Eye Shadow Sticks: KIKO vs Laura Mercier vs by Terry


oops sorry it’s blurry

I’ve only just recently [ha-ha … this post was created in NOVEMBER 2013 so lets just say a few months ago and leave it as that] jumped onto the eyeshadow stick bandwagon. Those creamy little twist-up sticks that come in so many colours, are easy to use and last all-day. I didn’t know where to start at first but I knew I should have one from Laura Mercier based on the frequency people write about them. Now I have eyeshadow sticks from three different brands. This post will not be comparing the colours since I didn’t buy any shades that are similar to each other. Rather it’ll be about my experience of using them, or how one particular shade performs for me from that particular brand.

Now that I look at it I have one from each price point, drugstore, mid-range and luxe. They share in common:  made in Italy, same weight at 1.64g, and they have the same type of twist mechanism packaging, same size/length. Both the KIKO and LM pencils weigh 11g, by Terry slightly heavier at 15g. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

First up, KIKO’s Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow:


I bought KIKO and Laura Mercier first, and finally splurged on by Terry when there was a 20% off Sephora going on.

On the package:

Stick eyeshadow with a creamy and adherent formula. Blendable right after being applied, once it sets it resists smudging, with a no-transfer performance ad extreme hold, up to 8 hours. Waterproof.

These are a bargain at 6.90 euros! There’s a huge range of shades to choose from. I picked 05 because supposedly it’s a dupe for by Terry’s Misty Rock? It has silver glitter that gets more apparent the more you sheer/blend it out. 05 is probably too shimmery for my liking, and for that reason I rarely reach for it. But the quality is definitely on par with Laura Mercier:


I don’t know what I was thinking but I bought two in one go without having tried them ever and there wasn’t even a gift/offer going on. At least the sales lady gift me a lipstick for no reason [I later checked and it was a LE shade called Raspberry].

Sandglow is very pretty as a base or highlighter colour. The khaki is more a khaki brown and I would have preferred having more green, gold in it. It looks a little muddy when you smudge it out.

There’s no blurb on the package.

There’s no other way to put this but I was disappointed by these. Perhaps because of the hype I had really high expectations. I like the shades a lot, they are really pretty, but they creased on my small hooded eyes. It’s not even after hours and hours of wear either. I need to use a primer to avoid the creasing. Now I know for some people a primer is a ‘duh’ but if a product claims to be long lasting without creasing or smudging I shouldn’t need to use a primer to help deliver those claims –  that’s my primer doing the job something else claims to be doing. The colour also faded significantly by the 4th hour on me.

I expected more from LM because of its price (28 euros! insane markup) but it didn’t exceed KIKO. Why pay four times the price for pretty much the same thing?  Plus one of the sticks has a faulty mechanism – the whole thing is loose inside. I can hear it wobble if I move or shake the tube.

Finally, by Terry:


I got the brown one first and added the green one about two months ago (April). The brown is not too warm, not too cool and I like that it doesn’t have too much red in it. The green is a vibrant fir green that I find challenging to wear to be honest.

On the package:

Ombre Blackstar ‘color-fix’ cream eyeshadow, instant smoothing glow, smudge-free formula, multi-active black pearl extracts.

… packed with Tahitian Black Pearl extracts, rich in calcium, trace elements and pearl proteins for smoothing, reshaping and perfecting action.

Ok so ‘pearl powder’ is listed at the bottom, 3rd last in the list of ingredients. Scroll down to see ingredient lists for all three brands and you’ll notice how similar they are. That is why I can’t explain how by Terry outperforms the others and is my favourite. Perhaps I unconsciously bought into the whole luxe packaging/image etc? The fact is I tried this without primer as I have for all the others and this one didn’t crease or moved a bit and the colour lasted longer. They have more shimmery shades as well but I chose the velvety finish and thus more wearable for me. I wasn’t going to experiment when it comes to forking out 29.90 euros (on Sephora, listed as 30 euros on Le Bon Marché), and wanted a practical, everyday, safe shade. However I’ll admit that I’ve been eyeing the purple one for a while and think I might pick that up next.

Oh and my Bioderma couldn’t take these swatches off my arm. I went with my oil cleanser.

Here are the ingredient lists for all three:


Top to bottom: byTerry, KIKO, LM

They are all very similar, pretty much in the same order as well. Interestingly KIKO recommends 24 months of lifespan, LM 18 months and by Terry 36 months.

IMHO, if you want/can afford to splurge, go with by Terry. Here it is almost the same price as LM. Otherwise, get KIKO. Even with the -20% off, I can get 3 KIKOs for 1 LM/by Terry (otherwise it’s FOUR KIKOs). I know other brands make these too but it’s unlikely I’ll try them at this point.


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