Yaby palette + Depotting


I don’t have a lot of eye shadows but I have enough. I’ve lost a lot of good ones during my moves (lots of shu, including ME 945), that still makes me shed a tear or two. I’ve toyed with the idea of depotting because:

1. I don’t have a makeup vanity = no drawers = not very accessible. I can’t see everything that I have without moving something or other.
2. Too many little pots and cases to go through just to find what I want
3. Half the time I forget I have a particular shade because again, I don’t see them. This means I end up buying similar shades or simply not using them because I didn’t know I have it.

My goal wasn’t to make a DIY palette for travelling or to organise my shadows by colour/tone/looks. I just wanted to declutter and be able to see easily most of what I have in one place. For this purpose, the Unii is too small for me (also found it too dainty for my liking); the pricing of the z-palette outside of the US made me balked a little. Still I was about to grudgingly pay for a pro z-palette when I came across Yaby. It looks clean and tidy, about the right size for my purpose plus it isn’t made of cardboard.

So the Yaby palette has a magnetized sheet at the bottom. The ‘mirror’ side is designed for mixing your pigments/foundation/lipsticks whatnot. It’s quite slim but should fit all eye shadows except baked/domed ones obviously. I guesstimate it will fit 20-21 MAC eye shadow pans. Maybe someone has a picture somewhere with one filled with ’em.


Bic pen for size reference

So. Random pictures I took during the process:


I didn’t bother taking a picture of my frying pan.How I decided what to depot, given that this is a palette for decluttering:
1. Is it something I’d want to travel with one day? A favourite shade I might want to pop inside my makeup bag?
– My answer to that is I have a few pre-made palettes that I won’t be depotting (like NARS Modern Love, Naked 3 etc) and I will use those for travel. I won’t die without those shades while on holiday.
2. Is it an everyday shade?
– I didn’t depot a few shadows because I use them daily as a base or whatever. If it’s an everyday shade chances are you’ll want them on your trip (see above).
3. If it’s MAC, how badly do you want to do Back to MAC?
– I hesitated but in the end depotted ‘Kid’ for Back to Mac since I’m one shadow short.
4. NARS packaging are terrible and deteriorate in time. Plus you can’t see anything in there. I got rid of the oldest and grungiest ones. Never been happier.

There are lots of tutorials out there, you’ll find what you need easily. Interestingly a lot says to use a flat iron. I don’t have a flat iron. So I used the stove top method where you heat up a pan, and use that as your ‘flat iron’. I won’t go into details on the step by step but here are some observations/tips:
1. If you need to pry hard, it means the shadow isn’t hot enough. Wait a bit before trying or you’ll ruin your shadow and/or your prying tool of choice.
2. If you do ruin a shadow, you can be sure it’s one of your favourites. It’s just the way it is. (Mine was Smoke and Diamonds)
3. Having tried the rubbing alcohol repair method, I recommend skipping all that and just pat the powder back in the pan if you do ruin something.
4. The older something is, the easier it is to depot. I didn’t even have to heat my NARS All About Eve duo.

Depotting is easy but be careful with how you handle your tools. Chances are you’re going to be using a lot of pointy objects. I blunted the point of a knife for example. Twice. And I don’t know where the second bit is, which reminds me I need to vacuum the area once I finished this post.
Exercise common sense! Don’t force anything, give it time to heat up. Don’t cut/burn yourself or the pan or whatever either. If you use an exacto knife to remove the back labels, remember that thing is sharp! Lift just enough so you can grip with your fingers and put that knife away.

I think that’s about it. Here’s the final placement I decided on:

depot final

you can tell straight away which ones were damaged

I bought a packet of the grippies from Yaby at the same time. I read you can buy something similar at Michael’s, which I guess is a craft place. I don’t have that here and I’m kind of lazy anyway. Just so you know you might need those for some pans. I didn’t use them for NARS or the MAC starflash shadows which date years and years ago, but I needed one with ‘Kid’. I didn’t depot the Alluring Aquatic (ha-ha) so I couldn’t tell you. It’s tempting but it’s so wrong. I’ll sit a few years on those I guess.


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