skin feel dry. The texture is on the runny side but not watery. I’d say it’s between DHC and L’Oreal. You eyes do go blurry if you get it too close but it’s only briefly. Nothing like what I had to go through with L’Oreal. I need two pumps to adequately clean my face (they recommend 2-3 pumps), but it really takes e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g off with ease. Even stubborn Japanese eyeliners and mascaras.

It doesn’t contain parabens, preservatives, sterilizers, fragrance, mineral oil and petroleum surfactants. It does have three different kind of oils that are beneficial to the skin – I don’t know how to translate them to English unfortunately.

This is considered the first step your cleansing. Ideally you should follow with your regular cleanser afterwards. I must say though this oil rinses off so cleanly that there were two occasions that I didn’t follow with the second cleanser. Having said that I usually double cleanse, especially when I’m wearing makeup. I’ve read somewhere that you should also make sure you take your sunscreen off properly, since they are designed to adhere to the skin and can be rather resilient. Double cleansing or not, just make sure you clean your skin properly.

Once opened, it is recommended that you use it within 120 days. If unopened you can keep it up to a year from the date of manufacture. The date is printed on the side of the box.

You can find more information here on the official Japanese Fancl website. It has won a lot of awards and I can see why.

My favourite is without a doubt the Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil, followed by DHC.


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